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  1. Ok so with newest downloaded client, I can start up the EK, and enter it, and I get the spinny circle of death on the waiting for avatar. anyone else having similar issues?


  3. Ok last one (shortform meter) The Gods war. Ravaging Hunger Tears are rain.
  4. Ok. another. Blossoms are renewed Nourished by ripping faces Sanguine in colour.
  5. While the metered responses were nice, There were not many traditional Haikus. Eternal Kingdoms Seasons move through worlds dying, Winter is Hunger. =)
  6. It Seems quite simple. 1u1a for a regular account ($45usd) 2u 4a for VIP ($225usd) That provides the greatest convenience for the sub buyers, and would reduce the amount of alt accounts pretty dramatically. looking at the numbers, currently, in order to have at least one account per tree, that is going to be a flat cost of 135 usd. that is still a cost savings compared to the VIP cost of $225 1st- 180 usd/ year after.. the only in-game benefit to the vip is the archetype training. The issue is how to make it more of an incentive to have and hold vip, as compared to the 3 and done. Now, un
  7. Gah! wonder what was the underlying break the templar made?
  8. There IS testing, starting friday at 7, and the Templar is the featured class/vessel
  9. Unless I'm mistaken, the OP wasn't questioning the value of the woodworker, he was trying to drive home the apparent lopsidedness where it was more interdependent than the other tradeskills. and I am inclined to agree. even for housing/Siege Smiths for nails and clamps, leatherworkers for sinue and hides, etc. however, I have not yet gone too far down the rabbit crafting hole, and I do think that after a brief period of adjustment ( like when the devs finish all the vessel templates), I think that the crafting balance is in line to be evaluated.
  10. I think part of the reason I am not a fan of the current crafting system is My crow was not invested in the skill trees for crafting, or gathering for that matter. but even when I experimented with the crafting, it is extremely frustrating to have fails that give nothing. I think that even if you are an unskilled woodworker, you can make a chest of drawers that is ugly, but barely functional. It likely won't have the longevity nor the structural capacity as one that was made by a trained and skilled woodworker. Now I know that we have access to many things that we wouldn't ordinarily be able
  11. I'm curious, cool... and possibly even delusional =) what parts other than its incompleteness are you dissappointed in? Granted I skipped through the 12 hr stream, so I may not be the most informed..
  12. Some other random feedback: the NPC risens really have weird pathing cycles and iterations. they will run far away only to run back.
  13. "I have never, ever, played a game with so much PK'ing as this one. Maybe except Shadowbane, but that game was killed by PK'ing." ok. so, you do realize that this title is in many ways a spiritual successor to Shadowbane? secondly, you also do realize that this is an alpha ( Latin for: doesn't work yet). As they are working to Implement the crafting system, and the Eternal kingdoms, there is really only the pvp. yes, they did implement a pve shard, likely until the ek rolls into place in order to do some testing for cratfing work in an EK-like environment, but that was never really the
  14. Playtest for late morning early afternoon 28jan17 there were a handful of areas where the white came onto the world like a sand beach, and once you step on it, you fall into the nothingness. given the white text on a white background, it was hard to get cell references, but I did manage one. h9k5e8ng again, after being killed and reviving on my druid char, the essence globe was non-existent, although it appeared that the use and gaining of essence was still working. after death it is possible to become trapped under the statue dais when retrieving body. subsequent vessel spawns
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