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  1. I think it's fine that the towers and camps have powerful Ranger NPCs. That's needed for them to actually be worthwhile... However holy crap there are way too many of them.
  2. The change to maximum HP buffs completely screwed MAJOR class design elements and cooldowns for the Templar. This change is completely fine for things like Holy Aura that are consistent auras that can be up all the time or discipline based cooldowns that have pretty good uptime and are more minor parts of the kit. However the Templar HP buffs on both our Holy Warrior and Brilliance were pretty major parts of our kit. The massive HP pool was part of where we got our survivability. Now since both of these buffs don't keep your percentage they actively HURT you! For example: You're at 40% health and know you're going to take a lot of damage. You pop your Holy Warrior and Brilliance for the increased HP. Now you've just put yourself into execute range and made your situation even worse. Please revert the HP buffs back to their previous state for Templar class abilities. @thomasblair@mhalashace@jtoddcoleman
  3. Got into some fights tonight and I couldn't tell if the combo bug was still around or if it was just general lag. Server absolutely exploded and shot up to 20k ping after we got in a 10v20 fight. Everyone ended up disconnecting. I really hope you guys can get the server performance up to par.
  4. 4k gaming just isn't practical yet for most games even on cutting edge hardware. Much less games in development that are still undergoing major optimizations and lack game specific drivers. I play in 1440p on my 1080ti and still get good frames though. The jump from 1080p to 4k is massive in terms of cost. 1080p is 2,073,600 pixels 2160p (4k) is 8,294,400 pixels
  5. Crowfall's July livestreams edited down into a more information dense video. Those new beachheads are looking awesome! Hopefully the redesigned beachheads will give new players a better sense of direction while they're learning the systems.
  6. Finite usage on vessels?

    I always thought that Vessels would be wiped with the Campaign World ending. I'd think that'd be a decent enough churn to keep Necromancy in demand. After a 3 month campaign people will probably have a few vessels for different purposes...some of them leveled up a good bit. Then they get wiped.
  7. Now this is a Thursday update! Definitely excited for a combat log. Hopefully it's fairly detailed and shows damage type, timestamps, and all the other important things.
  8. A decent way you could make holding Outposts worthwhile is to have them give buffs to players within a certain radius. Maybe a slight combat buff, crafting, harvesting buffs.
  9. 5.7 God Patch confirmed.
  10. Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    Quality memes like this should be in the official thread!
  11. When you're hoping for a meaningful gameplay update.