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  1. My thoughts on Hunger Dome and the Eternal Champion Series $50,000 Tournament. I think they have something here but I'm wondering if they have enough time to pull it together before the tournament.
  2. From the perspective of a jaded MMO player like myself and a lot of people. The "redefining MMO eSports" line does induce dread. However I don't think Hunger Dome being a separate but connected game mode is a terrible idea. I loved WoW arenas and tons of other people do as well. In the future you'll be able to queue for Hunger Dome while you're playing the campaign. I think Hunger Dome has the potential to work because the campaigns are by nature unfair. That's part of the fun because it leads to a lot of interesting gameplay moments and emergent gameplay. Hunger Dome will be nice beca
  3. They removed General Chat once before.... Seriously though bring back General. I get more hate than about anyone thrown my way in General and even I can recognize it's an overall good thing for the game.
  4. First time playing today in a PUG group. We all jumped in the community Discord and had a lot of fun! The only thing really hampering me from enjoying it is the performance. If Hunger Dome is truly going to be a static world you guys need to REALLY REALLY optimize it and make this thing super efficient. 30 FPS stuttering around is just not acceptable. I know you guys probably haven't bothered putting too much time optimizing things since the map layout might change for gameplay reasons. However you really need to be targeting a minimum of 60 FPS and probably even higher. The game fee
  5. They've hinted at wanting to do a true Bard class in the future. They have some really cool song mechanics that are very under-utilized at the moment.
  6. I've read/skimmed all the posts on this thread and I can agree with almost everything to a degree. It's obvious that these issues can't be ENTIRELY addressed before the game's release. However I'm a bit more optimistic that just a few changes would go a long way. 1. Remove importing and exporting of building materials ENTIRELY! This trivializes so many aspects of the game it's outrageous that we're STILL doing this. This would help with territory control mattering more. 2. Reduce the amount of resources on the map in general. Just less of everything. In previous Crowfall campaig
  7. Tab doesn't change tabs on the chat window. For example you can't press tab to change from General Chat to Faction Chat.
  8. Courtesy of @Chillmate But seriously can we get combined campaigns?
  9. The commentary edition of my "ZYBAK 4" montage where I explain the context of certain clips as well as gameplay decisions.
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