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  1. As others have said it'd have to be a full wipe. The problem with full wiping right now is that many people would just stop playing and not want to do the initial crafting/harvesting/gearing grind knowing another wipe is coming very shortly.

    The only solution I see is to make the training x1000 speed which effectively lets everyone max all their skills very quickly. If this is not doable then just don't worry about it.

    I voted "no" in the poll. 


    The August developer Q&A. No huge drops this time around other than that there's going to be some sort of new system dropping next week (My guess is CC changes). In this Q&A they talk about armor penetration, critical strike chance and anti-crit stats, catch up mechanics for passive skill training, small scale PvP initiatives, faction balance, and 3 meter melee range.

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