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  1. My guild decided to join the Kumbaya. Woke up this morning to the news. Looks like everyone wins the first campaign!
  2. This is the behavior I warned them about in my interview. People will do crazy things for exclusive items. There needs to be serious incentive for playing and continuing to play hard as the underdogs.
  3. To be honest a wipe might actually make the gear discrepancy WORSE for new players than not wiping. The established guilds have been through many wipes and are very good at starting the war machine back up again and getting everyone geared. The new guys don't have this kind of organization and knowledge and are much slower to get there. However the secondary market will start to develop after there hasn't been a wipe for a while. This disproportionately helps newer/less organized groups get competitive gear.
  4. ZYBAK


    - The strength of retaliate effects CC specs more than other specs. That's why NONE of the CC specs for any of the classes are meta right now. - Vandal doesn't have access to Ambush or the passives/talents that make Backstab hit hard that really enable the hit and run playstyle. - You can retaliate out of Cheap Shot. (unless it was changed) Salt for salt god.
  5. I was at varying gear levels throughout the video. You can just look at my HP and see.
  6. ZYBAK


    Vandal is bad because CC is bad. Everyone just retaliates or CC immunes out of everything you have. You're just as squishy as Cutthroat but don't do as much damage and can't utilize a hit and run strategy nearly as well. If retaliate got nerfed, CC immunes were less common, or we had some reliable way of tracking diminishing returns then the spec would maybe be decent. Even then it's by far the hardest spec to play optimally.
  7. I hope you guys enjoy this. I put a lot of thought and time into it. My aim was to make a PvP video that was fun and would hype people up to play the game. If you enjoy the video be sure to like it and SHARE it with your friends who might be interested in Crowfall!
  8. This game damn near requires you to have a guild for it to be fun. So many of the systems have interdependence with each other that it's almost impossible to play effectively solo or with a small group. Luckily the community is stepping up and there's some new guilds that are swooping in and picking up these new players and adding them to their ranks. ACE needs to seriously push people to join guilds. Like...it needs to be a constant tooltip pop up and on every loading screen until you join one. It's that important to your enjoyment of the game.
  9. Right now taking and holding outposts is very lackluster. It's boring and usually something people dread doing primarily because there's no reason to grab them other than "points". - If you're a PvPer and you're not in the race to win then there's no point in even bothering with them. - For harvesters they don't get any benefit whatsoever. If you guys gave something like a 5% damage buff for having a nearby Outpost and an extra plentiful harvesting point and extra harvesting critical chance it would really incentivize people to want to grab them for reasons outside of points. - It would add some tactics to taking points on the map. Maybe you want to grab the 2 nearby outposts for a 10% damage buff before trying to take a fort. If you're planning on doing a motherload run you'd want to grab nearby objectives first for the buffs and a fallback point. Overlapping buffs might be too much but maybe there could be a limit to how many stacks you could have. @jtoddcoleman@Tyrant@thomasblair
  10. Some more epic moments I've had during the patch 5.8 campaigns in Crowfall. I'm saving my absolute coolest stuff for my PvP montage but these were also pretty cool moments that didn't make the cut.
  11. The issue appears to have randomly flxed itself. I'm not sure what fixed it (maybe being logged out of the client for a while?)
  12. I can't train my promotion class on my epic vessel despite having the pre-requisites. This really sucks. I hope you can fix it.
  13. View distance and specifically nameplate distance isn't very far in this game. Also in the Spirit Bank meta ganking groups have to be particularly good at catching people by surprise. Whatever group killed you might have approached in such a way to minimize your reaction time.
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