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  1. Archetype A having a stun and archetype B having a stunbreak does not sound very exciting. Its simply a matter of if stunned, press stunbreak. There needs to be a tactical decision involved in placing the stun and similarly a tactical decision involved in dispelling it. Regardless, there is merit to the idea that CC doesn't really fit as well in a combat environment with active attacks/blocks/dodges compared to say a hotkey/tabtarget based combat environment. Or rather, the CC systems we're used to from 2nd gen MMOs don't necessarily translate 1:1 to a game with a different combat system.
  2. Thanks. Yes, if possible, we do very much like to open a diplomatic channel with the attacker, but depending on who they are or how auspicious their timing is, it may not be possible. It will also depend a lot on how skirmishes and battles will work out in the game. Lets say our scavenging party is intercepted, how exactly can we reach out to the raiders? Can we chat with them before they attack? How exactly we would engage in in-game diplomacy will depend on the timeframe of events and the availability to chat with your opponents. What exactly does 'being attacked' mean? This is why the v
  3. Things that could make me regret backing really quick: - Tacked on features that muddy the core game aesthetic. - Compromising of core vision/philosophy - PvE as a separate game experience. Minor tidbits here and there I don't mind. - 'acquire target, push buttons' as Psy elegantly put it. Risk/reward, tactical decisions, high analogue skill ceiling are plus plus. The less 'if A, then B' combat is, the better in my opinion. Nevertheless, I remain quite confident in ACE.
  4. I've spoken with Higgz and he will help found the guild as its first co-leader. He is also very ambitious, and where I tend to be over-serious, he is a chill, relaxed man. I feel very confident in him. However, we'd really like one or perhaps two more co-leaders on board to ensure our success. Although the guild's vision is the only thing that is set in stone, everything else, including power and authority within the guild is still up for discussion. Do you feel that guild relations, alliances, guild wars, cooperative (with other guilds) Shadow/Dregs campaigns and diplomacy are the mo
  5. We will make it get us far. Of course, we won't do solely joint operations, we will do independent operations as well.
  6. Not everyone of course, that would be insane. Just the people we like What I meant is that we will use diplomatic relations as our primary way to claim success.
  7. Was away for a week, good to see there is support! Still working on details and thinking about the specifics. Still need co-founders, this might be an auspicious opportunity for anyone wishing to build something up. Just PM me
  8. Yep, there is a certain trust required, but I am sure there is enough time to establish that yet.
  9. TL,DR: Looking for co-founders for guild. To everyone interested in Crowfall and still looking for a home, I will be creating a guild focused on diplomacy and GvG. I want to create a community that thrives on diplomatic relations with other guilds and provide other players the opportunity to experience this as the primary focus of the guild. Over the past month I have been working on the concept, but am currently stuck in that I need co-founders to solidify and expand the charter and vision. Overview The idea for the guild comes from the desire as a player to engage in the politic
  10. I share the concern that I highly predict EK trading will boil down hopping from kingdom to kingdom until there is a vendor that has the item you want. If you can list your kingdom in some sort of public catalogue, I can even foresee people using the title to advertise their goods. This is not how I quite would want EK trading to be. Hopefully there is something more I am missing. If crafting is specialized enough that not everyone can craft Badass Sword of Poorly Made Socks MK-XII, perhaps some people might be able to build up a reputation. Hopefully that is the case.
  11. Because it converges the value of the coin to a fixed value set by ACE. This in turn limits the influence the player has on the market. Whether that is a problem at all remains to be seen.
  12. While not a fixed price of 20k coins, the price will always converge back. If instead the value of a ticket is at 10k, on average, people will stop buying VIP with real money, causing the price to go up. If the price is instead at 40k, people on average will buy tickets to sell just for coins so they can get other items at discounted value. This causes the price to go down. No matter what the player does, the price always wants to be close to 20k, like you said. This limits 'players will determine how many coins a ticket is worth' severely.
  13. There are no flaws in your reasoning here, but you fail to address why coins having a fixed reference value is not a reason to be little concerned. If a parcel costs 50 coins/5$ and VIP (1 month) costs 15$, then the reference value is 0.10$ per coin. Nothing the player does can change this 0.10$ per coin value. If the actual value of the coin is too different from the reference value, players can exploit this (Arbitrage), causing the actual value to converge back to the reference value. Of course, this may not be as big a problem as I make it out to be. We do not know how important cer
  14. I never said outright currency alone was the problem (maybe in my first reaction, but I came to senses). Regarding the bolded part, I have seen to many ambitious projects flop to be confident. We have almost no information so instead of being confident I try to give ACE as many angles possible.
  15. The fact that you can use both coins as well as real money to buy certain items (parcels, store items etc) gives coins a real money reference value, a fixed unchanging value that the player absolutely can not influence. Say this value is 0.1$ per coin (hypothetical ratio), would you buy VIP tickets with coin at a 0.05$ rate? Would you at 0.2$? If the value is lower than the reference value, players are incentivized to not buy VIP with real money but with coins, causing the value to go up. If the value is higher than the reference value, it becomes more worthwhile to buy VIP tickets, sell t
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