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  1. I'm happy ACE has fulfilled the KS promise of wings for the Fae. I only hope that these movement powers mentioned in the article provide some means for her to gain altitude using stamina and those lovely wings.
  2. I cannot believe you have reversed your position that this scheme would be Pay To Win (P2W); and it would be P2W, btw. After you have made hundreds of posts railing about VIP being P2W and how it would ruin CF. I do agree that players will be able to buy in-game goods and services with VIP tickets after launch.
  3. I'd like to see the Fae get grounded (unable to glide efficiently) if she gets hurt badly on a wing. Also, how are you going to keep players from hacking that "non-transparent stealth" into "non-stealth"?
  4. So, maybe it's better they point-out these problems before time is wasted iterating them.
  5. They seem to know what the PvP sandbox players want, at least.
  6. There is so much broken stuff about CF for ACE's tiny team to fix. Let's not distract them from that stuff by raising a hue & cry about repetitive parcel selection when all they have to do to fix this is make more parcels, which they will anyway. And they aren't flat. The servers are just small still.
  7. Is that Archipelago parcel new? Looks interesting. Bring your A-game, scrub!
  8. Wut? Champion is out already. And when he wakes up, he just needs broken powers fixed and balancing improvements.
  9. I'm sure you put the "romance" in Necromancer. Happy VD and a late happy BD!
  10. It sounds like Knight will be the best harvester Archetype. I'll name mine Pack Man.
  11. These are flintlock pistols that repeat fire without ever being loaded. Sounds magic to me. My only question is, "what type of magical damage is it?" My guess would be that they do the same type lightning damage a Druid's lightning does.
  12. It happens in Big World already. Not 12 together because 12-man groups are pretty rare anyway. More like 5-man groups. Duelist is rather weak 1v1 and very weak as a group contributor, so a balanced 5-man visible group can generally prevail in 5v5. All duelist gank squads are especially good at dropping single opponents without them being able to run away.
  13. "CF may not be the game you're looking for" ~ Obi Wan Coleman All kidding aside, I would like to keep the extra skill points that would have been generated when my last skill completed 100% and apply them to the next skill as soon as I select it. The skill point pool should be easier for ACE devs to set up than a queue (especially with switching AT skills still broken) and you could buy skills to 100% from a big pool. Furthermore, after launch, new players could buy catch-up skill points from the cash shop at an outrageous fee that gets more exhorbitant as one gets closer to 100% of current skill pool levels. That's not P2W, it's Pay 2 Compete on even ground. It also lets the value of existing accounts constantly accrue appraised equity. Even with such a system, VIP skill pools should only build skill points during the months the account is actually in VIP status. This way one actually has to do the time to get the VIP archetype training discount.
  14. I'd like to print out a copy of each CW map I'm playing in, and you could keep them if you already have one.
  15. So, do we need to be in a certain place in the CW to transfer inventory into the spirit account? It looks like we can just do this anywhere.
  16. This is a P2W scheme. Also, a guild might be tempted to abuse new members using this as a "loyalty test".
  17. I think you'll want to take a discipline in dual-wielding swords to be effective with them, but yes.
  18. The only POI that ACE has consistently stated we can claim meaningfully are strongholds. Enemies will be denied access there until they successfully siege them. The exact mechanics of claiming strongholds and besieging them are not revealed. Other POI can be guarded, maybe even with NPCs, but we can expect no siege windows for them. As for the lands around each POI? I'd like to be able to craft some sort of "no trespassing" sign, destructible by enemies and movable by guildmates that produces no resources when destroyed. These signs would be unique to the maker's guild and designate the area behind it to be protected by the crafter's guild. They would confer no advantage, but simply warn interlopers that they are tresspassing if they proceed past the sign.
  19. Training this on the vessel tree doesn't give me a pip at 37%, but maybe if I complete that skill to 100% it will give me an extra pip.
  20. I'd rather see the monk as a dodge tank and scout; with high mobility, stealth, climbing, warmth, tracking bonuses and excellent unarmed combat ability. This monk would be unmatched when dropped naked into a CW, but less advantaged damage-wise against fully armed and armored fighters. There is no reason a monk couldn't equip a weapon or spellbook, especially if he had a discipline rune for its use, but Monk archetype skills should bolster his attacks regardless of weapon type. Armor should be useless to a monk (maybe they take some vow of courage), and all archetype defense skills would just raise armor class in general, or raise specific mitigations and shorten durations of CC without requiring a breastplate. Similarly the armor branch of the combat tree should apply to monks, with the breastplate requirement waived. I agree that the monk resource pool should be called Ki (or chi). Rather than group buffs and heals, I'd like to see a self-heal, group enemy debuffs, a group CC break, a disarm that gives the option to immedately equip or stow the weapon taken, and every type of CC. Promotion classes might be: Ninja ~ Assassin type combat skills focus Wushi ~ Ki powers focus Yinshi ~ Stealth and scout focus
  21. ACE is against the 3 general skills at a time VIP perk idea because it would make dedicated crafters and harvesters obsolete as a playstyle even more than multiple accounts would. Putting crafting, harvesting and exploration related skills into each archetype that are unique to that archetype makes each archetype uniquely superior for a small niche in various non-combat focus areas. This makes crafters, harvesters and scouts want VIP for these accounts as well. If ACE wants to see more diversity in players' archetype choices at launch, they can make these skills arcane knowledge (only visible and trainable on the skill tree when specific prerequisites are met). Some would be easier to anticipate (eg. Forgemaster gaining blacksmithing or gemcutting advantages). Others would be less predictable (eg. Duelist getting a recipe for a siege cannon that only a Duelist can operate).
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