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  1. Poisoner Discipline passive currently breaks poison toxin on my cutthroat. When I have the Poisoner passive equipped, only the minor poison from the Poisoner passive procs and never the better toxin poison. Poisoner passive is a minor poison and the toxin is a severe poison. Minor poisons should not overwrite a severe poison so I assume this is a bug that breaks the build I was going for =(.
  2. When my Cutthroat Assassin loses the holy aura from a cleric he is booted from stealth as if he took damage. I do a lot of stealth scouting for our roams so this has forced us to switch to Vengeful Aura much to my clerics dislike =).
  3. I have been playing Crowfall the past week and am having a blast. Now that I am getting into group pvp I have noticed there is a huge problem with the sturdy discipline. It should at minimum be changed to damage reduction at low health. Damage reduction at high health creates wierd snowbally fights where the winner hardly ever took material visible damage. It is just not fun and as currently designed is an absolutely mandatory disc for all classes in group pvp right now. It also greatly magnifies gear and passive tree disparities between combatants as currently designed.
  4. Fun group with good leadership! If you are looking for a chill group to spend your evenings with check us out.
  5. I am interested! This will be Order focused next campaign right? I have a lvl 30 pure support crusader and am leveling a pvp pit fighter front line brawler right now. Looks like the Discord invite is still expired.
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