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  2. Ok last one (shortform meter) The Gods war. Ravaging Hunger Tears are rain.
  3. Ok. another. Blossoms are renewed Nourished by ripping faces Sanguine in colour.
  4. While the metered responses were nice, There were not many traditional Haikus. Eternal Kingdoms Seasons move through worlds dying, Winter is Hunger. =)
  5. It Seems quite simple. 1u1a for a regular account ($45usd) 2u 4a for VIP ($225usd) That provides the greatest convenience for the sub buyers, and would reduce the amount of alt accounts pretty dramatically. looking at the numbers, currently, in order to have at least one account per tree, that is going to be a flat cost of 135 usd. that is still a cost savings compared to the VIP cost of $225 1st- 180 usd/ year after.. the only in-game benefit to the vip is the archetype training. The issue is how to make it more of an incentive to have and hold vip, as compared to the 3 and done. Now, unless I am mistaken, those gathering potions are going the way of the dodo come release. that means it is going to be even more difficult to gather up the mats that you want in order to be able to craft anything. Never mind the absolute insanity of the RNG for creating a crafting item ( I could go on about how many damn fails have occurred with 95% success, but that is for a rant in another topic), Never mind the acquiring of recipes to create said crafting items. The concept of separating the roles is good. the theory does not really meet practice. In a perfect world, we could have every player happy with the 1u1a, and have groups of fighters, crafters, and gatherers all happily working to brain each other. But if you want certain things, there are 8 specialties that crafters will be in.. so you will need 8 accounts if you want to just have all recipes ready at near go. 8 regular accounts is a hefty $360 usd and yet, that is a $360 one time fee for 8u8a. compare that to a $450usd for a proposed 2 VIP accounts granting 4u8a. yup still pay more but there are really 6 less accounts in terms of gameplay, and the residual income of $360 usd annually. I don't know, That seems kind of convenient to me without upsetting any balance or introducing any scenario where an advantage can be bought. the key argument is that a single 1u1a account is more cost effective than buying a vip package. The cost of the vip should be slightly more, while providing a roughly equal advantage for the convenience. 180 by 45 is 4. so, at the very least, a vip package should provide 4a now, in that vein, while 4u would be comparable, is that how a/c would want it.. Signs are showing no. and that leaves 3u. well, I would like that, but that would allow one account to be advancing on each tree. is it what they want? is that what we want? dollar for dollar, given the cost of the vip, it would equate to at best, a 3u4a for a comparable fiscal expenditure. is that too powerful?
  6. Gah! wonder what was the underlying break the templar made?
  7. There IS testing, starting friday at 7, and the Templar is the featured class/vessel
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, the OP wasn't questioning the value of the woodworker, he was trying to drive home the apparent lopsidedness where it was more interdependent than the other tradeskills. and I am inclined to agree. even for housing/Siege Smiths for nails and clamps, leatherworkers for sinue and hides, etc. however, I have not yet gone too far down the rabbit crafting hole, and I do think that after a brief period of adjustment ( like when the devs finish all the vessel templates), I think that the crafting balance is in line to be evaluated.
  9. I think part of the reason I am not a fan of the current crafting system is My crow was not invested in the skill trees for crafting, or gathering for that matter. but even when I experimented with the crafting, it is extremely frustrating to have fails that give nothing. I think that even if you are an unskilled woodworker, you can make a chest of drawers that is ugly, but barely functional. It likely won't have the longevity nor the structural capacity as one that was made by a trained and skilled woodworker. Now I know that we have access to many things that we wouldn't ordinarily be able to craft, because... testing. But I am in favor of the idea of a substandard work or a barely useable work instead of an outright fail. Think of the knife-makers that failed to harden their blades correctly. they would work until stressed, then fail in some capacity. or they have a wicked warp, which always causes a turn when wielded.
  10. I'm curious, cool... and possibly even delusional =) what parts other than its incompleteness are you dissappointed in? Granted I skipped through the 12 hr stream, so I may not be the most informed..
  11. This is where the guilds come into play, where some guilds may be trader-centric, or perhaps a series of guilds that become publicized for a particular material/craft style can leverage their specialties. Knowing which cities had which traders and trainers was alwaysof import..
  12. The level of Troll Vitriol after all these years is simply... amazing.
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