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Posts posted by ZYBAK

  1. 1 hour ago, Soulreaver said:

    Human Knight with 3 Majors - Lunge weapon.. you’re kidding right?

    I don't expect Swordsman Knights to be keeping their lunging weapons long term. I imagine after future iterations lunging weapons will be locked behind proficiencies on promotion classes. 

  2. I like the idea of them having a third major. However they'd definitely need to lose the extra minor discipline slot and maybe the damage reduction bonus.

    It would make them unique and I'm all for non-homogeneous class/race design. 

  3. I don't really agree with ACE's philosophy on harvesting tools. In my opinion a basic harvesting tool should still be able to harvest Rank 10s. Slowly but still be able to do it.

    Crafted rune tools should just chew through nodes and offer nice harvesting bonuses.

    Just globally bump up the base damage of all rune tools.

  4. The Frost Armory allows players to not be contained to just the Rune Caster field. With melee becoming more relevant this patch that'll be a much bigger deal. 

    I'm not convinced Frost Armor is going to get stripped that fast consistently. Good players can preserve their Frost Armor through smart barrier use and positioning.

    I think Frostguards will absolutely still have a place in group combat. Especially with their 25% damage debuff.

  5. The Assassin's pip UI has a lot of delay when it comes to showing how many pips you have built up. It feels really clunky and slow having the pip UI lag behind what's actually happening in game.

    A very easy way to see this delay I'm talking about is to LMB a target dummy once with zero pips and see how long it takes for the pip to show on the UI. That should be MUCH faster!

    After slowing my footage down you don't even see that you've gained a pip from your LMB attack until your NEXT global cooldown.

    Can you guys have the pip UI update as soon as a hit is registered?

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