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  1. If you want advantage/disadvantages to be on the crow level, just pick the same ones for each vessel. There's nothing wrong with a self-imposed challenge, but there's no good reason to impose it on all players.
  2. Perhaps something like many modern action-stealth games (starting with Assassin's Creed, I think) where certain objects in the world (tall grass, thickets of trees, etc) provide stealth to anyone who walks into them. Of course, caravan routes would likely steer clear of those places, but if they're abundant enough then a smart ambush could at least get pretty close.
  3. Ah, that could be it. I thought those "tiers" referred to the different types of materials (from Question 1) rather than tiers of rarity.
  4. I have read that FAQ, yes. In my reading, it doesn't appear to address how crafting relates to "the item rarity system". Which is a thing that is said to exist in the Crows and Vessels FAQ: http://crowfall.com/en/news/the-big-reveal-crows-and-vessels/
  5. I'm most afraid that combat will become repetitive and boring, with only one "combo" or a small meta of moves and archetypes being the dominant strategy.
  6. Since Necromancer (Vessel crafter) is meant to be a profession, I'd imagine choices of how the Vessel is built (advantages, disadvantages included) would all fall to the Necromancer. Disciplines can be changed during gameplay, so I don't think they'll be part of the crafting process. Rather, I think runestones will be "equipped" to vessels, in the same way thralls can be "equipped" onto other equipment like swords and shields.
  7. How will item rarity (common, rare, superior, legendary, I believe) interact with crafting? Will components have rarities? Will crafting results have variable rarity, or perhaps rarity assigned based on material quality? If crafted items don't use the rarity system then how will they measure up? ie, can you craft an item that is better than any Legendary drop? I think it would be very interesting if components had rarity, and the quality of the result was based on the rarity of each component. So building a pure-legendary item would be very difficult (having to find each component with the stats you want at legendary rarity would be no small feat) but would reward you with an item stronger than anything that could be found, or crafted from lesser materials. Alternatively, and perhaps more sensibly, I think crafted items could have a rarity assigned by chance when you craft them (perhaps influenced by your Skill at that type of crafting.) That way you would need to craft an item hundreds, perhaps thousands of times before producing a legendary version that stands above the rest. Any ideas on how rarity and crafting relate, or any information on what ACE has decided so far?
  8. Since gathering is done from points that need to be captured, "gatherer" isn't really a role, it's an objective. You'd have to either be an explorer (and find one nobody else knows about, prospector style) or be able to fight for it. There is some merit to being able to focus on one thing or another, but there will always be merit in being able to defend yourself. It's a hard world outside the EK.
  9. I like this idea quite a bit. The anti-stealth skill (as used by the Stalker, etc) could be used to see through it (and thus, not see the illusion, or see it only as a wireframe or ghost.) As a practical implementation, I think the easiest way to do it would be a displacement effect, copying a character and putting the copy at a location of your choice, and it just mimics the original. You could easily create a "line" of clones and make it somewhat challenging to spot the original, or with coordination you could even lure an enemy into a trap by using a copy as a decoy while the original operates it from concealment. Obviously it would work even better if you can turn the original invisible/stealthed, at least temporarily. The illusions should probably disappear either when damaged and/or when they bump into any physics object. If you wanted to make them extra punishing/powerful, they could explode with a blinding flash when dispelled, punishing enemies who strike the illusions in melee. Another interesting effect would be more dramatic UI screw, like casting an illusion to make your health bar always look full, or to make one archetype look like another. That has the potential to feel really "unfair" to new players, unlike the more traditional illusions above. Rather than base it on mana, I'd use a charge system, where you build up charges over time, and spend 1 charge per copy (or perhaps multiple charges to copy while cloaking the original.) Lots of potential for cool utility effects too. Creating illusionairy buildings would be amazing (fake bridges, fake siege equipment, even fake "repaired" walls over broken ones.) Illusionary lights would be just as good as real ones, though temporary.
  10. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5148-best-crafters-will-be-campaign-crafters/ I agree that EK crafting will have a hard time, but in-campaign crafting seems like the more important and profitable route. That should mean that having real combat stats will help, which balances the issue somewhat. The player with alts will need to gear and train 3 bodies for combat, as well as actually pilot them (because traveling will likely be dangerous, and requires you to carry all your valuables with you.) I think that should make the VIP of some use to crafters, unless they can really turn a profit in the EK.
  11. Confirmed in the new article here: "JTC: Items that are brought in (via your import) are safe until you pull them out your import and into the campaign. Items (including vessels) that are collected can be stored, but you have to transport them somewhere safe first. Until that happens, they are at risk – just like a tonne of stone, an elven blade or a recovered artifact." Since it's in answer to "MMORPG: Can vessels obtained during a campaign (via crafting, looting or scavenging) be stored safely for use later in the campaign or are they at the same risk as other items/materials?" I think it's pretty clear he is not talking about the export. So the implication is that there will definitely be safe storehouses. Of course, never say never with Crowfall, but it seems that's the current design.
  12. How will item rarity (common, rare, superior, legendary, I believe) interact with crafting? Will components have rarities? Will crafting results have variable rarity, or perhaps rarity assigned based on material quality? If crafted items don't use the rarity system then how will they measure up? Can you craft an item that is better than Legendary? I'm sure all of these will have answers eventually, but their implications especially in regard to Vessel crafting are somewhat important now...
  13. In the Zaleena bio it says "Zaleena is unique among the gods, for she is not of the All-Father’s bloodline." Doesn't that contradict Hero's story of having once been a mortal man, and then ascending to immortality and godhood? Or is it a hint that he may have been a Hercules-like demigod (the stories certainly have obvious parallels.) Edit: Apologies this is under the "Crowfall Gameplay" supertopic, since there doesn't appear to be one for Lore yet...
  14. Guild criteria: Region: NA Preferred Atmosphere: Interested in joining or co-creating a small "sub-guild" that goes where things are interesting and joins a larger faction on a temporary basis. Stagnation is death. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual. It is just a game. Size: Small. I'd prefer to know everyone in the guild. Play-Style: Normally I prefer combat, generally as Tank or Support, but I think I'll at least try to do Necromancy. I've got no skill for marketing, but I do love to build characters. Commitment: I'm aiming to be committed, but no other MMO has held my attention like this one. (Except Fallen London, which isn't really the same genre.) Miscellaneous: I like the idea of a guild to provide structure and to have allies from many walks of life. I don't have any real interest in building vast empires or topping leaderboards. I pledged at the level where I can reserve a guild name, so I can provide that if we find a good group. Experience: I ran a small guild in The Secret World. Some real world leadership experience. Very little MMO experience overall. Voice-Chat services: I can just download whatever. I mostly use Google Hangouts if I get to choose.
  15. With Crows and Vessels, there's no need to pick the "right" archetype from the get go (because your skill won't be high enough for it to matter.) As for which archetype will be able to go the absolute highest (with perfect advantages, runestones, necromancer bonuses, etc) I imagine that will be a matter for powerful necromancers to discover.
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