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  1. CYBERBULLIES has pivoted into more of a Ganking and Economy based guild as of recently. We found out that our playstyle was very pretty optimal for dominating commodities in the Crowfall economy. 

    We're still gankers at heart but we found out we have a lot of fun trying to pile up as much gold as we can get (plus it funds our ganking habit)

    We've eliminated our play time requirements and are now focusing on recruiting people who are interested in small scale PvP AND/OR trying to dominate particular markets.

  2. The Assassin ultimate and Assassin stealth seems to be incredibly wonky with Faerie Fire. The ultimate removes Faerie Fire but doesn't put you in the stealth tray.

    At 19 seconds and also at 40 seconds into this video you'll see my Assassin ultimate not put me into stealth.



    There's a lot of weird gameplay interactions with Faerie Fire and stealth being put on cooldown. Sometimes you won't have Faerie Fire on you but stealth will be on cooldown. Sometimes you'll have the Faerie Fire debuff but stealth will have no cooldown and break immediately. The whole thing is really awkward and not as simplistic as it used to be in older versions of the game.

    I think the Assassin ultimate shouldn't be completely negated by Faerie Fire with how accessible it is. However if it's intended to be this way IT NEEDS TO BE COMMUNICATED IN THE TOOLTIP OF THE ASSASSIN ULTIMATE POWER!


    * There's also some weird interactions with Faerie Fire stacking and pushing the stealth cooldown to 45+ seconds which just seems insane.

  3. Can we please get the old Diffusion animation back for the "Decimate" power? Decimate functions like the the old Diffusion used to and it's a HUGE WASTE to not use this awesome animation someone made.

    It's a super unique animation that makes the Assassin big finishing move feel really epic.

    49 seconds into this video is the animation I want for Decimate. (the video should start right at 49 seconds)


  4. The Myrmidon "Scent of Blood" talent stacks very inconsistently as well as "Closing Speed" from the Speed Demon major discipline.

    -Scent of Blood stacks somewhat consistently against a target dummy. However even then it's very obvious that most hits aren't being registered and there's a significant delay. Against NPCs or Players it basically never works.

    -Closing Speed just basically never works vs players or NPCs.

    Potentially a bug with stacking movement speed abilities all-together? 

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