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  1. That is not a bad thing in my books to be honest. It is a potentially a game changing skill in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Aloreal

    Guild idea

    Yeah, your right. I didnt think it through with that one. Good idea but if the large guilds just take advantage of the system and are still "large" in essence then the whole point is moot. Oh well. Regards and thanks for the discussion
  3. Aloreal

    Guild idea

    They can always give benefits in regards to larger guilds that smaller guilds will not have. I just gave an example obviously before. But taking the tier skills into consideration they can make it that tier 1 is a plus on the number of people and the tier two is more group focus buff like "+0.5% resistance for every member of the guild within x metres radius" With those kinds of buffs the larger guilds will need to fight in a group for their buffs to be effective whereas the smaller guilds will have their buffs online even if they solo. and if the numbers are balanced towards what each size guild can do then we can see alot of different kinds of plays and objectives between each guild and what they strive to accomplish in each battle/war and considering the fronline vs strategic attributes of each guild, tiers and skills can be either one that gives a small buff on frontline loads of people or bigger buff for a more tactical small guild objectives. in the end what you noted is true. but that is the case with the real world anyway. you got the foot soldiers, the artillery, the special forces and so on. so if a big guild wants to split some forces into small groups, either internally or by making a new guild to take advantage of some small buff wont make that much of a difference in the long run. they will act as they already did in the end anyway. This is just to give other independent small guilds a better fighting chance
  4. So this is a simple QOL. I suggest in the options menu a tab we can give each possible chat message its own sound, if we want to. Sound for whispers, sound for guild chat, sound for area chat, sound for incoming damage and so on and so forth. you get the idea. Just give us a number of sounds and all available chats in a list to mix and match different sounds with different chats.
  5. Hi all and nice to meet you. So i have a guild idea that i have been thinking up for years of mmo play and recently heard it will be implemented in another game that i wont say here and reminded me of this idea. Inevitably guilds will either be big or stay small. Almost always bigger guilds will have an advantage over small guilds. They can zerg areas, have more people online at the same time and pretty much give a big advantage to that guild against the small guilds. Small guilds usually like to think themselves as a more tight group and more elite (depending on how hardcore the people in that guild are of course) than the big guilds. A sort of "strategic nuclear missile" in the big war. Small guild advantage is usually enter a big fight and do their own objective while everyone else is fighting in the frontlines. So the idea is simple. why not have certain tier skills per guild level? pretty much two guild skills (or more but two is the example) per tier. One is either increase the size of people and the other is give a small bonus. As an example it would be a tier 1 skill is either a +30 people allowed in guild or a +5% movement speed per all members of the guild.
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