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  1. Good points. I think posters are thinking in absolute terms. i.e. all ff or no ff.


    As you say, FF could be limited to non-group members and simply limit group size to ... 10 or so? That would be interesting. SB was like this for most of its existence with regard to many powers. Others just hit everyone. 


    I'd rather have smaller 5 man groups in regards to FF immunity. Maybe you could make a raid group with sub groups but only each individual group of 5 had it's own FF immunity.


    That would keep small groups of 2-3 still plenty viable. I feel like the more you increase the FF immunity group size the more power zergs would have.

  2. I think friendly fire could work in this game pretty smoothly if your group members we're immune to FF. From what Blair said in the Arawulf interview about ability cones it's a fair assumption that they aren't going to be getting any smaller. Extremely precise abilities probably aren't going to be a thing (especially when you factor in latency).


    However I do really like the idea of FF when it comes to nerfing the effectiveness of zergs. Let's say the max party size is 5 people. People within that group don't have to worry about nuking their own 20 foot tall champion with their own massive fireballs. However they will have to worry about the surrounding groups and friendly fire will actually be something you have to plan around when coordinating sieges BUT won't be insanely annoying all the time for people who play giant melee classes.


    Friendly Fire with group immunity will break up the zergs very nicely and cause big battles to be nice and spread out. Also it will encourage grouping and social interaction which is something MMO's have desperately needed.


    I was fully against FF but I think group immunity could actually work. I definitely think full FF would be an absolute nightmare.

  3. Others (like like the fact that you can't steer while using these powers) are known issues on the 'list of stuff we haven't gotten to yet'. and some (like animation speed) we will experiment with, in due time -- after we have the new server-side movement system in place. Doing experiments like that now would be fruitless, when you have a major re-architecture coming down the pipe.  


    This is what I assumed. I have a feeling that the client side movement changes are going to really make the game feel and play much differently. Also it gives me some peace of mind to know that you guys are planning on experimenting with different animation speeds.


    TLDR: yay! 

  4. Average of 31hours a week playing games... Got some serious gamers here.... (that's a good thing)


    Yea that's pretty awesome. I definitely don't play anywhere close to as much as I used to since I decided to stop doing it as my "job". 


    31 hours a week is a pretty decent chunk of time if you're working 40+ hours a week and have even slight irl obligations. I'm curious if people will no-life this game as hard as they would a traditional MMO during the launch rush. I'm no stranger to pulling 110+ hour weeks but I don't see myself doing that for this game (I'm sure I'll still play a lot, but I really doubt I'll be pulling 16-18 hour days).

  5. I'm not sure I've seen anyone talk about combat being too fast that has actually tested the game in depth.  The overwhelming majority have said it's too slow, and feels like driving a semi truck.  The response between combos has also been labeled as unresponsive or too slow.


    I concur. I do have some faith that the client side controller will make things feel much better so I'm hesitant to complain too much. 


    However literally everyone I've talked to would like the animations/game speed to be a bit faster. I really hope they made one of those "knobs" for animation speed. It'd be nice to see what the what the game would feel like if everything were 30% faster or so, maybe that's too fast or still too slow but I'd love to see it experimented with for sure. 

  6. Yea this is just a dumb idea. Why make the game less intentionally responsive to the masses just so they have to feel like what it's like to play from Hawaii?


    I'm sure they will have some sort of lag compensation (most online games do) but to specifically make the majority of people's game experience equally as poor as someone on a shoddy connection is stupid.

  7. I'm glad it's not permadeath. I had a feeling that was pretty unlikely.


    With the current hints they've given I think they might be hinting at some sort of prestige system like CoD and a few other games do. For those unfamiliar with the prestige system you essentially reset all of your character's stats and start from scratch while gaining some insignificant permanent unlock (usually cosmetic but I'm curios to see what CF would do)


    - They say "you can lose a character but it's not traditional permadeath" that lines up with how you essentially wipe a character clean when you prestige.

    - The prestige system would also line up with the statement that this new system heavily influences character progression and skills.


    I don't think this would be a half bad idea because it would encourage people to constantly mess with different character builds and give the game another reset mechanic.


    If this is the case I'm sure Crowfall's prestige system will be a bit different than what we've seen in other games but have the same general premise. I could be wrong but I think it's a decent guess.

  8. I agree that we're not going to see radical changes in combat in a year. However I think things are going to improve dramatically with the the client side movement improvements and I heard rumors of them speeding the animations up (I can't remember where I saw this, sorry  :P )


    Also ACE has a lot more attention to devote to combat than most MMORPGs at this point. Traditional MMOs have many many more features that take development resources away from combat. With Crowfall there aren't as many features pulling development time away from combat.

  9. When you haven't seen anything about a game it's easy to get overhyped for it. People probably heard Crowfall's idea then pieced together the perfect version of the game for themselves in their head.


    When they saw more gameplay and that it wasn't the perfect version of the game they had imagined then they were disappointed. It's impossible to live up to the hype for people that do that. I have a feeling many of the people that vote in these "hype polls" are these types of people.

  10. I've been saying it since the start but I really think FF is going to be a minor thing. With the way campaigns have their own rulesets I'm sure there will be FF campaigns for those who want it.


    However I seriously doubt they're going to change their entire design philosophy so accommodate FF. This game is going to have lots of characters with large hitboxes, huge arcing abilities with massive AoEs, animation locking, and probably will require a decent amount of lag compensation/server prediction to play smoothly. It's an absolute disaster for FF.


    I'm sure there will be FF campaigns where the game will be completely different to what you see in the majority of campaigns. I thought FF was probably a bad idea after seeing early gameplay of Crowfall, after playing it I REALLY think it's a bad idea outside of specialized campaigns.

  11. Champion looks pretty awesome. However I am concerned with the speed of the game's animations still (I know the Champion is supposed to be slow but GEEEEEEZ!)


    Hopefully you guys have one of those "knobs" where you can experiment with different animation speeds. I know a lot of us would like to see things be considerably faster across the board.

  12. she has any chance against male fighters, the difference is astronomical.


    Yea that's pretty laughable.


    I'm sure they'll be a rematch and I think Rousey will more than likely win it. She most likely just got comfortable winning and didn't train as hard as normal for this fight, especially since she does lots of other things besides fighting nowadays. 


    Also people have bad nights and I've seen rematches be completely different than the original fight. I'm definitely not a fan by any means and not touching gloves is a pretty douchey thing to do. However she is still the best female fighter in my eyes until I see her get beaten in a rematch.

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