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  1. I do agree that exporting resources alone probably won't be enough of a reward for the long term. Honestly all they need to do is make exclusive or even exclusive TEMPORARY items for winning campaigns.


    People lose their minds going after Gladiator titles in WoW and the only reward is a title that's temporary and a mount. This has been going on for years and years.


    At the end of the day the best reward is being able to feel like a special snowflake with some special/unique thing for winning. It doesn't have to be much at all.

  2. The evolution of RMP from season to season was amazing... it's a shame there weren't many other comps that had that kind of longevity and time to develop. 


    WLD, LSD (even though I wish it didn't), TSG, RLD, RLS, MLD, MLS, Kitty Cleave (for ferals) have been a thing for a long time as well for those respective classes.


    RMP was just top tier for so long because mages haven't ever been bad. The only thing that killed RMP was Disc being terrible so they just got replaced with Druids. 


    EDIT: Also RMP has always been good comp for surviving XXX stupid damage cheese comp through spammable mage CC and good rogue peels.


    The only thing RMP couldn't stop was a good Kitty Cleave priest rush (fun times!!). Feral immune to poly, Feral Zerk for Fear, Warrior Zerk for fear, BoP blind, Shapeshift novas, Freedom warrior, Bladestorm immune other CC, spell reflect etc. Nothing like taking -32 points from the rank 1 RMP in WOTLK


    Rest in Kappas

  3. You clearly weren't a very good student then... :P


    I just never felt the need to learn how to create my own special effects. It seems pretty hard and takes a while to learn. I make simple YouTube videos, not the new Avengers movie  :P

  4. You're right that they shouldn't have to but it would absolutely cause less confusion. Most people know that software development costs serious money for a bunch of different reasons. However people don't instantly think about bureaucratic costs when they think about a dude making quick YouTube videos.

  5. Space, employment taxes, benefits, equipment, non-project billable hours, and recruiting expenses (not as important here) all come to mind as additional costs outside of your minions salary.


    Yea I'll be honest I didn't think about that. They should probably put that somewhere on the backer reward though. You can't really blame people for thinking the video guy gets paid 80k when the 80k backer goal is "pay the video guy".

  6. What I was getting at was that my dumb ass could make those videos. The only thing I personally can't do very well is create special effects like the Crowfall snow intro (I could actually probably do that particular one since it's not too crazy but you get what I mean).

  7. Depends on how many years it is really. If it's less than 3 years then the dude's making some serious bank for pretty simple videos to make. The videos are good and I'm not ragging on simple videos by any means. Simple videos are much better than overly edited nonsense.


    There's 13 year old kids that are video editing wizards and also make their own effects and graphics. Those 13 year old kids made YouTube tutorials and taught me how to edit videos.


    Maybe the 80k is also for video equipment and all the time the video filming process takes away from the developers (aka getting Blair to stand in front of a camera instead of working on the game). Either way your concern is pretty valid considering they could probably pay some 13 year old who's 1000 times better to do the same job for a fraction of the price.

  8. Maybe the reputation police will get people to sit around and be spawn camped for 3 months while the winners get their jollies off, but I highly doubt it. Forcing people to play in an unfun way rarely retains players.


    There's win conditions though. I really doubt losing will ever get as dramatic as you're making it out to be. In a lot of campaigns you're going to probably know a decent bit ahead of time if you're likely to win or lose. The 1 guild per account system will keep people more accountable for bailing out on a game where the enemy team has a decent lead.

  9. 1 account 1 guild won't do anything to stop people from jumping ship.


    Its not exactly difficult to leave your guild that is getting dominated and just join a new guild on a different server. Also, the whole guild can make the decision to leave and just roll characters on a different server.


    I'm sure SOME people will do that. That's a pretty major and dramatic thing to do though. 


    Having to abandon your guild friends to take the easy way out will make you look like a complete tool. Which is the way it should be.


    An entire guild doing it I think is pretty unlikely. Also it would give them a pretty bad wrap from the community which means a lot more than you think. MMO's are all about the social aspect and being respected in one way or another. This is especially true in a PvP only MMO where what people think of you is much more important than in a theme park MMO.

  10. Hey, I was just curios if there was any guilds focusing on small scale highly coordinated PvP? I come from a competitive Arena PvP background and I really like breaking down the game and classes in the smallest ways possible.


    Most of the guilds I'm seeing are big conglomerates that have themes and focus on the bigger picture. They usually have a lot of a lot of people of varying skill levels. (Which is fine, I'm just looking for something different)


    I'm looking for a tight knit group of people that really think critically about the game's mechanics and combat. The types of people that would do well in a 3v3 arena situation. I'm hoping a guild like this exists but if it doesn't I might try and create one. I'd have no issues being a sub-guild to a bigger guild and I think I'd prefer it (Bigger guild would help a lot with the bigger battles and heavy lifting)


    Let me know if you guys have any interest in something like this or if it already exists somewhere else. Thanks

  11. I kind of like 1 guild per account since it does really make joining and leaving guilds a much less frivolous thing.


    The main reason is that it's more encouragement to not bail out on that campaign that you're currently losing in. It will be a pretty serious decision if you want to leave a campaign and your old guild to play a new character on a new campaign with a different guild.


    Without this I feel like people would just bail and play alts when they were getting their butts whooped.

  12. I'm sure they will diversify their payment model with skins and other cosmetic things as well. Also don't forget about the VIP membership that a lot of people will be buying as well. I'm sure they'll be making money off of character services as well like name changes, character recustomization, guild related things, and the infamous "pay to lose" system that may or may not become a thing.


    There's a lot of different ways they can monetize this game and from what I've seen so far the Crowfall community doesn't mind actually paying for a game that gives them what they want. The average person that's backed the game has spent $105 and that's incredible considering we haven't seen any real gameplay yet.

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