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  1. Based on the concept art on the website I feel like something along the line of a gunslinger would not really fit in this game.
  2. Housing is an aspect I love about most games. Individual housing would be great but I would also love something along the lines of a guild hall. A place where everyone in your guild can come and do certain things like access banks etc etc
  3. Something that has bothered me about many an MMO is the amount of Hotbars available to you. 1-9, Shift+1-Shift+9, F1-F9, Ctrl+1-Ctrl+9, and any other combination you could think of. Having so many hotbars takes away from actually thinking about what skill you should use. Rather than everyone having everything for every situation readily available on multitudes of hotbars. I'm not saying you should limit it down to 2 or 3 skills only. Possibly 1-9 and maybe an extra 5 on the side for items such as food and drink.
  4. If there are to be player made guilds only allow 1 guild per character. Please do not make guilds account-wide. However, if there is the ability to have types of guilds implemented then I believe you should only have one of each type (PVP, PVE, TRADE, ETC).
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