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  1. Yep no where in any MMOs history has there been night guilds on both sides.
  2. I have been reading the posts and not just cherry picking, every time someone mentions a 24/7 setting you or others revert back to this same saying about 3am wall bashing with no player interaction. I already understand the the significance of players wanting to keep what they make, that is super, however where does your logic ball stop? If crushing players seems to be the only valid reason of playing this game then by your logic why would anything need to be vulnerable during "off hours" as we apparently only face bash walls. POI, game create resources/keeps, hey we apparently wont be fighting anything but walls to obtain them so why make the game playable during that time?
  3. Hey devs just make this game playable from 2pm to 10pm as apparently all other players don't matter. Non primetime players apparently only fight walls, ghost driven caravans, and other BS that doesn't involve battling other players as pang seems to deem so. So please alienate any players that cant play during those times. ugh pang you really need to get over this phrase, whether you want to believe it or not there are players on at 3am from BOTH sides in all games. Just cause there isn't as many on like there would be during your normal playtime doesn't mean people are just fighting walls. Yes there might be lighter and possibly no defense on occasions, but that is the consequence of 24/7 online play. I mean seriously; i would hate to suffer the irreplaceable, extremely valuable loss of pixels ..... oh wait.
  4. I don't think they meant parcels though, arent parcels just droppable landscapes?. The game generates the world itself for CW, imo the changing of the world would just mean the fact we can build within that world causes the change. Quick question though, when they say building in the world do they mean like Landmark/minecraft type building or more of a place of the structure design and throwing a ton of materials at it until it is completed like Archage?
  5. First of all, its a game so if you are sweating while building a city please turn on the A/C or a fan as you are actually not doing the work . POI are supposedly going to be game generated so to have them 24/7 makes sense, however if you want the player built stuff to have WoO then that would be the compromise
  6. Ahh thanks for the clarification. I just don't get how this helps mutli account users though if they aren't actively playing each character.
  7. So i am a bit lost, my interpretation of the system was basically: (scenario) Skills max at say 50. As i am logged out the skill levels towards 50. Once logged in and using said skill my proficiency in the skill moves towards what ever the level i currently have reached and would not progress past that level without logging out to passively train. This imo is an artificial leveling system in order to get players to have a sense of progression. There are up sides to the system as in even with passively training everything to max level you still have to play to actually get the skill maxed. If you are not proficient with the ability then your damage/buff/debuff from said ability will suffer. The downsides would be some players feeling like they are possibly grinding. There is also information we don't know that skews the issue like how long it takes to max a skills level and proficiency. What issues are there with low proficiency in a skill. Please correct me if i am wrong in my interpretation of the system, but if the above mentioned is correct it wouldn't benefit multi-account users very well as they would have to log in and play those characters to even make them worth having.
  8. Nah brah, just plan on picking off the noobs fallin behind in the pack
  9. WTH are you talking about the scenario was given due to the WoO, that doesn't mean i would like that scenario to take place. The rest of this post is just you inaccurately perceiving my post.
  10. /facepalm That scenario of choosing your WoO was not what we were speaking of, so how could i be making an assumption. Also predetermined WoO set by individuals that owns the keep makes for even less risk. So the community went from YES! BLOOD BATHS to please don't take my stuff.
  11. However in the same instance we have nothing to use those resources for. Why would we invest/risk a keep/poi/whatever with materials that we have obtained only see them squandered as we are unable to defend during our work hours. The system as a whole only promotes prime time play, this is assuming that sieging will only be based around prime time. I love how the assumptions are made that night/morning time players receive less of a risk than day players. So with this system lets say the battles take place from 5pm to 8pm (normal prime time). Night player (10pm-3am) has invest time and resources in building a keep. No battles so now they are only farming until bed time. Gets up goes to work from 12pm to 8pm. Gets home logs on keep destroyed. 1. Player has invest time 2. Player has invest materials 3. Player does not get to participate during battles in order to defend said keep On the other foot a prime time player does the same with time and materials he/she gets the added benefit of protecting his/her keep. Remember you posted about group play right? "The game is about group play, not who can catch the most Pac-Rim loads to keep their pixels." The above statement sees like you are more worried about your assets than group play. Even if i was to put my above scenario as group oriented it still leaves night/morning players risking everything compare to prime time players.
  12. What you fail to grasp is this is the internet and there is no such thing as off-hours. The system you seem be crusading is all about avoiding fights as it promotes only battling during specific times of day when there is possibly a heavier population on. This system rewards non-risk takers as during invulnerable time you can roam the lands and gather resources prior to the next attack to upgrade/fortify you defenses. You also fail to grasp that your specific play time is not everyone's which means there would be fighting at all times of day if this system wasn't in place. Do you think that players go into a peaceful state until your arrival to do battle? Lets look at this from another perspective, if say you play from 5pm to 8pm what happens if battles are only register from 12pm-3pm or 9pm-12am? Its easy for people who have no job or play during primetime hours to talk a lot of mess but its funny to see them cry when its their play time that gets messed with.
  13. There you go with that assumption that i would be the only night/morning player. laughable
  14. Love how this thread http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6795-what-attracted-you-to-the-game/ starts and some contradict what they stated in this thread. Might want to make those statements of "play driven gameplay" and "play to crush" comments with the added "at your convenience". Just priceless
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