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  1. Been using it the last week or so. Fantastic stuff!
  2. Ah, that should be communicated in the tooltip for the ability then that it's party only. That'll throw a lot of new Druids for a loop.
  3. Just tested again outside the beachhead and players are running through my orbs but they aren't getting picked up
  4. Maybe they just don't work in the Beachhead? I was on my other account and couldn't see them. Also I would see other players running into them and they weren't consumed.
  5. We're all waiting on those big news drops....until then....
  6. I'm sure it's been reported but Druid Orbs don't appear for other players and also aren't usable by other players. Even dropping them on the healing target dummies don't do anything.
  7. The Bard "Pure Voice" buff from the Twisting minor discipline appears to not be working.
  8. They've already hinted at the potential idea of doing a full blown Bard class and re-naming the Bard rune to Minstrel. The Aracoix already have a model and some animations so I could see them being a playable race soon. The sky is the limit really. The don't have to worry about PvE raid composition balance so they can do some wacky and wild stuff.
  9. Still occasionally getting variations of this bug for the Myrmidon crash timer. It's just a display bug and you can still mitigate the crash. However you have no idea how much damage it will be and the timer is partially obstructed. Pretty brutal
  10. Also put 1 handed and 2 handed maces on the vendors!
  11. Yea I was noticing that they were triggering endlessly on the target dummies. Gotta get fixed immediately.
  12. Chat lag is still really bad. Took legitimately 20 seconds for a message to go through.
  13. The new Myrmidon Berserk animation, while very awesome and explodey needs to be optimized some. I drop 30-40 FPS when I use that ability in isolation.
  14. Battle Rager is the tankiest of tanks. It's definitely harder to get value out of then Titan in most situations. However in BIG fights where there are defined front lines and back lines you can do work with it. You can jump super deep into enemy stacks and get whirlwind bleeds on everything which adds up to a significant amount of damage due to how bleed armor works. Jumping into enemy stacks also means that a lot of attacks that would be hitting your teammates will be hitting you instead. No other tank can do suicide runs quite like the Battle Rager can. The problem is Battle Rager isn't really viable outside of these larger structured fights. You're going to have a really bad time in a 5v5 for example The beginning and end clip of this video will show what's capable on the spec.
  15. Confessor power "Arkon's Fury" doesn't appear to be modifying any enemy stats with the "Elemental Vulnerability" part of the power. Is it supposed to effect the stat sheet? If not this should be communicated better. EDIT: After testing the ability appears to be working as intended. However you guys should clarify what it actually does in the tooltip.
  16. Mounting up after casting the Elementalist "Fire Wall" power locks you on your mount permanently. Also the Fire Wall sound effect is REALLY loud and doesn't get more quiet as you move away from it.
  17. It might be all "flash castable" powers. I had my double jump, dodge, ultimate ability, AND Duelist Flintlock Shot all unable to be used.
  18. Guineceans can no longer double jump in the current test patch 😞
  19. Yep! Doing large scale PvP with legitimate server checks is hard. Even World of Warcraft chugs in both FPS and server performance in a lot of the big world PvP stuff. They've had 20 years of development and optimization and more money than god. It's just hard. I've seen Crowfall run pretty smooth before in larger fights but when they're adding stuff as rapidly as they are there's gonna be some hiccups.
  20. Duelist Rapid Fire at 5 pips only hits 16 times at 5 pips when it's supposed to hit 20 times. Very easy to see just by looking at the combat log.
  21. This just started happening as of the new patch today: Flintlock Shot just completely stops working despite being off cooldown. It'll only start working again after logging in and out. EDIT: After completely resetting the game client it seems to be working normally again. Now that I think about it I was tweaking my graphics settings. Could have something to do with it?
  22. Duelist stealth powers do not aim with the crosshair but instead with where your body is facing. I think this has to do with the free-look nature of the camera while in the survival/stealth trays. Not sure if this is a bug or not.
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