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  1. Haha, I love Haikus! One of my favorites: Haikus are easy, But Sometimes they dont make sense. Refrigerator.
  2. Oriphin

    Druid Spells

    With shape-shifting discipline runes existing, do you think the Druid will get a promotional class or spells than do essentially the same function? I hope not, but maybe a promotion will provide good synergy with the rune, improving shape-shifting with new druid-only spells. I am kinda just hoping they implement the basic druid from DnD 5E.
  3. The new site looks great! I can't wait to dive into this game once alpha starts.
  4. Druid is currently the front-runner for me. Can't wait to see the promotional classes.
  5. Although not yet actively recruiting for our Crowfall chapter, Legend Gaming is a multi-game community with many avid role-players and even more avid PvPers. Check us out, you look like a good fit.
  6. Personally I am hoping they do not go with tab-targeting, which I think is the direction they have consistently put forth. I know the"old school" players desperately want it but it really is an outdated targeting mechanic. Maybe not outdated, but certainly stale. On the other hand, while I enjoy skill-based targeting immensely, I do not think overly twitch-based mechanics fit into a 3rd person MMO. As for ground telegraphs, I never played Wildstar but from the videos I have seen, i think "clustercustard" sums it up nicely. Here's hoping for that elusive happy medium!
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