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  1. *raises hand* I like making pointy things
  2. I will have a stab at this, for what it's worth. Timing I'm confused on this point. From what I understand of the design brief, Campaigns are already slated to only last for a certain period of time; something like 3-6 months. Victory Points were only put forward as part of a suggested/potential rule-set. So there might be some Campaigns that are designed to run for the entire 6 months say; factions/guilds/individual players gain points through out this entire period and when it is finished whomever has the most points wins. This is not to say that this would be the only method, a
  3. For me, with this game, it's the idea of making something with great quality. That somewhere, out there in the eternal void, an individual is cracking skulls with my club because I made sure it was the best damn whack-stick you could get. Couple this with constant item detioration, from deaths/use/fatigue etc., it ensures that my services will always be needed; that, though I may not be on the front line bathing in the blood of mine enemies, I have contributed into making this game more enjoyable/engaging for everyone. Addendum: Avoiding the roving gangs of mercenaries as I try to drop
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