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  1. Frontal stun immunity is pretty darn good for Minotaur. Especially with the crash mechanic. 

    Stoneborne having higher resolve with Knockdowns isn't bad either. This leads to being immune to knockdowns much faster.

    I agree that Half Giant is probably the best race for Mymidons though.

  2. I honestly don't see that many Assassins. But there are a few that are very proficient and just feast on harvesters.

    It's a flashy class and of course people are going to be drawn to the class called "Assassin"

    If they dominated group fights then I'd definitely say they were OP but if anything they're a liability in larger fights. The Tank Champ and Tank Confessor dominate small scale and large scale fights and are ACTUALLY overpowered. Assassin is just the king of it's niche....killing solo harvesters.

  3. I think there needs to be more time for the meta to develop. People are starting to get a lot better at stopping re-stealths compared to what they were even last week. I personally like the risk/reward gameplay of going for a restealth and I would be sad to see it just get watered down to a cooldown.

    Anti-stealth is VERY good and should remain powerful for people who want to play that role.

    I don't think any changes need to occur yet. There's definitely a lot more pressing balance matters in my opinion. 

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