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  1. Make Guinea Great Again

    I like this idea a lot. It could function like a very short range Wood Elf teleport. Would be neat to be fighting someone face to face and do a quick burrow-dodge and pop up right behind them.
  2. Crowfall Patch 5.4 is going to be coming to the TEST environment very soon. It will bring the release of the Assassin, sweeping changes to armor, weapons, and crafting fuctionality, and crafting tables that will be used for advanced crafting. As always I did an edited down version of the livestream and tried to only show new and relevant information while cutting out as much fluff as possible.
  3. Good stream. Looking forward to 5.4 and messing around with the Assassin. I wonder how long you guys are going to put us on ice for the Frostweaver?
  4. The new crafting menu looks fantastic. I absolutely HATED having to scroll through menus looking for sub-components.
  5. Definitely one of the better Q&A videos. Hopefully we'll see the game loop actually start coming together soon.
  6. Livestream highlights from the past 4 Crowfall streams over the month of November. These streams cover the new Action Harvesting system, features from Patch 5.3, Developer Q&A, and state of Crowfall's funding and launch status.
  7. My suggestions as of November.

    Backwards compatibility for game consoles is a perfect example of this.
  8. Action harvesting is definitely a huge improvement over just holding down a key. It would be nice if we could get weak spots that have the same look and feel as what Fortnite has. However for a first iteration this is pretty good.
  9. Yea I don't think anyone is too surprised by this. I think ACE is pretty good at iterating on things without over-iterating. People love to say "release it when it's ready" but a lot of the times if you don't set timelines then things never actually get done and you spin your wheels. That's just sort of the nature of creative ventures. If you don't put the hammer down then you'll constantly have artists and designers harping on every detail and second guessing everything. Quality > Quantity is only true to a certain degree.
  10. Tomes P2W Model

    Todd the god! That's the solution I and many people were wanting from the start. I can't see how anyone will have any issues with the Tome System now.
  11. Hopefully we aren't waiting too long for the Assassin! Frostweaver seems like a distant memory at this point. I've almost entirely forgotten about that class.
  12. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

    Battle for Azeroth seems to have the theme that MoP should have had with the whole "Alliance vs. Horde" thing. Hopefully they actually go back to WARcraft and the factions feeling like factions rather than everyone banding together to fight some big mean guy. Crowfall will probably be in a live state (hopefully) by the time BfA comes out so I probably won't play it but it does look kind of interesting. As for Classic servers I don't think they'll have any staying power for the masses. As someone who played back then I can assure you that many people either didn't play back then or have MASSIVE rose tinted glasses looking back at that time.
  13. Wow this looks great! Massive improvement from the multiple window layout we had previously!