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  1. I am looking for this too. Specifically blacksmithing.
  2. Wow, I haven't even played something with more than one tray! lol! But that makes a lot of sense.
  3. Absolutely back this! Generally, I'm all for a nice slow pace to introduce more long term strategy in a fight. But just making the auto-attack cancelable would barely change anything while making it way more fluid.
  4. Just started my guild, Sons of Anarchy! Come check it out. https://discord.gg/TFyAr7m

  5. Welcome to the Sons of Anarchy! We are a new, open, and fun guild that promotes integrity, respect, and helpfulness. Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search and search for Sons of Anarchy to join. Join our Discord server, the primary guild hub: https://discord.gg/TFyAr7m Mission Statement: We, the Sons of Anarchy, promise to uphold the tenets of tolerance, responsibility, fairness, respect, guild rules, and services we are a part of. Next, we endeavor to promote kindness and fun, and to offer help to anyone who needs it. And finally, we promise to maintain a st
  6. Awesome discussion! So many ideas. I'm going to reiterate in the hopes of seeing what people think of this suggestion as it still remains my favorite: Up to 3 names, only the first one is mandatory, unless someone already has the name. Plus, an auto-fill messaging system that allows you to only have to type the first few letters of the person to whom you wish to speak before it appears in some type of dropdown menu. That way, if someone has 3 annoyingly complicated and long names, you only need to know the first few characters. Maybe the search engine could even pull from anywhere in t
  7. Oh man, is Syrtis the biggest Realm? I'd actually rather be part of one of the smaller two. What do you think? But also, nice post.
  8. Adding everybody's discussion up, my next suggestion is: a first name (mandatory, duh) and then an optional second and third name slots. Still requiring a unique overall name. The reason I chose 3 total is for the possibility of 'the' for the second name and things like that. So if Alexander is taken, I could do Alexander the Great. And then to address PMing, instead of /whisper name or something like that, how about a message tab in which you type the character's name, hit enter, and then it opens a chat. This would allow an auto-suggest feature. So I want to talk to my buddy Tauriel Le
  9. The point is, it sucks to not get the name you love. I'd like a system that moved beyond that hurdle and I'd like to come up with good ideas here.
  10. I have literally zero problems coming up with names in MMOs. This isn't about me.
  11. Yes? I don't think I'm being irrational so I don't see why you're laughing. They want to make a new game with new ideas and I don't see how a first come first serve one name system is at all new, innovative, or good design. Hell yes!
  12. Nice! What if you add that the second two names are also optional as long as your one or two names is already a unique combination?
  13. Grinding with a group while on the way to quests is my favorite way to level.
  14. So it's Pay to Name? That's even worse. I'm asking for some innovation from developers that are all about innovation.
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