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  1. If you aren't happy with who got the loot - kill them...


    People seem to love to say things like this but don't realize that the person that stole your loot could be on your faction in certain campaign rule sets.


    That would be incredibly annoying to be a ranged character and have some dude just come by and snake your loot while you run to the corpse, then have no recourse because he's on your faction.

  2. It's already been made clear that only inventory will be lootable, not equipped gear. Said gear will only degrade in durability, later to be repaired by a crafter at the cost of a loss of it's overall durability.


    Inventory is the stuff you keep in your bags, like the ore you just mined or the feathers you just plucked from the still warm body of that innocent chicken, it's blood dripping from your hands and teeth after you savagely ripped open it's throat like a rabid animal. You get my point and I think it needs to be remembered because honestly it seems the whole mixing of the two is what is causing a lot of confusion.


    Edit: I will point out, however, that on certain rulesets it seems that even equipped gear will be lootable or have a percentage chance to be so when you die. Something to also bare in mind.


    I was actually not aware of this. I have a feeling that a lot of other people just assumed that everything was constantly lootable all the time.


    I think I prefer this just because having to have a ton of back-up armor sets would be kind of annoying. Durability loss on death seems a lot less annoying but will still be a pretty substantial penalty most likely.

  3. That is exact opposite, almost always performance is bottlenecked by GPU.


    Every game I've played that's had bad performance was never using up many graphics card resources. They were usually barely taxing my GPU while my CPU was burning up.


    I guess it just depends on the game but GW2, SWTOR, and Wildstar and many other non-MMO's were like this. You usually see posts like "I have XXXX top of the line graphics card and still don't get 60 fps" posts pretty often and it normally comes down to the game just being a CPU hog.

  4. I've said this before in a previous post about this same topic. I really don't see gold selling companies doing that well in Crowfall. Based off my understanding of the game it's going to be VERY hard to make money via RMT. Most RMT farming methods rely on brainless PvE to acquire items. There's going to be very little PvE in this game and I have a feeling the PvE in this game is going to be pretty highly contested.


    I don't really think RMT companies will do well in Crowfall. However very good individual players might end up doing some RMT but that's definitely not as bad as hordes of bots and "ni hao" being spammed everywhere.


    Luckily Crowfall is B2P meaning that there's a pretty significant barrier to entry for potential hackers. However I think ACE needs to have a GM or someone at the ready to ban potential cheaters around the clock. One hacked god account could really mess up a campaign and I wouldn't put it past some people to buy a brand new account and hack on it just to benefit their main account.

  5. I like the game and everything but I totally think some of the "stretch goals" are kinda complete garbage in terms of the funding for them. As you said the stretch goal for hiring a new person totally makes sense.


    Are the game developers getting paid overtime to work on the game for more hours? That's the only way I can see these stretch goals for new campaign rules actually being legitimate.


    I'm sure the localization is being handled by some sort of third party company so that's pretty legitimate even though I couldn't care less about that (I know it's selfish). 

  6. Luckily with the way this game is set up with campaigns a huge exploit will likely be contained to one set of campaigns. Item degradation and import taxes will also really help with this too. If some massive exploit happens in this game the lasting effects will be much shorter than in a typical MMO.


    It's almost impossible for there not to be some sort of insane exploit happen at some point. Luckily this game has a few things going for it in that regard.

  7. I'm sure people will find out small exploits/advantages in the animation system to squeeze in more/faster abilities per minute. Most MMOs have small little ways you can do this that aren't completely gamebreaking but will absolutely give you an advantage.


    Wildstar was full of abilities that if used in a certain way/timed right would save you a few hundredths of a second on your GCDs. I personally like little things like that that differentiate the people who know the systems in and out from the newer players, however they can't be too advantageous. 

  8. I honestly think Crowfall is going to need a GM or maybe a few on hand that can quickly ban someone on the spot if needed. One person can log onto an account they don't care about with a VPN and do all sorts of damage that could really ruin a campaign.


    Literally one person could determine the outcome of an entire campaign if they had a few hours on some invincible account before getting banned. I wouldn't put it past some people to buy fresh accounts towards the end of a campaign to make sure their side won.


    That's the downside of having a game where the players control almost everything. However with the amount of veteran game developers on the Artcraft team I'm sure they realize how crazy a cheater can change the tides in a game like this.

  9. I also want to always have to develop my char.  There should never be anything like a "maxed out char"...  Even if there is not a power curve.  It all could be linear as long as I get the feeling i am more useful.  Add abilities, not necessarily just power.


    My thinking would be that a maxed out character would be impossible to do because it would literally take 80 years or something. I'm talking about some sort of insane exponential curve that starts once your skills hit a certain point 

  10. There will absolutely be some RMT. It's pretty much unavoidable. However as someone else stated it's likely going to be very hard/impossible to bot this game efficiently. I have a feeling it's going to take some serious coordination and skill to make enough gold to make it worth it for most potential farmers.


    I'm sure some of the top players/organizations might do some RMT to make money on the side (depending on how harsh ACE is on it obviously) but other than that I don't see this game being a good business venture for most farming sites.

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