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  1. This feature from shadowbane was only used for a few reasons by the major guilds that I recall. 1. Dragging bots and afks around. 2. There were no mounts or flight points. Depending on the activity, this usually meant 30 plus minutes of running. This feature allowed the war leaders and inner council to freely type and coordinate with other guilds who were not in our VoIP while only the group leader had to keep clicking to move the group. 3. The only time I can recall using group formations during a battle: The fury class had an ability to give her group member in a close range, flight. The group formation ensured all members maintained inside the spell range while all flying together. No one used group formations during a battle because if the leader moved it would interupt your casting. This ability, as I knew it in shadowbane, wouldnt be beneficial for Crowfall. I would hope this game doesnt require 30 minutes of mindless running to get to objectives.
  2. Woot Woot! GoW! REPENT YOUR SINS! CLEANSE IN THE FIRE! Best RP guild in the game!
  3. I see it more like the scout class in Shadowbane. He needs to be markedly faster than any other archetype, Superior stealth that only other Stalkers can detect, limited on the burst dps and health. He is a support character that is a first in, get info on others movements, and relay back to the main group. He is the target caller and can provide a small stun, a root/ground shot, and snares, but otherwise his damage in a direct one on one fight with another class depends on his surprise and speed not damage per second. Thats what I would want to see.
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