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  1. Make Spirit Banking only possible at the beachhead. No idea if this requires new tech but it would really make the harvesting loop more exciting.
  2. Commentary version of ZYBAK 1 by popular demand. Explaining the gameplay, how I did so much damage, and some of the editing decisions.
  3. The amount of score you get from kills and assist is fairly inconsequential. Even as someone who's ganked a ton of people the amount of score you get from kills pales in comparison to capping objectives. Healers definitely need to count on assists. I'm sure they're working on this but it's by no means the end of the world right now. Harvesters and crafters absolutely need to be rewarded. I'd honestly be okay with the score from harvesting and crafting being weighted a bit more heavily than combat oriented stuff. It'll be a tricky thing to develop though.
  4. I hope one of the specs is a healer. The game desperately needs another full blown healing class.
  5. I think the current discipline system is more than fair. You'll need to weigh the risk of running less PvP viable disciplines in favor of better PvE disciplines. It was one thing when harvesting disciplines took the space of combat disciplines and certain classes turned into punching bags. That's not the case anymore. Personally I always play a PvP ready spec when I'm killing mobs. Sure I could make a few changes to make things a bit more efficient PvE wise but it's not worth the risk for me.
  6. What disciplines are you talking about? Right now you can have harvesting disciplines IN ADDITION to combat disciplines. Everyone can be a harvester/combat character now with no disadvantage to their character's harvesting or combat capability. The new Exploration disciplines should have solved this problem.
  7. I personally think the power curve is fine how it is. The powerhouse guilds aren't dominating because they've got a few more stats than everyone else. They could have worse gear than newer players and still crush them. The issue right now is the massive knowledge gap. Running "meta" groups is significantly more powerful than people who run thrown together groups. The players that have this meta knowledge are also typically players with a lot of experience and are more skilled than the average player. They're also more organized AND have a streamlined guild gearing system. All of these things combined is making for some serious power differences. The meta will become more diverse as class balancing becomes more of a priority. The client controller, performance optimizations, and physics changes will also change how effective certain classes are. I don't think any dramatic measures need to be taken. New guilds will catch up and the old powerhouse guilds can only optimize things so much. Also "winning" in Crowfall doesn't really mean much right now and nobody really seems to care about the outcomes of things that aren't big team fights. This further compounds the meta issue. When smaller objectives become more meaningful you'll see some of these non-meta classes be utilized. Right now it's just an old boys club and the same people have been running the show because nobody else really wants to. Hopefully we get some Eve guilds in here and some hungry young blood to liven things up.
  8. EpicDefiance ended his reign of terror. God bless.
  9. To be honest a wipe might actually make the gear discrepancy WORSE for new players than not wiping. The established guilds have been through many wipes and are very good at starting the war machine back up again and getting everyone geared. The new guys don't have this kind of organization and knowledge and are much slower to get there. However the secondary market will start to develop after there hasn't been a wipe for a while. This disproportionately helps newer/less organized groups get competitive gear.
  10. ZYBAK


    - The strength of retaliate effects CC specs more than other specs. That's why NONE of the CC specs for any of the classes are meta right now. - Vandal doesn't have access to Ambush or the passives/talents that make Backstab hit hard that really enable the hit and run playstyle. - You can retaliate out of Cheap Shot. (unless it was changed) Salt for salt god.
  11. I was at varying gear levels throughout the video. You can just look at my HP and see.
  12. ZYBAK


    Vandal is bad because CC is bad. Everyone just retaliates or CC immunes out of everything you have. You're just as squishy as Cutthroat but don't do as much damage and can't utilize a hit and run strategy nearly as well. If retaliate got nerfed, CC immunes were less common, or we had some reliable way of tracking diminishing returns then the spec would maybe be decent. Even then it's by far the hardest spec to play optimally.
  13. I hope you guys enjoy this. I put a lot of thought and time into it. My aim was to make a PvP video that was fun and would hype people up to play the game. If you enjoy the video be sure to like it and SHARE it with your friends who might be interested in Crowfall!
  14. This game damn near requires you to have a guild for it to be fun. So many of the systems have interdependence with each other that it's almost impossible to play effectively solo or with a small group. Luckily the community is stepping up and there's some new guilds that are swooping in and picking up these new players and adding them to their ranks. ACE needs to seriously push people to join guilds. Like...it needs to be a constant tooltip pop up and on every loading screen until you join one. It's that important to your enjoyment of the game.
  15. Some more epic moments I've had during the patch 5.8 campaigns in Crowfall. I'm saving my absolute coolest stuff for my PvP montage but these were also pretty cool moments that didn't make the cut.
  16. View distance and specifically nameplate distance isn't very far in this game. Also in the Spirit Bank meta ganking groups have to be particularly good at catching people by surprise. Whatever group killed you might have approached in such a way to minimize your reaction time.
  17. I hope you guys enjoy this. My intentions were to have this be an interview by the players and for the players. I asked them some pretty tough questions and I think it turned out pretty well!
  18. Considering how early it is the game is fairly well balanced. Every class has representation in some situation. However there's a few things that are blatently OP and a few general mechanics that are a little cheesy.
  19. Hey guys. I'm going to be doing an interview with J Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair on Thursday January 10 from 11am - 12pm CST. This will be streamed live to Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/zybak It will also be available later on my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/ZybakTV This is not going to be a marketing interview and I plan on asking many of the tough questions the community has been wanting answers to. Please leave your questions however make sure they're not disrespectful.
  20. The leveling system is designed very well in my opinion. - It gradually introduces new players to their abilities and additional mechanics. Remember that a lot of us have been playing this game for years at this point and don't realize how much knowledge we've accumulated over that amount of time. - Experienced players can blast through the leveling process on stock vessels. Even just purely killing mobs with no sacrificing it takes maybe 2 hours to hit max level playing with any sort of efficiency. - It gives the game a constant gold and resource dump. Epic and legendary vessels take A LOT of XP to level and also require high end sacrifice materials. This gives players moment-to-moment things to do when there's not a big event going on. Once disciplines get locked to the vessel you're going to see the value of gold and sacrifice items go WAY up!
  21. Yep, while ganking for me has been pretty profitable I do sometimes wonder if it would be better for me to whip out the skinning group again. The Spirit Banking garbage going away will fix a lot of this though.
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