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  1. Just set up challenges with themes, constraints, etc. Player-made content = almost endless content. Be nice to play a game where every structure is not a rotated copy of a standard template.
  2. VIP trains skill A to 100, then skill B to 100 benefiting from both f2p guy trains one guy in A and one guy in B, neither benefiting the other. What needs to be finalized, released, etc is what the skill curve in terms of benefit and time to level looks like. This whole thread makes the assumption each point of a skill is both of equal contribution to a character's power and than training time is linear between levels. While you can only use one archetype, the other general skills remain available to all archetypes, hence why the VIP account can only train in one. The other argument I strongly have is that active skill use should never be capped. DR on it sure, but never capped. There should be a benefit to a character that uses a skill rather than just passively trains one.
  3. Except the 3 generalist trees and three archetypes do not cross characters. In order for you to have that benefit on the multiple accounts, you have to train x3 as long given your example. Also, your generalist are now set with your archetypes as opposed to the VIP system where is applies to all archetypes. The person that prefers the freebie method has pigeon-holed those characters.
  4. While I think you should be able to select a god if crows = immortal mercs, but I think there should be long-term rewards for sticking with particular gods almost like a set of skills themselves. I just would like o see something go beyond the immediate campaign only matters benefit (even if the reward is actually used the next campaign)
  5. You only need to do some research on any polytheistic religion/lore/mythology to understand the concept and why it is used very often in RPGs.
  6. If you have multiple characters before, now you have multiple vessels in different campaigns. It really is no difference. The only thing I see is it may take longer if your crow has to "physically" travel to the EK then to a different campaign rather than simply going to a character select screen.
  7. Graveyards will have default vessels of a sorts. I imagine a 0 import campaign you will go in as a crow and have to move right to the graveyard and spawn. As for moving between campaigns, they will have to let us do so. Locking people into a single one will kill it for many players. As pointed out, vessels are gear and you will need at least one separate vessel per campaign you want to be in. You should not be able to remove a vessel until the campaign ends or possibly if you kneel out.
  8. If you can quickly swap imagine a group of people all going out with stealth-class (yes I know its a general skill just an example) swapping to mages to fireball a keep, then all to melee heavy for the breech. Anyone that PAID for premium status could do all three roles having a significant, immediate advantage over a standard account because of being able to swap easily between the roles. The fact you can train 3 archetype skills passively means that you will not be gimped by swapping. Without restrictions on vessel swapping, brace yourself for the "LFM: must have stealth, mage and tank roles"
  9. Vessel hot-swapping to counter, if made to easy, turns the premium account holders passive skill training from a options for play into a solid pay-to-win model. I am not one to lightly through the P2W flag around, but the simple fact that I can pay for something that will give me a distinct tactical advantage is baaaaad. PROs: sense of continuity between "alts" actual continuity between alts reduction to the negatives of alt-itis, i.e. having to start from ground zero on everything Something a bit different than every other fantasy MMO out there CONs: Need to ensure there is not a crazy benefit to the skill curve so vessels are not 90% of your character's power or it will kill crafting As stated above, vessel swapping needs to be either at a set (starting) location or a very long cast-time. If made too easy, there will be no (game stat) reason for the separate archetypes, just a simple switch
  10. I really hope the active use of skills for progression has diminishing returns but never a hard cap. While I like the passive system for increasing, getting no reward for actually playing a character beyond a certain point seems...well... pointless.
  11. I see the change (other than a nice flavor) is a way to overcome the humdrum leveling of basic skills when you want to try something new or a new archetype comes out. It is also pretty slick where they can make campaigns that put some archetype limitations on and people can still have some investment even if they have never played one of the allowed archetypes. As a dabbler in RPGs like Eclipse Phase and The Strange, and as a huge MMORPG alt-a-holic, I really like this system!
  12. Roleplaying as an immortal soul taking a mortal body for a short time to wage a war against minions of other gods an an attempt to capture resources and souls before the world is devoured... how is that not an awesome premise as opposed to the standard D&D-stuck-as-a-single-character tripe that has gone on for decades? If anyone if complaining about the role-playing possibility of this game, they are not very versed at roleplaying.
  13. The difference is in LoL, or any other moba, the game is limited to roughly 5 players on a side where each player choice of character effects 20% (plus synergy) of your team's force. Crowfall is going to be a much grander scale where individual contributions of a specific archetype will make very little difference compared to the whole army. On top of that, both sides of the battle will be faced with roughly the same amount of regular vs premium account. The ONLY issue I see with the vessels is the possibility of hot-swapping in the battlefield. Exchanging vessels needs to be a long "cast-time" or even limited to certain alters/spawn points if they hope to make choice =! power in the field
  14. Rare to find, but crafting will obviously make the big difference.
  15. An involved piece of gear to be sure, but a piece of gear none the less. It is no different if you spec swords and fail to have a back-up ready. Bodies are default, found, and crafted. Like the rest of your gear, its all going to be about preparation for the battle.
  16. I would also like to add, so I do not make another thread, the idea that your crow has echoes of his/her first/past live(s). What this equates to is a default override for appearance per archetype allowing those people "attached" to characters more so than their account to have the vessel morph into their "remembered" appearance. Sounds like a good store item "remembered visage: provides a default set of character visuals that can over-ride the current vessel. Each Remember Visage is limited to a single archetype."
  17. This is fundamentally no different than carrying a tricked-out uber sword. Bodies are now gear plain and simple. Sure you are going to make choices, but guarantee people will have the strat planned out before the game comes even close to live. i.e. Everyone have 4 bodies of X quality ready to go before the battle!
  18. I find it odd that people are addressing the passive training as the only training. So many answers seem to think that the one passive training of a craft is the only way it is going to improve. Will you not also increase skills through active use? Am I wrong?
  19. But you are not at risk of losing your entire character. You body is now a piece of gear that limits your skill cap. You can "literally" stack up the bodies for when you die. All this system did was add a gear layer while removing alt characters. As an alt-aholic in most MMOs, I am actually happy with this system. My only concern is the (possible) disparity of characters (old players v new players) when starting new campaigns. I hope the skill curve is low and/or mostly over-come by gear. Hopefully, aside from some serious skill 1 person should never be greater than 2.
  20. People act like they are buying/paying towards stretching goals. You are not. You get whatever it is that you bought... packages, keeps, whatever. The stretch goal is a bonus for a lot of people backing. It represents ACE showing us they are doing more than pocketing the crowd-funding dollars after a certain point.
  21. I would like to see custom grouping (so I could pick a couple skills that maybe go with mana and put them aside without having to move each) and frame alignment (snap-to-grid) for my OCD self needing those thin bars in perfect level. I like huge character sheets with lots of info, but I also like smaller sheets/lay-overs for some quick reference data. I would suggest you include both. As this is a PvP oriented game, I think having some flexible HUDs such as DPS, campaign scores, etc would also be good. There are times you like to know that information but do not want to come to a halt to open hgue campaign windows.
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