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  1. A big HELL NO to eSports from me. A big reason I'm excited for Crowfall is because they aren't chasing the eSports circle jerk. Even if they were I don't think it would do well. MMORPG's are pretty hard to translate into good spectator sports.


    I love watching WoW arenas but even as someone with a lot of experience at high ratings I miss things constantly (Which really shows how amazing the commentators are and why there's literally 3-4 people that can actually do it). Also you have to be really knowledgeable about the game already to even appreciate it in the first place. Rocket League is going to be a huge eSport because it's easy to understand and EASY TO WATCH.


    All good spectator sports have a common focus and are generally pretty easy to understand. Even if someone doesn't know all the intricacies of Basketball they can still have a good time watching it played.

  2. I really dislike only being able to play a certain amount of matches per test session. I completely understand limiting testing in general (for example only having the servers up for 2 hours). But limiting the amount you can test while the servers are up just reminds me of bandwidth caps and is just annoying.


    I'd rather have a server que or really any other method than just cutting people off.

  3. I like that they're doing this. It makes the game more interesting and gives the Fae Assassins a bit of uniqueness. Maybe the males aren't born with wings or they only allow males with certain attributes to survive for eugenic purposes.


    It's different and I like it. Clearly they aren't against making male and female genders (even for less popular archetypes). This was clearly something that they've done intentionally and not as a quick gimmick. 

  4. The devs explicitly said they weren't going for a perfect balance situation. This leads me to believe that they're going to let certain classes be stronger/weaker with different rulesets. 


    The big selling point of Crowfall is the campaigns with different objectives and rules. There's no way they can balance all of the classes around 1 game mode, much less 5 game modes, and definitely not 5 game modes with different rules in those specific game modes.

  5. The size and regionality of Crowfall campaigns wil be determined by what size of campaigns most people choose to play.


    I'm pretty sure all of the Crowfall campaigns in the U.S. are going to be hosted off one datacenter (likely in Texas)


    All of the EU campaigns are probably going to be hosted on a datacenter somewhere in Europeland 


    It'd be awesome to have an East Coast campaign server located in Virginia but I doubt it'll happen.

  6. A big difference is that games like CoD and Halo are matched up regionally (not sure about CS but I'd bet it is). When I play CoD from Virginia I'm playing against people from my state or maybe a state or 2 away. Pings are usually 30-50 ms and it's a fairly smooth experience for everyone. Occasionally you get matched up with a laggy player and it's very annoying for both the player lagging and the person he's playing against.


    With an MMO and people playing from everywhere it opens up a whole new can of worms with potentially tons of those annoying laggy players. 

  7. Even traditional FPS games like CoD use pill style hotboxes to some degree. You can be slightly off target and shoot right beside someone and still get hitmarkers. I'm playing the Black Ops 3 beta on 30-50 ms ping and this happens ALL the time.


    People really have no idea what the Crowfall devs are up against with latency in an action combat free form aim game like this. It will take amazing server side prediction and lag compensation to pull it off.


    Then people want to talk about friendly fire LMAO.

  8. I really don't think there's much of a market for what you're worrying about. Crowfall isn't a typical MMO with rare mounts, items, titles, and all that stuff (at least not for a while anyways). Sure you might get some sort of unique items for winning X number of campaigns but I doubt it will be unique for long.


    Also the method above would be a pretty significant investment for someone who's got very little money and has to resort to video game slave labor. 

  9. I don't mind people criticizing WoW arena... I just don't think players that were awful at it should preach about how much skill it takes or doesn't take.  Which is a common thing you see with people and their WoW stereotypes... 



    ^^ This times 10 billion. Most of the people that talk down to WoW arena were never even remotely good at it and use that as a coping mechanism. WoW arenas have a very high skill ceiling considering the same group of players are always on top regardless of the current trends.


    I don't want this game to be like WoW arenas in any aspect. I'd rather see a CC model like Wildstar where the CC's are much shorter and many of them are soft CCs (blinds, pulls, roots etc.) but you can still coordinate with your team to do awesome things. Like grappling a support out of line of sight of his teammate then snaring him behind that object while you kill the other guy.

  10. The thing with Crowfall is that the campaign system is so brilliant for a bunch of different reasons. Since there's no real meaningful persistent worlds serious cheats and exploits probably won't effect much outside of that campaign. The effects from economy based exploits spread really fast in traditional MMOs because of auctions houses and big capital city hubs.


    Also I have a good feeling that this game is going to be really hard for people to do RMT in. Most of the really amazing dupes/hacks/exploits are done by people looking to make money off selling virtual currency and items. I doubt too many people will be able to pull this off in Crowfall due to it being a PvP MMO with little PvE. Also it will probably be impossible to bot anything worthwhile or effectively.


    The only RMT you'll probably see if from individual players trying to make a quick buck every now and then.

  11. Looking good. I hope CC isn't too useless but I definitely don't want it to get to WoW amounts of CC. (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxKIUnE1N64 and this was in WoD AFTER they removed a lot of CC)


    However I don't want it to be completely rinky dink garbage either. Setting up good CC and general control is very rewarding. Without a decent amount of CC effectiveness the game will turn into a turn based game where everyone is standing in front of each other trading blows.

  12. Unfortunately DDOS prevention methods are pretty garbage. There's really not too much they can do if someone really decides to lay into them. Both Microsoft and Sony got DDOS'd on Christmas day after being warned months ahead of time that it was going to happen. I remember during the Wildstar beta when literally 1 dude brought down the game.


    Ultimately TCIP protocol needs to change. (If it can? Apparently this is a huge deal.)


    Realistically I doubt ACE will be able to combat a serious DDOS attack if these much bigger and better equipped companies can't. All we can hope for is more strict prosecution of these criminals.

  13. Friendly fire is absolutely the number 1 thing I'm worried about with this game. People really don't understand how much lag, lag compensation, and server side PREDICTION goes into MMOs. Crowfall is probably going to need even higher amounts of these types of lag compensations to make the game feel right and for your abilities to hit. (all the physics and actual projectiles are going to further compound this)


    Generally lag compensation is hidden pretty well with the a significant advantage going to the attacker rather than the potential receiver. That's why if you did Wildstar PvP you know that you had to preemptively dodge an attack before it went off by a significant amount of time. Guild Wars 2 attempts to hide this by having immunity frames in the dodge mechanic.


    Friendly fire also heavily favors ranged classes. As a ranged class you have to worry about getting hit by friendly fire far less. Melee is going to be a complete disaster since not only do you have to worry about not hitting other melee with your wide cone attacks but you also have to worry about stupid ranged classes pelting you in the back.


    If there's one game mechanic I think that won't stick it'll be friendly fire. People for whatever reason think it's this great idea but when you're constantly saying "Dude you were nowhere near me on my screen!" it'll get really old fast.


    If anyone's ever played an MMO next to someone IRL and seen how long it takes for a jump on their screen to show up on yours then you know where I'm coming from here.


    The Dregs or die circlejerk continues. 

  14. I don't think anyone is asking for a spreadsheet of expenses. People are really looking into what I'm saying far too much. They literally could have just put something in the description like "pay the video guy, buy equipment, office space etc."


    I think that would lead to a lot less confusion, that's all I'm trying to say. I personally don't care that much lol.

  15. You've got to understand that they're trying to get people to invest in their company. People that invest 300k want to see a return on that investment. Gordan and Todd saying they've got business experience and want to grow ACE into a business will give potential investors more piece of mind.


    I sure wouldn't want to invest a large sum of money into some hippie artist's fantasy dream.


    Also there was some really good news in this video. The whole "We want more money so we can over-deliver and deliver more quickly to our backers" and "Doubling down on the vision of the game" all sounds great to me. The only concern I have with a game like Crowfall is the vision being compromised by trying to appeal to a bigger market. 

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