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  1. Divine Shadow is a gaming community that has been in its present form for 5 Years. We are a close knit, collaborative group of PvP oriented gamers that have been around each other for a long time; some of us as "Serpents" since the 1990's.


    Past Games: We have played the past following games together: Everquest, Asheron's Call 1, Asheron's Call 2, WoW, SWG, Shadowbane, Guild Wars, TERA, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, Archeage, and we also enjoy playing RUST together :).


    We have an organized political structure and charter which have allowed us to exist with limited drama for many years. You will start out as a recruit, and can work your way to being The Guild Leader if you have the ambition. Join our community now, and be involved with us as we follow the game to launch.


    We are hoping that Crowfall will be our new home, and we are looking for like minded adults to join us. Most of us work full time, but are in constant communication through teamspeak, groupme, and our forums. Send a message, or visit our website if you are interested in joining!


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