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  1. The main issue with punishing deaths is that it punishes harvesting, actually being a tank, and for the most part playing the game. If I cared about the reward I would just hop on my Assassin, get a few kills, and not play the campaign again. Going 5-0 is better than going 40-10. MMO players will literally not have fun playing your game to get rewards.
  2. I'm still not a huge fan of punishing deaths and encouraging people to play passively. However this rule-set change is infinitely less dumb than the previous iteration.
  3. Spicy new Trial of Arkon memes: Credit: @blazzen @Jah @Vicid
  4. As someone who's pulled off some pretty insane kill death ratios this is a horrible ruleset. It rewards certain classes more than others, actively punishes other classes, disincentives grouping, and makes people play passively. It's just bad... If you want to have a bloodbath oriented ruleset make it Kills + Assists (and assists count as 1/3 of kills). Do not punish deaths. Don't force people to play passively and disincentive tanks to be tanks.
  5. Now is the perfect time to get into Crowfall as a new player or returning player. There's just been a wipe and the new player experience is better than ever. Lots of brand new faces I've never seen before! Exciting times!
  6. Combined artifacts need to stack. I'd assume this is probably a bug?
  7. This is kind of a unique situation with EVERYONE on the same God's Reach after a fresh patch and wipe. Everyone has to farm and there's nothing else to do but farm... Also it's God's Reach and things shouldn't be insanely abundant in the first place.
  8. No context. However I feel that people will get some use out of this:
  9. Been using it the last week or so. Fantastic stuff!
  10. Ah, that should be communicated in the tooltip for the ability then that it's party only. That'll throw a lot of new Druids for a loop.
  11. Just tested again outside the beachhead and players are running through my orbs but they aren't getting picked up
  12. Maybe they just don't work in the Beachhead? I was on my other account and couldn't see them. Also I would see other players running into them and they weren't consumed.
  13. We're all waiting on those big news drops....until then....
  14. I'm sure it's been reported but Druid Orbs don't appear for other players and also aren't usable by other players. Even dropping them on the healing target dummies don't do anything.
  15. The Bard "Pure Voice" buff from the Twisting minor discipline appears to not be working.
  16. They've already hinted at the potential idea of doing a full blown Bard class and re-naming the Bard rune to Minstrel. The Aracoix already have a model and some animations so I could see them being a playable race soon. The sky is the limit really. The don't have to worry about PvE raid composition balance so they can do some wacky and wild stuff.
  17. Still occasionally getting variations of this bug for the Myrmidon crash timer. It's just a display bug and you can still mitigate the crash. However you have no idea how much damage it will be and the timer is partially obstructed. Pretty brutal
  18. Yea I was noticing that they were triggering endlessly on the target dummies. Gotta get fixed immediately.
  19. Chat lag is still really bad. Took legitimately 20 seconds for a message to go through.
  20. The new Myrmidon Berserk animation, while very awesome and explodey needs to be optimized some. I drop 30-40 FPS when I use that ability in isolation.
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