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  1. In my opinion yes. Albion is super cool but I can't do the top down stuff. I just hate it. Regardless of genre whether it's dungeon crawlers, MOBAs, or MMOs.
  2. I'm not saying Crowfall is perfect but man his review is terrible.
  3. This ^ I'm one of the more prolific gankers in this game and it doesn't even come close to being as profitable as other gameplay is. Even when you get the big ganks where someone drops a ton of stuff (which is rare) usually there's a bunch of stuff you don't want or can't use. I always joke about how "I'm the victim" after ganking someone who's got a bunch of unique items that won't fit nicely into my bank that I can't use.
  4. Hey everyone we have recently set our guild status to "accepting applications" The guild was immensely more popular than ever imagined. We currently have a guild with 500 active members. At the moment we are removing anyone from the guild who hasn't played in a week and we still are at the guild cap. As we purge inactives throughout the weeks slots will open up so feel free to apply
  5. People dramatically overestimate the power of gear in this game.
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/OnerousDeadBeeKippa-pt_ObXM1h9w4_Fsw (I guess there's no auto embed for Twitch clips RIP)
  7. It's like they want me to have it!
  8. This is the way of the CYBERBULLY.
  9. The best race can already be Duelists? Any other options would be pointless.
  10. This is a real screenshot of the Twitch section after the servers have been down 2 minutes. 😂
  11. This clip is from the first few hours of Crowfall's launch. Having a blast!
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