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  1. I enjoyed the news talking about the live server coming up soon. Even if we have no date for that, it is nice to hear their ideas, an dI am excited to be able to test 24/7 with a more polished environment. The weekend is upon us and the activity day is here. See you all on Sunday!
  2. Nice proposition for a guild, good luck kwith the efforts. Let's see where the game takes us.
  3. I loved the big reveal, giving us options is always a nice bonus, it is more standard for MMORPGs as well, to choose Race then Class. It does complicate the meta of combat a lot, and will make them have to create a lot more animations for weapons and spells than previously intended. At this point I am just worried about timeline. They had promised a late 2017 release, but at this pace are we even gonna be in beta at the end of this year? I honestly don't see it, there is so much to be done I will be happy if this game even releases in 2018.
  4. Nice, some serious crafting testing can be done now withough having to look over your shoulder all the time.
  5. I logged on about 40 minutes before 6PM and set up the stream, gave people gold tools so we could go exploring and harvesting. I had to leave at 7PM since it was already 1AM for me, but it was fun to have a couple groups running together and doing things. As testing progresses this will be a more frequent thing, the big world is still very incomplete, but it can certainly be fun and engaging in small doses. I was able to submit a couple bug reports, got stuck in between a stone node and another at some point when there was plenty of room for me to go through, had to use my druid teleport to get out. There is also a critical need for them to make the skill bar swapping of the druid more responsive. God how I hate pressing my skill and using the wrong one because the bar didn't swap as I intended.
  6. I think besides the tray swap delay (which definitely needs to go away), all other points raised in this thread are fruit of number tweaking and archetype balance that hasn't even been attempted yet. Comparing Druid to Legio in gameplay won't get us anywhere. I do believe they have said even at the hunger dome that the brainless Legio heal is likely to go away, they just put it there to have a functional heal at the time, it wasn't even part of the initial class concept. It is likely to switch to a different class, or to go away entirely. Yeah, now Legio is way better and mroe reliable healer than the druid... who cares? The combat meta now is almost irrelevant. People saying things like "if you practice or train this certain skill it will fix the issue" or "I am not a great druid but.." Seriously, NO ONE is a great druid at this point. And even if you are, it won't matter in a few months, because the druid is likely to be a completely different class by then, and the way the archetypes relate or compliment each other will do a U turn, when they focus on actually getting the skills set the way they are supposed to with reasonable numbers. That part of the game has not arrived yet.
  7. As another source you can check the FAQ: http://crowfall.com/en/faq/economy/#1 Questions 2, 3 and 6 talk about the difference between Resources and Materials. POIs will only produce Materials, generally used for building and of low quality. Resources that will be used for crafting good gear have to be gathered manually. Or at least that seems to be the intention now.
  8. This is all on early stages, the systems were put in but there are several missing pieces still. I for one would love to see a more elaborate survivalist tree, better cooking, an overall more "in-depth" survival system. But for now I think this is what we have, it is dull and hopefully will be improved upon when the time comes.
  9. That would be nice for sure. Due to currency complications I don't think I will be buying anything anytime soon. Likely a second account close to launch, we will see. I am hoping for the export mechanic this weekend too. It would be nice to do some in depth crafting testing, really look at the trees and components, measure the time and get a good feel for the crafting loop. In the current campaigns you can't really relax on the crafting screen, I go in and out of it, always looking over my shoulder. If we have an EK are we can split our time between gathering stuff int eh campaign world and then coming back to use it at the EK.
  10. I had a blast on Sunday morning, just exploring, testing the crafting system, and gathering stuff, made myself some leather armor and got to understand the druid a little more. I like the way things are looking, and even as just a test with a incomplete environment and no balance, it is still enjoyable. The direction the game is going please me, and I can see how it please a lot of other people as we have been getting applications non-stop for the past two weeks. It is a sign of people committing to the game more and more, they begin looking for guilds to play with and friends to participate in testing. Hopeful from here moving forward we will have more and more interest, and this will shape up to be the game we all have been expecting. The 18th activity night approaches!
  11. The wheels are beginning to turn fast, I like it. We actually have a game shaping up in front of our eyes. But it is always good to stay grounded, this is pre-alpha testing, the environment is ruthless, unbalanced, unfair, the grinding is ridiculous on purpose, so people test the systems. The hunger is fast, gaining gear is hard but losing it is easy, all of this is intended so that we test things, and testing we are! On the 18th we will have some fun in the game, get some safety in numbers, share some experiences, roam around together. It should be fun to hang out with the guildies in the test Can't wait for all of those character customization options so we can walk around in the same colors haha. We have also been getting a lot of applications, lots of new members joining, things are looking good! I would like to welcome our newest members: Jabrute, Incendiario, Schaeffer and Temp. All joined within the last week. Welcome to the fold!
  12. Well, if you consider that you have to spend time working to make money, so money = time. Everything is pay to win, you either pay with money, or with time playing/ developing/ working. So yes, everything is pay to win, the currency is always your time.
  13. Damn dude, that would be just freaking annoying... seriously, not worth it.
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