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  1. Intro - 0:00 Comedy Segment 1 - 2:30 Confessor PvP - 4:10 Comedy Segment 2 - 7:29 Knight PvP - 9:24 Comedy Segment 3 - 17:48 Assassin PvP - 18:54 Credits - 28:33 ZYBAK 4: Fire and Brimestone is my forth PvP montage. This montage includes footage before and after the discipline and talent reworks from multiple different classes. If you enjoyed the video I'd really appreciate it if you left a LIKE and SHARED it with your friends. I put a lot of time and ef
  2. The Confessor ultimate still isn't making the eruption sound letting you know where they are popping out at. In the past it has made an eruption sound letting you be able to echo-locate them. Killing a confessor means winning 3+ rounds of hide and seek. It's infuriating.
  3. Some nice updates coming to Crowfall in patch 6.4! - Infected is being nerfed to incentivize campaign farming - Vessels are getting an overhaul and are more seamless - Stats are going to be more powerful and allow for more diverse character builds - maximum group sizes will now have the option to be smaller or larger based off the campaign - Mobile banking is being removed - Crowpedia is coming to Crowfall with an in-game tool showing all of the disciplines and powers - Respec is coming to allow for talent and attribute re-rolling - Wealth Cards are being loo
  4. A great finish from CYBERBULLIES this most recent Decapathon. We ended up sacrificing the most skulls of any guild as well as doing pretty well in Divine Favor. Admittedly we won't do nearly as good in typical non-Decapathon campaigns. However I still thought it was pretty neat.
  5. Something about killing thralls is causing large amounts of "crit VFX" and leading to eventually having to restart the entire client. I'm not sure if it's the doobers, the hunger, or the thralls themselves causing it.
  6. Just recently started streaming Crowfall. Here's some of my favorite moments from my streams over the past couple of days.
  7. Gotta love it. https://www.twitch.tv/zybak/clip/PreciousDeadSkirretChocolateRain
  8. <QUESTION> Can we please get some diversity in the Wealth Cards? Right now they basically function as pig running keep cards which means most of the guilds can't even participate as they don't own a keep. I'd love to see the wealth cards involve gold, tradeskills, or some other objective that all types of guilds can compete on.
  9. CYBERBULLIES managed to collect the most skulls in the Decapathon so far. We weren't expecting this but it's pretty damn funny being in first place for the time being. Merry Christmas!
  10. The hellcat mount needs to be scaled up quite a bit for Half-Elf and probably other races too. My feet are DRAGGING on this thing! Just make the thing bigger! Also personal preference but a longer tail would be cool too.
  11. Overview - 0:00 Race Choices - 1:54 Disciplines - 5:34 Talents - 11:48 Powers - 15:35 VERY IMPORTANT - 24:23 PvP Gameplay - 26:01 My Blackguard Assassin PvP guide. Assassins are pretty uncommon at the moment and Blackguards are even less common. However I think the spec is pretty fun if you want to play something with a very different playstyle than any other class.
  12. Sprinting is only when you're in combat and it's not really that much faster than normal running. I can see why people could get confused about it.
  13. Sound effects are still pretty buggy in general when it comes to being able to hear people in proximity to you. Confessors are no longer making the eruption sound when coming out of their ultimate which means they can very easily ultimate and hide somewhere.
  14. Pitfighters and even normal Champion survivability is pretty outrageous. Those heals need to be nerfed and maybe in place of the old healing amounts have the heal scale based off of how many enemy players are nearby. Myrmidon Beefy Berserking has a similar mechanic and it would help Champions survivability still work in big fights but not be completely absurd in small scale.
  15. Even though it's not realistic I prefer having some air control for gameplay sake. Most games have some degree of air control.
  16. Chests on outposts is a great change. Despite the lower population there's been some awesome small scale PvP at the outposts this weekend. Plus is a great way to naturally get people to spread out more since if you spread out you'll cover more ground and get more loot potentially. Really loving it. Good stuff!
  17. With the removal of passive training Crowfall now lacks a long term progression system. My idea of a "Battle Pass" type of unlock system that gives out rewards through Divine Favor would give players a long term progression system as well as encourage them to do try and score as many Divine Favor points as possible even if winning is an impossibility. This system also gives ACE ways to increase the value of VIP and potentially sell more cash shop items while still feeling cool to the players. Let me know what you guys think of the idea and if you have any suggestions.
  18. Now that the campaign has ended we have updated our stock and everything is in God's Reach! We have quite the selection now so something you might have been looking for could be on the list!
  19. Howdy. I just recently edited the post to include all of our knowledges and minor disciplines for patch 6.2!
  20. CYBERBULLIES has pivoted into more of a Ganking and Economy based guild as of recently. We found out that our playstyle was very pretty optimal for dominating commodities in the Crowfall economy. We're still gankers at heart but we found out we have a lot of fun trying to pile up as much gold as we can get (plus it funds our ganking habit) We've eliminated our play time requirements and are now focusing on recruiting people who are interested in small scale PvP AND/OR trying to dominate particular markets.
  21. I would love some sort of recipe to take the unique item ID off of player skulls so they stack. It's pretty cumbersome having mule characters dedicated to storing them.
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