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    My Guinecean Assassin Sentinel Knight build is something I've been waiting to reveal for a while. I've been theorycrafting on it for a while and it's time to reveal the first prototype! The footage in this video is from my first time playing Knight in a LONG time so you'll definitely see a lot of mistakes. However I think the Guinecean Sentinel Knight is a fantastic platform. 

  2. I've always liked the idea of temporary titles for campaigns that go away after the campaign is over. That way there's a lot less incentive to just cheese and game the various systems. It also functions as a reset.

    Getting X amount of kills gives you the "Bandit" title

    Gaining X amount of XP via Blacksmithing gives you the "Master Blacksmith" title.

    Taking 3 keeps gives you the Conqueror title

    I think a lot of fun could be had with temporary titles 

  3. 1 minute ago, Kobra said:

    Did you submit a bug report about it

    Yes. A long time ago along with many other weird quirks.

    Another example of a weird quirk is how you can aim the start of the "Consonant Chains" power at a player but then turn your camera the opposite way and the power will still hit that target.

    It's hard to know if that's intended because some powers have that exact same functionality while others don't. Different animation cancels have different timings and practice of animation cancelling is pretty common in games.

  4. 1 hour ago, Kobra said:

    The next question is - how long did you know, and did you report this?


    Slayers haven't gotten any changes in a long time (maybe close to 2 years?)

    I've been playing Duelist since 2016 long before it got as popular as it is now. I've made YouTube videos displaying all the advanced Duelist techniques amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

    It's not something I've been keeping a secret. Almost all the classes have some kind of "advanced tech" that lets you squeeze out a little more juice.

  5. <CYBERBULLIES> is a new guild consisting of many veteran players; many of us playing together since the early days of the Kickstarter. The goal of the guild is simple: Ruin the game for people who ruin the game.

    Being in <CYBERBULLIES> means you have to be okay with being a landless guild and potentially not getting any campaign rewards. The salt is the reward.

    <CYBERBULLIES> exclusively roleplays for Cybele: The Goddess of Virginity.

    We're open to recruiting anyone who shares the same mentality we do and is looking to have a good time. If you're interested in joining then hop into our guild Discord and send me a message. Then we'll set up an informal interview so I can get to know you.

    Send in an application here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=CYBERBULLIES#CYBER
    Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/zHqmemy



  6. From what they've said in the past there will be other ways to get accessory items with stats on them.

    With how much micro-transaction potential there is on little trinkets that let you customize you're character I'm 100% expecting there to be a ton of these. I imagine they'll have some sort of costume system as they've already talked about it for mounts.

    I think these badges are largely going to function as "Hey check this out! I played in the early Pre-Alpha tests and have this unique accessory!" Not as a 2% crit advantage in perpetuity.  

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