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  1. In this game I got the bug where you spawn in without any teammates. Despite the huge disadvantage I still managed to win the game completely solo from start to finish. It's my proudest Crowfall moment thus far.


    Also I wasn't being completely non-confrontational as a lot of you guys are expecting. I ended up getting quite a few kills too :D





  2. I was curious if there was any plans to add some form of strafing to the game. I'd understand if it wasn't 100% speed but it does feel pretty unnatural that you can't side step at all in this game. Especially since it's something that people naturally do a lot in a real fight. I think it would greatly help the game out by not making it feel like you constantly are clustering up with people. 


    I'm not asking for the removal of animation locks or any crazy changes to the combat. I'd just like the ability to circle strafe my opponent like a boxer then step forward with my attacks etc.


    Backpedal would be nice as well for the sake of feeling natural. I don't think I'd use it much but I'm sure it will have some uses. I used it in Wildstar quite a bit in certain situations.

  3. The fourth bug was with Knight's Shield Slam. It wasn't consistently charging up. I would hold it and sometimes it would charge. Other times it would charge for a half second and then fire, even though I was still holding the button.


    Was getting this pretty frequently as well.


    I also had a game where my inventory didn't work. I could loot items but they just wouldn't appear in my inventory at all.

  4. We covered that part already pages ago numerous times.


    Not really. How does Timmy who's at the top of the leaderboard for kills effect the meta. He could just no-life the game constantly. Jimmy could be leading in assists and be the greatest healer of all time.


    I can understand people not wanting recount in the game or Warcraft Logs types of data gathering and presentation but I think people are grasping for straws here.

  5. I'm not saying that you in particular will. I'm just saying that SOMEONE in this style of group will absolutely do it. Either for the financial incentive or just the notoriety. The big draw to games like this is the notoriety. It feels good having people say they like your videos or when they start coining terms in the game after you (Example: Swifty One Shot Macro, "going full Swifty here") and so on.


    I'm telling you that people will absolutely do it. 

  6. I disagree on this. The best players will figure out what works and then they will hoarde that information, only sharing it with close guildmates so they can help to make each other better. 


    I don't think that's the case anymore. There's just way too much financial incentive to spill the beans with YouTube, Twitch, and guide sites. Money talks and someone will spill the beans 100%.


    There's a lot of people willing to sell their secrets for thousands of dollars. I did it as my full-time job for 5 years.

  7. I doubt I'll ever have more than 3 characters. But I do find the 6 character slot limit in this weird middle ground that will be annoying for people on both sides.


    With 6 character slots there is no weight to archetype selection but it's also not enough if you're one of those crazy alt people.

  8. Most people will have one account but the altoholics that everyone is worried about will just buy another account. From what I've seen so far from the Crowfall community people are absolutely willing to pay if they think they're going to have a good time. Especially with this game's demographic being much older than most games.


    If Crowfall is good I don't think ACE will have any trouble getting into the pockets of its players. If I'm having fun I don't mind paying a premium for it. I just want to have fun playing MMOs again  :angry:

  9. I think we're not going to draw any useful conclusions about how ranged combat is going to end up feeling in Crowfall until friendly fire is in, and I hope that team FF is enabled sooner rather than later because it's going to dramatically impact ranged DPS balancing.


    Not all campaigns will have friendly fire. I'm honestly thinking friendly fire is going to be a niche thing that is only for Dregs or even certain Dregs campaigns.


    I don't think they should get too carried away balancing around friendly fire since I have a hunch it's going to be wildly unpopular with everything we've seen so far with combat.

  10. This makes picking your archetype a choice with weight.... because you can't simply have them all so conveniently....


    I don't really agree with the weight statement. I would if we could only have 1-2 archetypes. But 6...I think it's losing some of its bite at that point. 


    I'm not much of an alt person in most MMOs but Crowfall might be different. The main reason I like alts is that it really helps you get a better understanding of the game when you actually play something of a completely different role. For example I got much better at my Feral Druid after playing a healer since I got a better understanding of healer positioning and how to make it easier on my healer to stay in good spots.


    I do like decisions having weight (I'm in favor of the 1 guild per account rule) however with alts I'm really not feeling it. Who cares if some dude has 10 characters instead of 6? Seems kind of pointless to not just let people keep buying more character slots.


    Some people will just buy new accounts if it isn't the case especially with the game being BTP + there's looking like there's going to be some advantages to having multiple accounts anyway.

  11. Use spying, political intrigue and observation then--you know, that "Game of Thrones" part of CF? 

    "Bronn,"  said Tyrion, "Pull up those metrics from last nights battle with with Winterfell.  I need that detailed statistical analysis of their battle plan with complete quantification of all aspects of the engagement, including how many soldiers Stark killed, and which weapon he used to do it.  It must have amazing DPS!  And that fabulous transmog--I must know!  Without that information, we Lannisters will certainly lose, for we are bad at PvP.  Thank the Seven, the NFL has shown us the way to remain relevant."      


    Again. I'm really not sure how basic lifetime character statistics would tell you any of that.

  12. Still Authentication Failed, can someone help me? i lose 3 tests already because of that, i dont know what is happening, i changed my pw, removed 2fa and still not working...


    If you are getting "Authentication Failed" on the patcher then you might have to send an email to support (support@artcraftent.com)


    I was invited to the Alpha yesterday via email but my account wasn't flagged for whatever reason. Sent in the email and got approved and was good to go.

  13. I think a lot of the bad movement problems are due to the fact that Crowfall's movement is server side unlike most other games that do that client side with occasional checks to the server. Every movement you do has latency attached to it. That's why everyone starts sliding around uncontrollably when lag starts happening.


    I'm sure they'll put more of the movement into the client.

  14. OBS is superior and much better supported by both the people who make it and by external companies who make streaming equipment.


    They're both the same when it comes to being user friendly.


    OBS is free as well. I used to have a paid version of XSplit back in the day but there's definitely no reason to use it anymore.

  15. Had a lot of fun. Won my very first game I played, then came in 2nd my second game :D


    - Movement is definitely really unresponsive (hopefully they'll put more of that on client side which I think has been addressed)

    - After playing I still stand by my opinion that the animations in this game need to be sped up a significant amount. The animation locking didn't feel that bad but I'd like to see faster and more fluent combos. I'd really love to see this game closer to Tera in terms of attack speed.


    Overall it was very fun, just speed it up!!

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