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  1. A forgemaster who isn't a master of the forge? That is nonsense!
  2. I'm looking forward to checking out the EK... any feedback from those who have is appreciated!
  3. I'm looking forward to the 24/7 testing. It will be much easier to schedule activity nights where we can all get together and play!
  4. Thanks to everyone who attended the Open IS meeting last night!
  5. Thanks to everyone who attended the activity night yesterday. We will probably hold another event sometime in February.
  6. I thought a great way to gather back up after the holiday break would be to schedule another game testing event, so we are having one on 1/15 at 6pm. It should be a great time to hang out, play, and get to know some of the newer members!
  7. Don't forget the Ascendance Activity Night this Sunday (12/18) at 6PM EST! I'm sure many will be around earlier than that, so feel free to come earlier.
  8. Glad to hear the testing together is going well. I'm hoping to join you all soon!
  9. As a reminder, tomorrow night starting at 7PM EST will be our Crowfall Activity Night. It should be a great time, so make sure to join the fun!
  10. It was a blast seeing everyone at the Guild Meeting last night. I hope no one faults Allastair too much for his repitition. He can't help it!
  11. As Allastair mentioned, it's 6 days until our guild meeting. It is scheduled for 10/17 at 9:30PM EST.
  12. Indeed. One step at a time. This is, at least, a step in the right direction.
  13. Great showing at the Guild Fair. It was better attended than I expected. I got to meet some interesting people in the community, and I look forward to the next rendition.
  14. We had a great time testing this past Tuesday (8/9) for our activity night. Our next event will be the Crowfall Guild Fair. I'm, personally, really looking forward to it.
  15. We have an activity night scheduled during next week's testing on 8/9 starting at 8PM EST. It should be a good opportunity to test any new changes and chat about things that are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing folks there!
  16. This is true. We have a lot of very friendly members that are always on the forums and TS. Anyone interested should check us out!
  17. The livestream was great! I wish I could have seen more of it!
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