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  1. If we order pizza for your office, does that give us extra exp towards our skill training? It's not "pay to win", it's "pizza to win".
  2. I have a question on the skills training. I am obviously more developed on the live server with my training. Seems the test server I am just starting over. When the game launches, which one will carry over (if any). Also, are all the recipes available right now to everyone, or do I need to unlock those in the crafting tree first?
  3. I would like to see a class that can shape-shift into the elements around them. Trees, Rocks, Boars, etc. They may not get to choose what they turn into (or they can, devs choice). If they turn into a tree they can see from the top of its height. Used for scouting. They can drop wood and apples to aid allies. They can also rain healing sap as well. Trees cannot walk. If they turn into rocks/ore, they can spit out chunks of rock/ore to aid allies. They can also huck rock/ore at enemies. It would be up to the devs if the can be mobile or immobile. If they turn into animals, they have the attacks that the animals have. They can shed some of their hide at the cost of armor to aid allies. They can also drop additional meat/hide if killed. Other options are available as well.
  4. I wanted to suggest a new layout that combines the two layouts together. I like how the first Layout you click it and it "Expands". I would like to keep that throughout the entire process. And to go back simply click the grayed out icon before. Starting with "Universal" and "Archetype" as the first two options. Any time an option is clicked, that options will appear on the left grayed out with one or more options available spanning to the right. The new skill tree will always span Left-to-Right (like the sub-trees do currently). The point is to show the same path leading to "Mass Production" as you would "Woodworking". Gray out those arms if the prerequisite has not yet been made with a hover tool showing what is required. I think it would be more interactive if the whole skill tree acted the way the beginning part did with the option to go back and forth without having to hit the "Home" button. And always seeing everything that is available from each node. Like Skyforge's skill tree in a sense.
  5. My goal is to think of a class that most will not play, but for those that do, they could VASTLY support their teammates. That is why I suggest they cannot deal damage. Making a support/specialist class that doesn't deal damage will deter most away from it. So those few that take the challenge will be praised among their peers.
  6. I noticed that the Confessor can "Blind" enemies. I think it would be fun to have an ability that does a quicker blind spell followed by a charm. The charm does not force the character to attack, simply converts the caster to a "Friendly" or "Party" status, and those who were "Friendly" or "Party" are now "Enemies". The blind only functions to confuse the human player in hopes they didn't notice the swap.
  7. Then you can Make the "Spirit" visible to all, still unable to deal damage, and moves very slowly. This would make the journey to the new location very dangerous. There could also be a limit to the distance the two spirit shards can be before the second one dies forcing multiple Spirits to make a chain and allowing enemies to make a break in the "Supply line".
  8. I was thinking it would be fun to play a support class that is "Spirit". It is unable to deal damage It is always "invisible", but still able to take damage from AE (Area Effect) spells/abilities. It can be seen by those that can see the spirit world. It can move very quickly in any direction (to include flight). It can "split" itself into two "spirit shards". The spirit can toggle between the two spirit shards. Each Spirit Shard can be turned into a portal that leads to the other shard. Doing this makes the shards immobile and visible to everyone. Crafters can build archways to give the shards structure and protection, as well as entrapping the spirit. Once Entrapped, the spirit can "release" itself and go back to it's Crow form and make the portals "permanent" until destroyed. This class is meant to be used as a scout or a forward base. It can also be used to aid quicker movement around castles/kingdoms.
  9. No hard feelings. The point of suggestions is to get ideas out there. Good or bad.
  10. I was coming from the standpoint that anyone who has a good foundation can learn skills faster. I don't think reducing the training by 1 tier takes the time down too much. Just 3 days per skill. The bonus is meant to be hidden as well. This is to prevent players from knowing they will get the bonus. Only those who take the time to "chance" it will get the bonus. I'm assuming to get 100% in the basic training skill will offset the time streamlining down a certain path.
  11. I would like to suggest a boost to training for those who take the time to complete 100% of the training in the basic category. For those that acquire 100% completion in Exploration will get a bonus to all training in any training that required the exploration foundation. Suggested bonus could range from 25-50% reduction in training, or a one tier reduction in speed (Tier 5 trains as a tier 4). Regardless of bonus, there is no indication there is a bonus applied. Timers will show the un-altered time but will end “mysteriously” sooner.
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