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  1. Highly Interested in joining Ascendance - Very good looking website (which draws me in)... Organization... and the rest of it. Will be looking into this more and more...
  2. I was part of the Original Serrated Gaming guild.... went through a couple different websites and forums... Are you still putting together a Guild for Crowfall? I am interested in joining back up and being active...

  3. Active gaming community. Friendly... interesting... cool website. 10/10!
  4. So far - I am enjoying my time in Serrated. The forums have a high-quality of interaction and activity. The goals and mission of Serrated equate to what I am looking for in a Guild. I do believe my Crowfall experience is going to be even greater having joined Serrated. Crowfall forum name: Ridgebeam Serrated forum name: Rohland (Not sure why I made two different names, But I like both)
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