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  1. 3 minutes ago, Drifter22840 said:

    What about a Weapon such as an Axe which has an elemental penetration?  If equipped as a main hand, will it perform Slashing damage or Elemental damage?

    It should be slashing damage. The only benefit you'd get from elemental penetration would be if you had an elemental quiver or had some other type of magic damage spells.


    The August developer Q&A. No huge drops this time around other than that there's going to be some sort of new system dropping next week (My guess is CC changes). In this Q&A they talk about armor penetration, critical strike chance and anti-crit stats, catch up mechanics for passive skill training, small scale PvP initiatives, faction balance, and 3 meter melee range.

  3. Did some 1v1's with some of the Winterblades guys to see how bad the 3m melee is. It's pretty bad. With lag and any amount of desync it makes hitting someone running away very difficult. I've got video footage of my crosshair saying 3m yet still whiffing attacks on players running away from me.

    In any sort of kiting situation it's just frustrating and I've got fairly decent ping living in Virginia.

  4. Just echoing a few points Arkade made:

    1. The game isn't a complete game and there are some down right frustrating things right now.

    2. The main motivation for playing the game is to TEST and learn the systems and mechanics. Playing to win or trying to strictly play for fun is probably going to leave you pretty frustrated.

    3. Absolutely 100% FIND A GUILD! This is the most important thing you can do. There are a few Chaos guilds that I know of that are actively recruiting new players but you can always check the guild recruitment forums. 

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