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  1. Darkfall was the absolute epitome of skill and hardcore. Anyone who disagrees is a carebear and is bad. Why else do you think Darkfall was such a booming commercial success and cultural phenomenon. HARDCORE HARDCORE HARDCORE CAREBEAR HARDCORE HARDCORE!!
  2. Good to have another big guild/organization bringing new people into Crowfall I've never played Eve but I enjoy hearing about all the cool stories that come from that game. I have a feeling Crowfall will have a lot of the same moments.
  3. This is hands down the best update this game has seen so far. My guild's (Sugoi) Discord server is blowing up with all the people theorycrafting all these different ideas. CROWFALL IS FINALLY BECOMING A GAME! IT'S HAPPENING!!
  4. As others have said it's probably too dramatic of a change to be a promotion class. However it is a cool idea and I could see some of these ideas working their way into a new archetype.
  5. Yep. I don't really think it's something they can effectively stop. All of the proposed solutions will just make the game worse and still result in people having multiple accounts.
  6. These are very good. Perfect length and are easily scale-able to be longer/shorter if needed. Also not too intricate (seriously some people get really carried away with intros).
  7. Dedicated crafters and harvesters (especially harvesters) welcome!
  8. You guys gonna kick that podcast back up once the game gets more fleshed out?
  9. Get into the Crowfall Beta for FREE as well as save 5% off any purchases when you use this link! https://crowfall.com/register/?affiliateCode=zybak

  10. After seeing the sheer amount of crafting skills available it'll really deter people from going too crazy on multiple accounts. If there were only a handful of useful skills needed to be self sufficient then I'd see them being more prominent. I'll likely have another crafting account but it'll be to fill a roll that my guild needs. Trying to do everything would be damn near impossible though.
  11. As a guy who used to be good at 3v3 arena (all washed up now) and having watched other people that were good at small scale technical PvP I believe you're correct. Everyone I've known who was good at arena is a very good gamer in general and has the right mindset for figuring games out. Most people who like talk down about WoW PvP (arena in particular) we're almost always complete garbage at it. Many of them hated it because it crushed their egos since it really highlights how good or bad of a player you are. While I think you're correct that players who are good at small scale PvP wil
  12. JamesGoblin is why Tower 7 fell.
  13. Well considering ACE is promoting the game in their email newsletter I'm assuming everything is cool and was probably known about ahead of time.
  14. That doesn't stop us from wildly speculating though!!
  15. Hmmm looks like some of them went off to do their own thing and make a Vampire MMO (no comment) http://www.shadowskiss.com/team/ Game development has a pretty high turnover and a lot of the really good devs get poached by other companies. A lot of the good Wildstar devs got poached right before/after release by Blizzard, Amazon, Activision etc. If I had to guess it was probably a situation where contracts for a few people ended and people went their separate ways.
  16. JamesGoblin is love...JamesGoblin is life.
  17. I see the Frostweaver playing out to be a mid range melee character. That crazy axe chain weapon is a pretty dead giveaway imo. I'm much more of a fan of this than LOLFROSTMAGE GUIS.
  18. That's not really true anymore after the huge nerfs to that skill. The only time Confessors go close/mid range is for the flamethrower ability which admittedly is pretty awesome. The only time I use the fire shield is if I know I've got melee on me that I'm not going to be able to shake off for a decent amount of time.
  19. Crowfall definitely needs some tweaking with animation speeds and lunges but I think they're off to a good start so far. Tera does fine with animation locks so I know it can be done.
  20. I never realized how stupid split body animations looked until I watched that video after playing the Crowfall pre-alpha.
  21. Just commenting to say that this is a fantastic resource and is absolutely appreciated! Thank you!
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