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  1. I believe the Myrmidon talent "Gift of Blood" is bugged. It's only healing 1% of max HP. I think a decimal got mis-placed because this talent would be far more in line with other comparable talents at 10%
  2. The Myrmidon "Scent of Blood" talent stacks very inconsistently as well as "Closing Speed" from the Speed Demon major discipline. -Scent of Blood stacks somewhat consistently against a target dummy. However even then it's very obvious that most hits aren't being registered and there's a significant delay. Against NPCs or Players it basically never works. -Closing Speed just basically never works vs players or NPCs. Potentially a bug with stacking movement speed abilities all-together?
  3. The Battle Rager Crash Mitigation mechanic that is granted from the capstone talent isn't working at all.
  4. Enemy player animations aren't playing for the majority of spells.
  5. Reverberating Blow damage seems bugged still. Pitfighter healing is outrageous...I don't know if it's bugged or just radically overtuned.
  6. The guaranteed critical strike element of the Assassin Garrote power is not working.
  7. "The Wild Hunt is upon us! Take up your scythes, and join us!" Cool to see an in-game event immortalized in the game officially!
  8. I figured it was time that I got around to the commentary version of ZYBAK 3. I like doing these commentaries a good bit after the original video has come out to look at everything with hindsight and see how things have changed.
  9. My inner Feral Druid is going nuts with all these different dots and buffs! So pumped!
  10. Hello everyone. I just updated the list with all of our current inventory. All of these disciplines are located in God's Reach. Contact Zybak#4115 on Discord to arrange a trade. Gold is the preferred currency but I will take Dust/Embers as well.
  11. When there's 2 God's Reach servers, an Infected server, and an EU campaign with 3 players in it.
  12. An update where Crowfall is at as of October 2020. Patch 6.1 came out and had a pretty rough start with technical issues. This killed a lot of the initial beta momentum the game had. However patch 6.2 will likely bring a ton of people back as it's a pretty exciting and game changing patch.
  13. CYBERBULLIES is currently in third place. We're not expecting to be a competitive guild in Divine Favor but it certainly is pretty funny.
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