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  1. Now this is a Thursday update! Definitely excited for a combat log. Hopefully it's fairly detailed and shows damage type, timestamps, and all the other important things.
  2. A decent way you could make holding Outposts worthwhile is to have them give buffs to players within a certain radius. Maybe a slight combat buff, crafting, harvesting buffs.
  3. 5.7 God Patch confirmed.
  4. Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    Quality memes like this should be in the official thread!
  5. When you're hoping for a meaningful gameplay update.
  6. You know it's a real quality meme when the person spends real time photoshopping and lining up the horns to where they actually look good.
  7. I actually just spit water all over my desk at work.
  8. This is inspired by the famous "Arena MS Paint Rage" thread on ArenaJunkies back in the glory days of WoW. There was some absolute gold in that thread and I have a feeling Crowfall will be perfect for some MS Paint rage comics. Bring on the Crowfall memes! I'll start.
  9. Crowd Crowfall

    They're in a tough situation because they want crowd control to feel meaningful in small scale situations but when more players get involved it can feel a bit overbearing. In this video you guys were outnumbered pretty severely so that's going to compound the issue. Expose Punish Knockdowns might need to have their own DR or maybe you can only get hit by 1 Expose Knockdown before you are immune to it. Putting expose-punish knockdowns into the general knockdown DR category would probably nerf them a little too much. I'm hesitant to call for nerfs to expose-punishes because the issue doesn't seem to be Assassins and Duelists locking people down. Those classes actually have to put themselves in real danger and aren't immortal ranged gods. Rangers absolutely DO NOT need a knockdown on Rapid Fire. I know it's pre-alpha and balance isn't a priority but good god Rangers are a hero class right now in every aspect.