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  1. You could always buy a prepaid VISA giftcard on Amazon and buy the game that way. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSBQB1P/?cv_ct_id=amzn1.idea.22IY0MJF4ICZD&cv_ct_pg=storefront&cv_ct_wn=aip-storefront&ref=exp_cov_zybaktv_lv_dp_vv_d
  2. Titan Myrmidon is probably the highest raw theoretical DPS after ramp up.
  3. The concept of Campaigns and every so often the board completely wipes.
  4. TFW Blair says Frostweaver has 8 times as much art as any other class.
  5. Crowfall's gonna be pretty dead until the patch hits next week. However there's some pretty juicy updates coming down the pipeline! Edited down the streams this month to just the informational/developer insight bits. (which there were a lot of!)
  6. War Tribes and having to hunt for disciplines is really going to change the game up. Based off what I've been hearing from people on the PTR War Tribe mobs are no joke!
  7. I wasn't aware of these changes. When I played Templar last Divine Light healed everyone inside it even if they weren't in the party. Devotion changes are lame. I really liked how it used to be where you could do some crazy healing if you were putting out good damage.
  8. I don't think the Paladin is intended to be a "full healer". It can be a super effective healer in the the optimal situation but those aren't always happening. The biggest issue I see a lot of people having with the Paladin is that people HAVE to play around it for it to be effective. It takes considerably more effort as a group to get value out of a Paladin than any other spec. The Paladin and Vindicator are probably the most powerful specs in the game during Tree of Life fights. Why? Because they're able to easily get value out of their uncapped AoE healing and damage. While also racking up insane parry damage with big Devotion heals. Yea the Templar in general isn't too great in open field mobile fights but I think I'm okay with it. You're going to have to sacrifice some things if you want the classes in the game to not start feeling homogeneous.
  9. Really cool stuff. The Aracoix scream future playable race!
  10. I liked General Chat as well. Allowed for noobs to have a place to get questions answered and was good for people looking to trade. Sure people talked really poorly of me after I ganked them but that just comes with the territory and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. I'd like to continue adding to my screenshot collection. Other games like Overwatch have general chats and there's far less accountability in those games when it comes to reputation. If someone is really being a real piece of garbage in general chat then it's going to follow them as your account name is your character name.
  11. Efforts to make multiboxing/multiaccounting less accessible will only make it MORE POWERFUL for the people who will inevitably do it. There are so many ways around efforts to block multiboxing that it's laughable. Most of them don't even cost money. Even if they had some sort of insane hardware ID system similar to what Blizzard uses to ban cheaters it's still really easy to get around. The Crowfall audience has a lot of disposable income and is willing to spend it for an advantage. Luckily for the moment Crowfall doesn't seem to be a game you can actually play multiple accounts effectively in. No tab targeting, action combat, no follow command etc. all make key-cloning multiboxing not really a thing.
  12. You pick one title dummy...
  13. Yea but P2W titles don't have any real meaning or prestige. They will eventually if the game ends up lasting many years and you have an old school Kickstarter title. Having titles that identify the actual player you are I think is pretty neat. I just imagine running around the free city and I need a blacksmith...I see a guy with a Blacksmithing title and we're both in business. You see a guy with an Outlaw title and you know the type of player he is etc.
  14. I would love to see them add temporary titles for accomplishing certain things. Killing 5 players in a row gives you the temporary title "Bandit". Killing 10 gives you the title "Outlaw" and have the title reset when you die. Could do similar things for taking objectives. Heck even temporary crafting titles that reset every campaign would be cool. Craft XXX green or above quality weapons or armor and earn the title "Master Blacksmith". Would be some nice flare to the game for sure!
  15. What situation would you use a Radical or Arbiter Cleric in?
  16. That's a fancy way of saying to only play like 25% of the specs in the game. No. A lot of the people I've talked to don't actually enjoy feeling forced to play meta classes and feeling like they have to run double healer. Why bother having the other 75% of promotion classes? No.
  17. The biggest divide I see between new players and veteran players is that many veteran players are slaves to the meta classes and group compositions. The reality of class balance right now is that a mediocre skilled double healer group stacked with meta classes and builds is going to completely decimate a significantly better geared and skilled group. Combine this with the fact that the people stacking meta groups also generally have more experience in the game and better gear and you've got a real have and have-nots situation.
  18. Game mode: Rings of Power Campaign functions like a normal campaign map with Forts, Keeps, and Outposts and typical scoring. However a ring of power spawns occasionally in each faction's home zone. Picking up a ring of power makes you hostile to everyone not inside your group, gives you a 200% damage and healing increase, puts a super obvious red aura around your character, and potentially marks your location on the map to everyone (or gives a "nearby ringbearer" debuff to any enemy within a pretty large distance). Logging out with a ring of power will kill your character and cause the ring to be lootable. Rings of power can be sacrificed at the complete opposite side of the map deep into enemy territory for a LARGE amount of points. Or maybe you don't sacrifice it....😈
  19. ZYBAK

    Item Wipe

    The wipes definitely hurt the smaller players more than the bigger players. With that said I'm sure they'll wipe at some point soon with the armor changes. I hope in the future they can wipe/get rid of specific problematic items without having to do a FULL wipe. Only having to wipe weapons after the advanced weapon changes would have been nice.
  20. Echoing the sentiments above. FIND A GUILD/Group of players to play with. It's a night and day difference.
  21. Crowfall March Q&A - Lots of good stuff in this stream. They touched on how they plan to make forts and keeps more appealing outside of scoring, capture windows on forts, their reasoning behind outposts, class balance, armor changes etc. #Crowfall
  22. Make Spirit Banking only possible at the beachhead. No idea if this requires new tech but it would really make the harvesting loop more exciting.
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