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  1. Is anyone else seeing that we could be having an issue with Spirit Bank allowances. As we get further into the "trading world economy" people (especially vendors) will quickly run out of deposit numbers. All non-basic items must be deposited from the Campaign which will cause you quickly finish your maximum allowable number and you cannot restock your vendors. Maybe I am missing something.....Thanks for any input!
  2. I am looking to team up with some players that want a shared responsibility and voice in our Guild! WE PROVIDE: training, teamwork, crafting help, resource help, VIP sharing, investment in community, Large Castle Buildings and Keeps with structure sharing YOU PROVIDE: building creativity, good attitude, help to new players, willingness to not take the game too seriously PM if interested... Wally
  3. Have you already found a guild. It sounds like we may need to talk

  4. Harvest & Craft items not showing up in inventory consistently. Restart and still buggy on 2nd and 3rd attempts. Please review bank transfers....anyone else having this issue?