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  1. I would like to think that each archetype has their own source of mitigation, that not every archetype can dodge, but focused on blocks or parries instead and maybe other interesting types of mitigation.
  2. I can appreciate rook, and now I know where Rook from Strife got his name.
  3. I think it may be like this, but more oriented towards class abilities rather than something accessible to every class. I expect, say a Duelist, to be more apt for precise attacks and in-out kind of combat versus a Legionnaire who could have more AoE, large sweeping strikes, designed to disrupt. I like this kind of differentiation because it plays into squad composition, what kind of tactic you are playing towards. I like the idea of FF, because it lends the combat more towards personal mechanical skill as well as coordination. Understanding your own character as well as your team's with consistent play, being able to read your allies abilities, land a stunning blow while getting out, or self sacrificing by holding your target in place while eating the damage, possibly getting supported for the impact so the damage is reduced/nullified. I'm all for this, there is a lot of possibilities and I don't believe there will be that great of a Ranged vs Melee disparity, simply because of positioning and team work. If I can get to you (Ranged glass cannon) as a Melee, I should be able to kill you easy unless I get peeled off by your allies, and your allies should be at some kind of risk for trying to defend you.
  4. All this talk has gotten me even more interested in playing in the Dregs. Team composition, Skill > Numbers, Friendly Fire, I'm getting pumped up all over again. Hopefully there will be a place there for us loners, it's hard for me to stick with guilds because whenever I do, life happens. Every. Single. Time.
  5. There is going to be a Guild Emblem system, which you could wear on your Cloak or choose to display in some other fashion, maybe potentially have a Standard Bearer to throw your emblem to generate the situation you described. -- There are many many different ways in which you could represent UI data using game features. Having a weakened animation set, hunching over a bit and dragging a leg, when at 30% HP or something. Displaying the quality of your equipment very visibly, the difference between Iron Armor and Gold Armor (though really who would do that?) can easily be displayed by a change in color. The shape of notoriously strong weapons will become well known. Using all of these you can determine how much damage your opponent can output, how much they can take and when they are getting weak, with absolutely no UI/Client Data saying how many hit points he has and how many X,XXX damage you're doing to him. You don't need a UI to tell you these things when the game can show you through play. The more that you play, the more accustomed to your character you will become, how much you can do with said character. Some would even develop intuition about how much their opponents will do to them, how long their ability cooldowns are, what fights are good and which are bad, etc. This would also help separate the good players from the bad, who will be the most notorious Fae Assassin to cross paths, Centaur Legionnaire to see in a Siege, or the Druid that is supporting their squad. (Sorry if the post is poorly constructed, me no get sleep and brain no work good.)
  6. The way they are releasing information now seems like a progression from when you start the game, Creating your character, to loading in to your Eternal Kingdom, soon we'll probably see more Information about the World Bands and the real difference between each campaign type now that we have information of Attributes and Modules, and how winners are determined, then we'll probably find out about something like crafting or building in campaigns, and so on before we get to "the meat" of the game. They're giving us information as they finalize it, working from the big picture down to the little details soon enough.
  7. He wasn't talking about nuking the entire UI, but eliminating a lot of the unnecessary information constantly being given to you by the UI. Keeping abilities/cooldowns and health/resources of your own character, and not giving you access to information such as combat log, target data and the sea of nameplates. Toning down the UI would open up the screen for you to be able to see more of the world, have to make better decision making in combat, and to have you actually ask someone about their character instead of clicking on them and hitting inspect. I also hate WoW spell books, having a ton of abilities that you'll just never really use outside of your main rotation. I'd rather just have several well thought out, that synergize well with what I'm playing, whether that's just having access to a few abilities at a time Guild Wars/Wildstar style, or only being given a few abilities at all.
  8. I played Dota 2 when League servers poorly made socks the bed (for me at least), then when they got better I played league again. I don't dislike Dota 2, I'm just far too time invested and knowledgeable about league of legends still, I've forgotten about 50% of the heroes in Dota and what they do. Played Bounty Hunter mostly, but in League I main Kalista.
  9. Agreement with majority of the thread here, lack of knowledge can be more engaging than being given an over abundance of knowledge.
  10. @Veelq I watched the video that you were talking about. I agree with his point of view very much, but he didn't structure it very well though it looked like it was live streamed that was formatted after the fact, was definitely a good watch and makes very important points about how much information is displayed through the UI. He made some very strong points to the fact that I may actually retract my opinion from earlier on in this thread, because he was arguing this. Though this opinion is for Crowfall strictly and I'll go into why, but wouldn't work in every PvP/Competetive game. I'm going to take his topic and focus down specifically on the combat importance of it however. Given Knowledge vs Earned/Gained Knowledge. By Given, I mean information that the game gives you freely or via mods, that you as a player, not only don't need but shouldn't have. By Gained, I mean information that you have through experience or that should be given (Armor, Weapon, Archetype/Promotion if varied enough to be distinguished.) In Crowfall, everyone is (roughly) equal at start. There are no levels, you have no equipment (depending on import rules), there is no reason why you should be given another player's Health/Resource bars stats, Damage output, defensive strength and abilities, buffs and debuffs. All of these factors can be displayed to you through the character, by the appearance of their equipment, visual indicators of buffs and through your own personal experience facing against each of these archetypes/promotion. As you continue to play the game over the days/weeks/months/years you will develop personal experience when combating against other Archetypes. You will learn exactly how much damage you can output with your equipment at various "power spikes" versus other Archetypes who have achieved their "power spike" or not. You will eventually teach yourself how to read opponents movements and thoughts based off of their own actions, versus some numbers displayed on your screen. Think of it as Poker, the game would be played much differently if a player's hand was even partially shown, but because a player's hand is hidden to all but the hand holder (and spectators), it becomes a game of wit's and out playing using mind games and tactics. This could easily be transferred over to Crowfall, baiting an enemy by making it seem like you have less health than you do. TL;DR Knowledge gained through personal experience > Knowledge given via client.
  11. Day/Night cycle confirmed? Would be cool to see there Were Disciplines work in a similar manner, have a moon cycle system and have bonuses during certain cycles.
  12. That's exactly what I don't want, I don't like shared animation groups because then the weapon has no character of it's own, it's just another two handed or one handed weapon with different stats, sure from a visual standpoint they're different, but they won't feel any different, so to me it becomes arbitrary diversity for the sake of diversity. Such a fan of Dragoons/Lancers, so I hope there's at least a Promotion Class with heavy Polearm use, would love to see that. Totally not trying to compensate for anything at all. No, really.
  13. I don't see Whip as a weapon here, I am upset. Even one of those highly impractical whip swords are cool. Other than that, Polearms have always been a personal favorite of mine and would like to see them in game. Having many different weapons types is awesome, but sometimes when there are too many, it becomes difficult to make each one feel different. Whether it's statistics or animations, and I don't think ACE is going to implement a lot of weapon variety. I think they're going to do one weapon per archetype/profession. Less to animate = more budget for other areas of the game, as they've said, and more weapons could mean more to animate. I really dislike say, a two handed axe, sharing an animation set with a two handed sword or a pole arm, just with different stats. Would be nice to have a stretch goal be advanced weapon sets and animations, would definitely love to see that.
  14. I don't really care much for the EKs, I have something in mind for mine but otherwise, meh. I'll most likely be someone's tenant somewhere. I don't care if there's much of a reward at the end of Campaigns either. I don't want a Skinner Box, I'm not playing for the reward, my reward is engaging combat and developing new social contacts, whether it's short term or becomes long term. I like my PvP games to be a test of skill and stratagem, my motivation to win is driven solely by my drive to win. The only other aspect, social wise, that I would be interested in (in the line of crafting and such), would be Pet and Mount taming/training. That's about it, other than that I want to get into the thick of things and see if I can't come out on top.
  15. Most of the locks that Ive seen were OP requested.
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