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  1. Decided to wait and edit all of the pre-release 5.3 streams into one big video. Hopefully we'll be playing patch 5.3 by the time the next stream hits.
  2. Patch 5.3 is shaping up to be the potential turning point for Crowfall. Seems like post Patch 5.3 will be a different era of the game.
  3. Still pondering whether I want to go Half Giant vs. Minotaur for Myrmidon. Half Giant has a lot of obvious benefits but frontal stun immunity sounds so good too. I'm really wondering how the attributes are going to differ between the races in the racial skill trees.
  4. "Chain pull works occasionally"
  5. " In the past I have been revealing a single race a time; however, as we get ready to bring 5.3 update to our TEST environment, I no longer have time to do that." Hype? I can live another week without 5.3 since the Battlefront 2 beta is this weekend.
  6. Their lore also indicates that “the Stoneborn do not take wives and never reproduce,”
  7. Things are heating up!
  8. I am disappointed by your lack of MLG Faze editing. No hitmarker or dubstep drop? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
  9. Elken Cleric is definitely cool as hell!
  10. CC Problem

    I don't think there's any glaring issues with the CC system (obviously tuning will happen to specific classes) as it is a "ranged are just better at everything issue". Ranged probably needs to be toned down a bit but I'm hesitant to call for many changes right now because Knights and Myrmidons are going to be SIGNIFICANTLY better when chain pull and root pull/charge actually work.
  11. Talking about the Crowfall Patch 5.3 skill tree redesign and some of the big changes they've made to the skills system. The addition of time banks seems to be a well received change across the board. VIP is still very valuable and non-VIP players are much less punished due to the time bank system. The only real controversy is the skill tome system which allows players to trade their skill training time with other players. This is intended to be a catch up mechanic but has some worried about potential pay to win. After seeing the math people have done and seeing Eve Online do a similar system I don't think this will be much of an issue. However I think the system would be perfect if they limited the amount of skill training you could have to the duration the game has been live. This would insure that the skill tome system would only be used as a catch up mechanic and not a "get ahead" mechanic.
  12. Definitely one of the more exciting Crowfall streams as of recently. There wasn't a ton to edit out of this one because there was TONS of new information about the skill tree revamp, time banks, and tome system.
  13. I also think that capping out training time to the duration the game has been out is a good move. The tome mechanic should be a catch up mechanic and not a way to buy power. However I've gotten word that you guys don't have a system to track this and it's likely a non-starter. I would say capping the amount of tomes you can use per month would be a good move but then that caps the amount of catching up you can do. It's definitely a tricky situation but even if you do nothing I don't think it'll be THAT big of a deal. With the diminishing returns and skill tree progression it's going to be fairly cumbersome and expensive to buy significant amounts of power. However I'm sure there will be a few MEGA WHALES that take tomes to the extreme but to be honest I don't think it will matter much in the end. The skill system is still a pretty minor part of your overall power at the end of the day and I think it's easy to forget that.