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  1. Yes ShadowBane was my first MMO. I saw this box in the store and was very interested. Before this it was Diablo and Warcraft.
  2. Good to see you will be carrying on, in Crowfall, what you have going in PFO.
  3. Ileo


    Thank you, So, I figure I shouldn't rip off Mel Brooks, I have used this name, Ileo, in Rift and PFO. When I played SB I mostly used LastCall, however, that name has since been taken by others. I am looking forward to this one and it is sooo cool to see all the old SB peeps coming out of the wood work for this one.
  4. Ileo


    Good Day Community and Fellow Crows, This is my Introduction.
  5. It's not Denial. I am just very particular about the reality I accept.

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