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  1. Another episode in my Crowfall livestream edit series. For those unfamiliar I edit together the livestreams for the month and cut them down to the brass tax. I try to only highlight moments where key game features are talked about and cut out any extra fluff or redundant info.
  2. That axe animation with the crow effect is very satisfying!
  3. Eternal Kingdoms are becoming useful! YAY! Well at least for now while we still have insane amounts of imports and exports.
  4. What to do when new?

    Just to echo what other people have been saying your best bet at this point in the game is to focus on networking with people and finding a guild. Don't bother taking the game SUPER seriously at this point because you'll just get burned out. I'm just playing fairly casually and not taking anything too serious. Building relationships with other players and planning out your attack plan for future patches is really the only worthwhile thing to do. You can make some sweet gear and go looking for some fights but at the moment the servers just explode when you do that.
  5. They hinted at allowing Adjudicator to be used by slashing weapons. That's a far easier fix than making new Templar 2 handed mace animations. Honestly I think the Adjudicator discipline is something they just overlooked in the huge whirlwind of things they're doing right now.
  6. I'd like to see Brilliance's ultimate cost reduced pretty dramatically. I like the skill but I think it's far too expensive. Also I'm not even sure if Holy Warrior's unmitigated Holy Damage buff is working? I'm not sure if Judgement should be ranged but I'd love to see it have some sort of extra effect to it. Maybe Judgement/Execution could reduce the cooldown of Divine Light and/or Censure by X seconds after use? I think this could lead to some pretty dynamic gameplay that would change up your rotations/playstyle quite a bit depending on the situation. The Templar is flat our going to be weak in highly mobile open world fights. This is exacerbated if the meta is ranged heavy and everyone has tons of snares and other various CC on demand. I think the Templar is really going to shine when it comes to attacking and defending areas. I've only had a small taste of this when attacking a Tree of Life but it was definitely pretty freaking fun. Ultimately I do like the Templar's design. However it does fill a particular niche of being a bit of a support role + tank and your teammates NEED to be using your Divine Lights. When your teammates utilize your Divine Lights when being focused or you just have good placements then the class becomes incredibly powerful. Yea it kind of sucks having to rely on other people BUT it does add to the uniqueness of the class and I'd rather not have every class be homogenized. Yea the Templar is not exactly an all star open world ganker class but I like that the class is legitimately very different from the other melee in the game. It's a Tank/DPS/Healer Tribrid with area effect denial and lots of team coordination potential. Everything in this post is pretty spot on for the most part. However I don't think the core vision of the class should change to be more competitive in open world fights. Especially since the FULL game isn't going to be open world harvester ganking like it is right now.
  7. The Reaper Ridge Run

    Truly meme worthy.
  8. The Templar Radiant Sweep (2 - 2 - 2 combo) cooldown very rarely is displayed above the action bar. Sometimes it shows up and other times it doesn't.
  9. Another Crowfall livestream edit. I make these videos for the people who just want all the hard info out of the livestream without the fluff. Managed to cut out about 60% of the stream this time around but still keep in the good info bits. In this stream the Female Centaur, Crypt System, and energy based Knight are shown. Item decay is discussed along with the reveal of the Surging Spirt minor discipline which will allow DPS and Tank classes to become hybrid healers.
  10. Server Stability Update

    In my opinion a lot of the frustration is coming from the fact that even in though Crowfall is missing a lot of core features the game still has a lot of fun potential. Early on during grey-box testing, Hunger Dome, and Big World it was pretty easy to dismiss the lag and go play something else because you weren't missing out on much. Now the game has just enough features to actually be pretty darn fun. However when the lag gets unplayable it's a real bummer because it leaves a lot of people going "Man this would be fun if I could play!". The more fun the game becomes the harder it is to wait for fixes. A lot of us are just foaming at the mouth waiting for a playable game loop. We're like kids waiting for Christmas and the closer it gets the longer the days seem to take.
  11. Divine Light healing doesn't seem to be scaling with weapon damage or Support Power. The damage it does in fact does scale with weapon damage though. Holy Warrior's unmitigatable holy damage doesn't appear to be working. I haven't tested this in depth but when testing on Boars (which apparently have resistances) it didn't appear to be increasing my damage any.
  12. I've also been playing casually or just theorycrafting potential builds. I've been spending my playing time learning all I can rather than trying to play Crowfall as a game. It's a bummer having to wait but that's pretty much all we can do. We're pretty close to a meaningful game loop I feel like though.
  13. I'm just assuming you meant the "Group Leadership" section. I also tried to see if it increase damage with the "prickly skin" passive and it also didn't work. Unless this functions in a different way than just raising thorns damage then I think it's bugged.
  14. Bonus thorns damage from the Leadership buff doesn't seem to be doing anything. I have .8 on the stat sheet but it's shown no increase in damage.
  15. I figured I would make a vlog type video talking about Crowfall and all the things that have happened since I've made a video like this. The final puzzle pieces to the game are starting to come together now and I think we're pretty close to a pretty fun and meaningful game loop. Very exciting times! I feel like we're almost done building the car and all we need are the spark plugs. Eventually we're going to having a car that will run...it'll run poorly but at least it will run and be fun!