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  1. Come back to us.

  2. This one has a different vibe but I still think it's a fun watch.
  3. I'd literally rather do 6v6 in a white box with no textures than Hunger Dome. I enjoyed Hunger Dome because it was a quick and easy way to get small scale PvP fair fights. Not because I thought the Hunger Dome mechanics were particularly interesting. If anything the extras took away from the experience. I'd rather see arenas where we get quick and easy PvP. Have it to where you take your gear into them and it's a source of additional gear churn...thus creating more of a demand to go back into the open world.
  4. It's pretty absurdly OP right now. Especially combined with the Confessor ultimate and the TTK of the game in general right now.
  5. I look at Recycled Ice as a bonus. If I see an opportunity to do it then I will. Otherwise I don't really worry about it.
  6. A big problem is import tokens. It's not a competitive mechanic so I have no idea why we're even still using them. I have access to 5+ accounts to import things on if I want...it's just annoying.
  7. Some more Icecaller Frostweaver healing fun + Blackguard Assassin ganking.
  8. That's why I only want areas like this to be A PART of the game. Not the entire game. The winners of the Throne War Simulator should be the big armies owning in open world pvp.
  9. Just because there will be some temporary instances doesn't mean the game is instance based. If we're going to have large scale instanced PvP (handshake sieges). Why not have smaller scale stuff as well?
  10. As @blazzen said the issue isn't the guild caps...it's concurrency at a given time. What they really need to do is take advantage of SOME instancing in addition to the open world. - We need some zones where only 6 members from an alliance can enter. - 3v3/6v6/12v12 instanced outposts on the map. These would be on the siege schedule and guarantee "fair fights" at a regular interval. - Some sort of hell gate clone...just rip off the entire concept completely. Not only would these features give some meaningful small scale content that has some prestige behind it. It would also solve the problem of "where can I find PvP right now" which Crowfall really struggles with. Everyone loves to cry about the instance boogeyman but I think it would be a great addition to the Open World PvP overworld. Getting people into more PvP conflicts and churning through gear will also incentivize them to get out into the open world game to gather resources.
  11. Assuming you're wearing the Cool Ice Gem accessory then any damage you do has a chance to proc Cool Ice.
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