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  1. Thanks Arkade - I can't wait to get started, but much research to do first. There is so much to learn, and so much has changed since startup. Gnonni
  2. Chop off your head !!! LOL, thanks Jah. Now I understand the banking system. Lots to learn before I get my feet wet here-that's for sure. Gnonni
  3. If you are killed in pvp, can the things you wear and carry be looted off your body? Or is there a limited time to reclaim your possessions?
  4. Is the housing here instanced or open? I am looking for a sandbox environment with crafting, farming/gathering, and support pvp role. Sounds like a guild is imperative right now, so maybe I will start there. Hope to see you all in game. Gnonni
  5. Hmmmm, should have picked the hat!
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