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  1. Had a lot of fun. Won my very first game I played, then came in 2nd my second game :D


    - Movement is definitely really unresponsive (hopefully they'll put more of that on client side which I think has been addressed)

    - After playing I still stand by my opinion that the animations in this game need to be sped up a significant amount. The animation locking didn't feel that bad but I'd like to see faster and more fluent combos. I'd really love to see this game closer to Tera in terms of attack speed.


    Overall it was very fun, just speed it up!!

  2. Play 2 Crush?


    Nope whoever has the most points wins!


    It depends on the win conditions? Some campaign modes probably will come down to points.


    Also how are stat tracking and winning campaigns related? Some guy can get 100 kills and still lose the campaign.

  3. I get the arguments against giving players tons and tons of data to work with. However this isn't a Warcraft Logs situation where you have tons of very usable data at your fingertips to see everything.


    Seeing kills, captures, assists, or w/e on a scoreboard won't really tell you much in terms of class power/viability. It's more of something that will show how old a character is, how long you play, or how efficient you are in a certain amount of time.


    I really don't think simple stat tracking will effect the gameplay experience for this game. Especially since it's a PvP game that isn't as rigid as PvE games where DPS/HPS is king. There's lots of intangible things that can't be quantified with stats. You can't really factor in a Duelist digging holes into a spread sheet. 

  4. Ugggg Macs....Any time someone says Macs are the best thing for video editing it makes me cringe.


    Let me render this huge video file with some crappy integrated processor and graphics card. Also let's make the computer and screen the same thing and design no airflow whatsoever. 


    I had to use those pieces of garbage for 2 years for my pointless video production class I took in high school.


    I'm fully triggered right now. The only thing that pisses me off more than Macs are speed bumps.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uclLC2A3lyE


    Sorry, explain to me how this is good and the best of the three


    Coming from someone that liked Wildstar's combat a lot. I think that video actually makes the combat mechanics for Tera look pretty awesome. However I hope ACE doesn't let you take your camera that far back though. Having the camera that far back ruins some of the epicness and makes you feel like you're playing an RTS. I'm not advocating for a super close camera but some sort of middle-ground that's not too crazy. 

  6. If they added the ability to move while attacking that would be great... but can you explain how momentum to attacks would make combat better?


    If you and I are facing each other attacking, wouldn't the movement cause us to pass each other? Or if i was attacking you while moving to the left, would my character move forward and not left?


    Momentum based attacks would mean that if your character was moving forward at a good speed then attacked you'd lunge much further than if you were snared 60%.


    You can't pass through characters in Crowfall. You'd just bump into each other and whoever had the most force would win out and move the other player slightly/a lot.


    If you were running the the left and did a forward lunging attack then you wouldn't have any forward momentum and thus you wouldn't lunge very far or any at all.

  7. "too twitchy" is quake, TERA equivalent is a decent middle ground. I think everyone can agree that current pre-alpha combat clunkiness is way, way too slow.


    I agree. I think Tera's combat speed (max level with gear) is perfect. This is supposed to be an action MMO and right now it's as slow as molasses. I'd like to see all of the animations and projectiles sped up a good amount. Even with them adding movement and momentum to the attacks I still think it's dreadfully slow.

  8. Or you can play on campaigns without those kinda themepark penalty rails.


    Yea that's great and all but what about the campaigns that have FF with FF penalties. I have no problem with FF being a Dregs exclusive thing. I just don't want it as a sweeping feature for all campaigns that they balance the game around.


    I do get that some people want a "Wild West" campaign style and that's fine. I think in the end that it will be a fairly small group of people when all is said and done (even though everyone is saying they want HARDCORE!!)

  9. How does a super coordinated group get screwed over when they can just kill anyone that is a hindrance to them? 


    Yes some groups will be really coordinated, and most don't deserve to excel if they aren't proficient.... that's skill-based gaming for you...


    Let's say you can kill every single player that ever annoys you by not being in your super coordinated leet group (lol)


    You'll still have to deal with the friendly fire penalty that ACE talked about.

  10. People have the delusion that their groups are going to be so super duper coordinated. Going to LMAO super hard when reality hits in. Sure some groups might be really coordinated but most won't be. Really coordinated groups are still going to get screwed over by random players not in their group (friendly fire penalties remember).


    Again this isn't even factoring in the biggest elephant in the room with lag compensation and server side prediction. Which are 2 systems that effectively make your attacks even larger than they appear.

  11. This is exactly what I don't want.... people shouldn't be able to research your character like this...


    Maybe you could elect to make your profile private as an option? I'd have no issues with that and I can see the reasoning for it. I think a lot of people would really get a lot of use out of features like this (especially when you can't actually play the game at work or w/e)

  12. I don't specifically want leaderboards but I would like a character search feature with some sort of stat tracking. I just think it'd be a great way to show the timeline of a character with how many kills, captures, assists, campaign wins, etc. someone has.


    I've spent so much time on the WoW armory just looking at people's profile like a timeline.

  13. I'd rather they provide as little information as possible and get people back to exploring their game worlds and communities....


    I definitely understand your concern but I really don't think having a character statistics and online leaderboards would detract at all from that. If anything I think it would help.


    I remember the days before there were tons of wikis, guides, walkthroughs. Those days are gone because there's way too much financial incentive for people to create them. How would something like the Planetside 2 stats page detract from the game's community?

  14. My whole thing is that I want these things to be on a webpage and publicly available for everyone to see. That's the main thing I'm trying to hit home with. If everyone in every campaign can see your stats and the leaderboards for various campaigns then it make it much cooler imo.


    Also I (and I'm sure a ton of other people) love looking at stats and seeing what people are up to.

  15. I think it is very important for a game to at least HAVE some sort of character sheet, stat tracking, and leaderboard accessible to everyone through a webpage. I know they've talked about leaderboards in the past but I want them to offer a little more than that especially with this being a PvP focused game. 


    I know that making something as deep and polished as the WoW Armory system takes a lot of time and man-power. However I really think something simple would still be awesome. I personally love looking at statistics for kills, deaths, objectives captured, campaign wins etc.


    I've spent tons of time on websites like this just looking at people's statistics and achievements out of curiosity. Seeing how long they've played and what they've done in the past etc. Maybe you wouldn't show everything about a player for the sake of tactics. 


    Overall I think it's a great investment of time because it will help keep players engaged in the game even when they can't play it. Plus it will be awesome to be able to look at your character that's been around a long time and see 10,000 kills or XX campaigns won. I just think the timeline would be great to have.


    I think Planetside 2 has a great web UI for this.


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