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  1. You could even enable or disable FF in The Dregs in different campaigns. Want FF? Go play in campaign A. Don't want it? Play in campaign B.


    Yep, that's the magic of Crowfall. I don't mind friendly being a thing in some campaigns. I just don't want them balancing the game around it at this point since I really doubt most people are going to find it enjoyable.

  2. let me help you out here.


    Dont stand in your friends AoE.


    See, not so HC Dregs 1337 tactic afterall.

    FF requires a little logic and thought about position. And not running into your own guilds AoE.


    What I am saying is, FF will weed out the baddies and carebears.


    Until you realize that MMO's rely heavily on lag compensation and server side PREDICTION. They're usually set up to where the attacker has the advantage over the potential target (which is why you normally have to preemptively dodge something rather than reactively do it). This works fine in most games because people would much rather have the game feel smooth and for their attacks to hit consistently. Friendly Fire is going to turn into a lot of "Dude you were nowhere near there on my screen!"


    Ranged also has a massive advantage when it comes to Friendly Fire. Not only do they not have to worry about being hit by it as much but also if you make a party full of ranged you'll have very little issues hitting your teammates with friendly fire.


    Everyone has such huge massive epeens and think they're going to be playing in the most coordinated groups of all time without any interference from random players or latency. I'll be pretty shocked if true friendly fire makes it into most of the game types. I think it's pretty likely that it will be gutted and have a pretty severe handicap to where it's pretty hard to hit your own teammate or that the damage is reduced.


    Also friendly fire will lead to a lot of people just not taking certain archetypes. Why the hell would I want to play a giant melee archetype that's constantly going to be pelted by friendly fire when I can play a ranged class and not have to worry about it at all?

  3. I'm also interested to see what FF will be like in this game, I have a feeling they'll have to scrap that idea (or greatly reduce the amount of damage you take from splash) after playing and seeing the confessor in action. FF will be a hot topic in the coming months, and a focus point for a boat load of potential frustration if not implemented correctly.




    One of the guys on the panel actually brings up a good point, about how FF could totally ruin aoe focused classes.


    Finally some more people are starting to use their brains and think about Friendly Fire from a logistical standpoint rather than the "SUPER HARDCORE" Dregs circlejerk that's been out in full force on these forums.

  4. Maybe I dont understand something about "animation lock" in MMO's. Can it be compared to fighting games? (I never acually read someone who pulled that argument before.) In fighting games you are locked into your animation with windup into hitbox into lag yet it feels very fluent and fast. You cannot put anything in while you are performing a move. Shouldnt it be the same in Crowfall then? Fighting games know there fighting because there is not much else to do other then fighting. With a bouncing fish from Sheik you can recover with a rocket from Luigi too. But I dont think they were just designed for that yet people use it for movement. Players just have to know their moves and the enemy moves to play the game properly. Is that punish to slow so that my enemy can block? Can I use a slower attack here? 


    I would love to see gameplay like this in Crowfall! Risk vs. Reward.


    God I would love to see Crowfall play more like a fighting game than an MMO. I have no problem with animation locking as long as the animations are fast. Even with fast animations you'll still be plenty punished for missing or making a bad call since everyone else will be quick too.

  5. I think we need to be careful about simply making things faster. There are some very real limitations on how fast the combat can go due to latency and human reaction time. Ideally, attacks need to be slow enough for a skilled player to react to, otherwise you might as well use a tab-target combat system.


    I think the game could be well served by also investigating things such as increased movement during attacks, some sort of animation canceling system, and greater consequences for being hit (more damage, stagger on being hit, etc...).


    This not to say that combat shouldn't be faster, which I think it should, but that there are diminishing returns on simply speeding everything up, as well as a hard limit to how fast things can go with out making dodging and blocking meaningless.


    I'm not against more elaborate fixes by any means. I just think it would probably be much easier for them to turn up the animation speed knobs so we could get a feel for it then go from there. Lots of other MMO's use 1 second GCDs and you can still react just fine in my opinion. Sure you may have to think a bit more preemptively about some things but I think a faster, smoother, and less clunky combat system beats clunky counter-play any day of the week.

  6. A lot of the combat looks awesome especially for a game this early. I'm sure they have knobs for animation speed, projectile speed, and all of that stuff.


    I really like it so far however I think almost everything needs to be faster. I don't mind the animation locks since it gives the game a bit of weight and makes your actions have more consequences. However I think the game needs to be much faster paced and more twitchy since it's an action based MMO. I understand they don't want this game to be crazy with 300 APM but I think having quick attacks take around a second would be GREAT. More powerful spells should take longer.


    Just faster everything! 

  7. I'd say it's pretty likely to be one of the archetypes they've showed in-game models for. So Assassin, Forgemaster, Templar, or Frostweaver.


    If I had to guess I'd think Assassin would be up next since it's a stealth class with high burst damage and a gliding mechanic. It's pretty different from the archetypes currently shown. (Maybe I'm being a bit too hopeful)


    I'd also like for them to surprise everyone and show off Duelist next but I'm sure that'll be one of the last classes revealed.

  8. Big weapons are always more fun. I hated when Blizzard starting making all the weapons really small. I miss seeing the Gnome Warrior with the Grand Marshall Claymore before it was scaled for each specific race.


    Also the characters we're playing in this game are immortal champions of the gods. 

  9. And don't suggest "yeah but let's make an the skin un-drop-able" or something because it's not gonna happen. 


    Ehhh....I'm pretty sure skins aren't going to drop from players. I have a feeling you're going to have a spellbook of learned skins you can apply to items for some sort of in-game item/currency. Keep in mind that this is a B2P game and a large part of their revenue is going to come from cosmetic items, mounts, etc.


    From my understanding mounts are able to be killed in this game. Who's going to buy a $50 sparkle pony if it can just get murdered instantly and you're out of a $50 skin. 


    The "hardcore!!" Dregs or die circlejerk mentality is so strong on this forum. Reminds me of that Wildstar game before it came out and everyone wanting hard dungeons and raids.

  10. Having the ability to aim and execute actions independent from character orientation allows you to do things otherwise impossible, ie shoot from positions that you cannot be attacked back from.


    The characters appear to have some degree of turn speed. Also from my understanding of projectiles in this game and with them being physical objects I don't think this will be that much of an issue.


    I don't think we're going to have a Call of Duty headglitch situtation where you shoot bullets out of your eyes from behind a rock.

  11. I'm assuming the Half-Breed Assassin is just a male version of the old Assassin archetype?


    Or is it a completely new archetype? " So, once total crowdfunding hits $2.35 million, we’ll officially announce the Halfbreed Assassin and add him to our roster of archetypes!"


    That kind of makes it sound like it's a whole new archetype. Maybe I'm grasping at straws though.

  12. I'm sure ACE has a knob for animation speed. If things end up being too slow paced I wouldn't be surprised if they just sped up everything,


    I don't mind animations rooting you/locking you into a movement direction just as long as they aren't too long. 


    Despite only playing Neverwinter for like 3 days I still really liked the way they did animation locking. Neverwinter has full blown animation locks but it doesn't feel bad at all due to the fact that all of the attacks are pretty quick and you have slight movement attached to them.


    Neverwinter PvP Footage:


  13. NO. This is a way to catch a target... it does nothing to stop them from running away while you stand there and swing like a moron. It's already happening in this video when tully tries to attack and the confessor runs away. It's always sucked in every game that has ever done this.


    Allow a little bit of movement on your R click like in SMITE. Other wise it will be Run, Attack, Run, Attack, Run, Attack.... its TERRIBLE.


    Honestly if push comes to shove I could see them implementing some sort of daze like mechanic if you hit an enemy in the back. Wildstar had a great daze mechanic where if you hit someone while sprinting they got dazed. As a ranged it was pretty fun having to know when you could get away with it and when you couldn't. 


    However they know more about the game than we do so it's probably best to hold our horses for now. It's absolutely a valid concern though.

  14. Definitely the best Crowfall video you guys have made. Nice to see some real gameplay for sure! Combat looks pretty awesome but I'd love to see some archetypes with faster animations (maybe the Assassin/Duelist). Also I hope there's some sort of haste stat to speed up animations since I think that would be a pretty interesting stat.


    I do like that the Legionnaire has big lumbering attacks but I hope all of the archetypes aren't planned to be similarly paced.

  15. Welp it looks like male assassins are coming into the game. I'm a little disappointed since I really liked how the Assassins were going to have a serious story element for why there are no males.


    Assassin's will likely be one of the more popular archetypes so it makes sense. If they look cool I might even play one, not that much of a lore guy  :P

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