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  1. Being able to spam infinite ice by converting them back and forth isn't something I'd consider a core mechanic. That seems like a potential bug where converting ice is resetting the timer. I could be wrong but I highly doubt they want Frostweavers having 30 ice out at once.
  2. Troubadour damage spells are being considered "piercing" damage. In the past they were classified as "Organic" damage.
  3. I didn't cover the ice spam because I'm assuming t I didn't cover that because I imagine that mechanic will be getting changed. I just don't see endless infinite ice being something they intended.
  4. My first impressions of the new Frostweaver class and what I think about each spec and my predictions for how they will play out in PvP.
  5. The Myrmidon Berserk timer and buff get desynced after being knocked up (by an Elken Confessor mob). Here's a screenshot I took and you can see it's off by a full 300+ milliseconds as the Berserk buff is not there but the timer still is. Pretty gamebreaking!
  6. Dirge of Dissonance is Piercing damage. Pretty sure it's supposed to be something else?
  7. Dirge of Dissonance still only ticks 4 times when wearing the Sustaining Note passive. The song is supposed to tick every 3 seconds and wearing that minor increases the time in between each tick.
  8. We got a sneak peak at the new "card" victory conditions and objectives. Looks pretty neat. Wasn't a ton of new info for anyone who's been poop-socking TEST. However we still got some good developer perspective.
  9. Healing target dummies don't appear to exist anymore.
  10. The Friar discipline "Chain Heal" power still requires you to come to a complete standstill to use the power. Seems very arbitrary and likely a bug.
  11. The Icecaller passive buff "Cool Aid" doesn't persist through going through a portal.
  12. Early game crafted gear needs to at the very least be equivalent to War Tribe gear. The entire point of War Tribe gear was to make it so you could get some armor and weapons if you didn't have crafting connections. Basic and Intermediate weapons are completely useless at this point 😬
  13. The Frostweaver power Refreshing Breeze cannot be used to heal yourself despite saying it on the tooltip.
  14. Currently the LMB combo system is very unforgiving in terms of timing. For example if you don't immediately queue up the second part of your LMB combo you will get trapped in the first part of the combo. To reproduce just hit LMB wait for the GCD to come back, do LMB again, repeat, and you won't ever do the full combo. In the past there was much more leniency in the timing and it felt better.
  15. Knights block power appears to get stuck toggled on thus requiring another right click to toggle it off.
  16. The Knight first LMB doesn't trigger an action bar GCD animation for the first swing of the combo. Doesn't effect gameplay but looks odd when that power on the power bar isn't animating.
  17. Basic attacks seem to have much more delay in between the LMB combos. Noticed on Knight and Assassin. Getting a LMB 3 combo attack takes a good bit longer this patch. Not sure if intended.
  18. Target dummies should be accessible in the beachhead somewhere. Having them only in keeps is a little problematic especially for a new player trying to practice if they don't have a keep.
  19. Yea pretty bummed. It'd be cool if we could play the old version but I imagine the server will end up locking up and certain zones will be unusable.
  20. I imagine running the portable bank structure will be a large investment meaning you'll have to give up something very significant. Also we have no idea what the cooldown or bank mechanic even is. Typically these kinds of things aren't as powerful as they sound.
  21. Tons of great information in this Q&A. We got a glimpse at all 3 Frostweaver promotion classes and some teases at how the class will work mechanically. We got some more information on the Thrall rare spawn and discipline drop system. SPIRIT BANKING IS GONE NEXT PATCH! Patch 5.110 is "imminent" and the developers are on a day by day basis for when the patch will come out to TEST.
  22. In theme with ACE's analogy with 5.110 baby analogy.
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