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  1. I think the Confessor Sanctifier needs some balance tweaks. Confessors having range and plate is a little absurd. Right now nobody is taking the "Spitting Distance" talent because the range, plate, and other survivability of the Sanctifier is just crazy.


    A quick and dirty fix would be to make the plate armor come from the actual Spitting Distance passive and not getting it baked in from the talent tree.

  2. Any time a Myrmidon is effected by a physics based ability like a push or pull while channeling Whirlwind you are locked out of all abilities for the duration of the Whirlwind cast. If this happens at the start of the Whirlwind cast then you can be locked out of your powers for a long time!

    Notice how any time I'm effected by physics while Whirlwinding all my powers go on cooldown.

    Pretty gamebreaking for Myrmidon. Especially with the nature of the class and the crash mechanic. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair 

    16 seconds into the video is a good example of it happening. It happens throughout the video though.

  3. Frenzy actually increases your maximum Final Damage Modifier cap.

    Neck Slash hits pretty hard and has a very fast animation that can be used to animation cancel the end off of a previous power + the other effects it has for Battle Rager/Conqueror.

    I'm really enjoying Battle Rager. It does do pretty low damage but if you've got multiple targets bleeding it can really add up. Unlike the other melee you can play pretty aggressively all the time and have good uptime without having to run away to play defensively.

    Once Myrmidon Net Pull becomes more reliable the class will be considerably more powerful

  4. 20 minutes ago, thomasblair said:

    When a vessel gets into a hosed state like this please contact QA without deleting the character! This way QA and Engineering can try to debug how that character got hosed, and without the actual character they can only use logs. It is much easier when they can just zombie the account and try to login with that particular character.


    Not sure the best way to contact QA. I'm assuming QA looks at these forums (or at least someone relays the posts to them?)

    The bugged vessel is on this account and is a Half Giant Myrmidon named "Leg46STR"

  5. DPS Templar's "Blazing Light" is causing massive freezing lag. Pretty game breaking at the moment so you guys should work on that one ASAP.

    Talents resetting randomly on re-zoning/relogging is pretty bad too.

    There's also a bug where certain players can't be invited to groups with a player not found message. 


    Myrmidon's Whirlwind damage either isn't registering sometimes or doesn't show up as fly text. (On players in particular)

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