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  1. Awesome discussion! So many ideas. I'm going to reiterate in the hopes of seeing what people think of this suggestion as it still remains my favorite: Up to 3 names, only the first one is mandatory, unless someone already has the name. Plus, an auto-fill messaging system that allows you to only have to type the first few letters of the person to whom you wish to speak before it appears in some type of dropdown menu. That way, if someone has 3 annoyingly complicated and long names, you only need to know the first few characters. Maybe the search engine could even pull from anywhere in the three names. So Bravestar Titan Galactiquest could be selected for messaging after only typing 'Star', his nickname. However, if there are 1000 players on the server with the word 'star' in their names, it could narrow it down to friendslist, guilds, factions, current campaign, etc. Additionally, the dropdown menu could be small only displaying around 5 names BUT be scrollable and be in alphabetical order. So you type in 'Star' and scroll down to the B's and there's Bravestar! EDIT: What is important about this system is that every name is still unique! Basically, I'm hoping to find the best of both worlds. Where everyone has a unique name BUT still gets the name they want. This also means that Crowfall's name reservation gimmick is still valid.
  2. Oh man, is Syrtis the biggest Realm? I'd actually rather be part of one of the smaller two. What do you think? But also, nice post.
  3. Adding everybody's discussion up, my next suggestion is: a first name (mandatory, duh) and then an optional second and third name slots. Still requiring a unique overall name. The reason I chose 3 total is for the possibility of 'the' for the second name and things like that. So if Alexander is taken, I could do Alexander the Great. And then to address PMing, instead of /whisper name or something like that, how about a message tab in which you type the character's name, hit enter, and then it opens a chat. This would allow an auto-suggest feature. So I want to talk to my buddy Tauriel Le Popington and after just typing TAU, his name could appear in a drop down list, select it, and then chat away!
  4. The point is, it sucks to not get the name you love. I'd like a system that moved beyond that hurdle and I'd like to come up with good ideas here.
  5. I have literally zero problems coming up with names in MMOs. This isn't about me.
  6. Yes? I don't think I'm being irrational so I don't see why you're laughing. They want to make a new game with new ideas and I don't see how a first come first serve one name system is at all new, innovative, or good design. Hell yes!
  7. Nice! What if you add that the second two names are also optional as long as your one or two names is already a unique combination?
  8. Grinding with a group while on the way to quests is my favorite way to level.
  9. So it's Pay to Name? That's even worse. I'm asking for some innovation from developers that are all about innovation.
  10. I believe there is a backer reservation reward and that just pisses me off. Now name stealing before the game is out is a possibility. Pay to Name? WTF is that. Imagine a non multi-player rpg charging for names. Names shouldn't be this competitive first come first serve BS. And CF would highly benefit from INNOVATING on a new name system.
  11. From a I'm trying have fun on an rpg standpoint, this seems just awful. Name stealing is even a possibility? Come on devs.
  12. So RvR is my jam (first MMO: DAoC) and I'd love to find a homebase until CF comes out. So, who wants to play Champions of Regnum with me? I started trying it out yesterday and got to level ten, where you then pick your subclass. I correctly saved up my skillpoints (though respecs are possible, as well as saving your favorite respec using the item mall so you can load up different builds) and have a wonderful mix of tankish skills. I really need a healer though. I don't see ANY healing capabilities for the Warrior and frankly, I like that. Leveling seems fastest as a group killing mobs, which is my favorite way to play PvE. And then the endgame is straight up DAoC RvR. Something crazy though. THERE IS NO TAB TARGETING. At least, without mods, if mods exist. And I love it! I'm becoming very fond of having to click in my enemy. Movement speed isn't anything crazy, so as long as they don't have ridiculous speed buffs in pvp I think it will remain a fun mechanic to me. I've got a bunch of screenshots and more info to share once I get back to my computer. But here's my idea: If you decide to try this out, join the Realm of Syrtis and post your character name here. I'll add you and as soon as possible we'll start a CF Community guild. From there, we'll see how far this game takes us. I'm having fun now. But maybe it won't last. Or maybe we'll be the most powerful guild on the only NA server and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Maybe a rival guild will begin on another faction. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in game! -Alex
  13. Really? I was even thinking having up to 3 names (though only a first name would be required) is another possible solution. So if I type in my favorite name and it's not taken, I'm good. If it is I add a second name. If that combo is still taken I add a third and the chances of sharing the same three names with someone is very very low.
  14. I believe that last names should be introduced regardless thus greatly diminishing the chances of thousands of people with the same name.
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