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  1. The new Crowfall campaign "Maresk" just started and it's a NO IMPORT campaign. This means that everyone is starting from scratch and having to build from nothing. In this video I talk about the Crowfall campaign system and how it will lead to a lot of cool moments and replayability.
  2. OMG is that the real Chillmate?
  3. Crowfall July developer Q&A edited down to just include the juicy bits. This one should be exciting for the Shadowbane fans.
  4. Honestly I really don't think the character customization is THAT bad. It's just that there's a handful of major and minor disciplines that dominate at the moment. If they were better balanced we'd see a lot more variety.
  5. That's what I was going for. Hopefully after the balance tuning pass I can get back to doing it on Assassin as well!
  6. Tons of time editing and over 2 days of rendering/encoding. (Did the encoding over 4th of July weekend)
  7. Zybak 2: Dark Horse is my second PvP montage mainly consisting of footage from the "Amersyn" campaign. Amersyn was the first campaign to hit the LIVE servers with the new Divine Favor system and it'll be one to remember! If you enjoyed the video I'd really appreciate it if you left a LIKE and shared it with your friends. I put a lot of time and effort into these montage videos so I'd love to hear about what you thought in the comments below!
  8. I can definitely agree that Frostweaver ice spam and Stormcallers have made the meta really really bad. Luckily I think most of your comments about certain activities being boring and the game loop feeling incomplete are largely due to population. Doing XYZ building task does feel lame if nobody is contesting you. Especially if you're the top dog of your campaign. If you guys were on U.S. servers I think you'd have more fun due to having more competitive guilds right now. Most of your concerns I agree with to certain degrees. Luckily I think they're very much fixable or something that won't remain a long term issue.
  9. @Chillmate coming in clutch over the holiday weekend.
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