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  1. ABSOLUTELY HUGE Crowfall news drops coming from the September Q&A. We're getting a ton of new stuff in the next milestone including the dregs, city building, caravans, mounts, new win conditions, new god daily objectives, and much more!
  2. As others have said it'd have to be a full wipe. The problem with full wiping right now is that many people would just stop playing and not want to do the initial crafting/harvesting/gearing grind knowing another wipe is coming very shortly. The only solution I see is to make the training x1000 speed which effectively lets everyone max all their skills very quickly. If this is not doable then just don't worry about it. I voted "no" in the poll.
  3. Some changes or ideas I'd like to see implemented into to Crowfall. I feel like daily ojbectives, keep and fort maintenance, and more outpost utility would go a long way in sparking more organic PvP.
  4. When I logged back in I was "teleported to a safe area" which ended up being an enemy beachhead portal. Luckily I noticed before it killed me! 🤣
  5. It should be slashing damage. The only benefit you'd get from elemental penetration would be if you had an elemental quiver or had some other type of magic damage spells.
  6. For other classes it's the main hand that determines the weapon damage type outside of special exceptions like Divine Light.
  7. I'm not really sure what purpose this serves. Hopefully "The Infected" won't be up in addition to another trial because all that would do is just fracture the population even more. Seems like a fun map if it's going to replace the trials though.
  8. Yep you should be good! As long as you have some sort of score for crafting then you're fine.
  9. My Blackguard Assassin theorycrafting guide. None of this is set in stone but I had a lot of you guys asking questions about my build. Hopefully this video will show you my thought process.
  10. There are no Mystical Staffs sold on the vendors in the beachhead. There appears to be every other type of weapon but this one is left off. Probably just an oversight.
  11. The August developer Q&A. No huge drops this time around other than that there's going to be some sort of new system dropping next week (My guess is CC changes). In this Q&A they talk about armor penetration, critical strike chance and anti-crit stats, catch up mechanics for passive skill training, small scale PvP initiatives, faction balance, and 3 meter melee range.
  12. I'd imagine we'll have a full wipe including skills at beta. Then a final wipe right before release.
  13. The Toughness max HP buff expiring removes Duelists from stealth. I believe there is some wonkyness with HP changing and stealth being removed because I also seem to get removed a lot when I've got the Fault Finding buff up from Devotion.
  14. The bug where friendly buffs remove you from stealth appears to be back. I had both Fault Finding (from Templar Devotion) and Reveal Weakness buffs and randomly got popped out a few seconds later from some sort of friendly buff interaction. Trying to isolate what it was.
  15. Fae Druids can still get on top of the Tree of Life walls and bomb from above leading to some incredibly cheesy gameplay.
  16. Duelist Power Bugs: - Saltpeter Rounds buff causes your Pepperbox Shot not to stun. Pop Saltpeter Rounds then Pepperbox = No Stun - Inconceivable sometimes goes off but doesn't give you the buffs. You end up just spamming the coin flip animation over and over or it eats your pips and nothing happens.
  17. JamesGoblin DIDN'T like this post...
  18. This is a fantastic patch for new and returning players. I highly recommend everyone brush up on the game if you're planning on returning for the "DREGS" like many people are planning on doing. There's some annoying stuff but overall it's pretty good.
  19. Archer Rangers are absurd and absolutely need to get nerfed ASAP. Their damage, range, and slipperiness is unmatched. And on top of that they're braindead easy to play. Incredibly unfun to play against.
  20. The Duelist Inconceivable power is still randomly breaking and doing the animation without the ability firing properly.
  21. Having the Duelist Saltpeter Rounds buff makes it to where your Pepperbox Shot doesn't stun. Pretty easy to reproduce. Put Saltpeter Rounds up, try to stun, does nothing.
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