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  1. Finite number of arrows but able to craft specialty arrows in limited quantities to supplement your combat needs. You bow should degrade over time and usage. Crafting can repair bows and create more durable ones.
  2. Hmm, what about an arrow AOE effect that would uncover any stealthed beings in a certain radius.
  3. If my memory serves me correctly, didn't Everquest rangers have consumable arrows? I think crafting arrows of different types and effects will make the ranger character more interesting and fun to play. Adding consumables to the game to support or enhance a characters' abilities will give the game another dimension that will add to the overall game dynamics, i.e. battle strategies, crafting skills and recipes, resource gathering, and the game economy (trading specialized consumables). Now if I could find a rare fletching recipe and harvest or create the components needed to construct a trhat very rare arrow that would fly long and true and dispatch my enemy with a single shot. I think consumable will make the game more challenging, interesting and FUN. Gramps
  4. Speaking of mounts. I'm wondering if there will be other animals available as mounts, say like a camel or donkey or something other than a horse? Sorry if this has already be discussed. Oops I found the Mounts thread... Still not sure what the final plan is for in game mounts though. Gramps
  5. Like everyone else I'm excited about playing Crowfall. But what about after the release when the excitement of a new game starts to fade? Do you have thoughts on how often new content will be added to the game after it's release? What are your thoughts on how to keep the players excited and wanting to continue to play Crowfall one year after release? Here's to the long success of a great game. Cheers, Gramps
  6. Howdy all, I have been watching the development of Crowfall for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger and become a backer. I am looking forward to the game play and contributing to the success of Crowfall. "You're never too old to play games." Cheers, Gramps
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