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  1. Yeah, we'll have to see once more details are released, but there seems to be a lot of guilds focusing on mercenary work, so hopefully that is encouragement enough for ACE to put in some cool features to help mercs out. Already seeing some mercenary guilds forming alliances, so maybe we'll see an EK functioning as a hub for all mercenary guilds where they could have thralls stationed selling services, and guild leaders could discuss matters concerning the business.
  2. It will probably be on the european servers, but I guess if enough people from the US are interested I don't see a problem in appointing a commander of sorts on the american servers
  3. Thanks, took a while to decide (ashen rocks)
  4. Website: http://ashenoutfit.shivtr.com/ About The Ashen Outfit will be a relatively small guild (20-50 people), making it possible for a small gang where everyone knows each other, something that will offer great teamwork and allow us (I hope) to be a elite outfit (managed to cram it in there ). Because of this, the guild structure will be rather simple, with the basic leader, some officers, and other members, I can add more if people wish it. That said, thanks to the small size, every member will have a saying in guild matters. The guild will be focusing on mercenary work, taking jobs from anyone willing to pay the appropriate price for our services. As the game isn't even alpha yet, and we don't know too many details I don't wanna say too much, but I'll be updating this as time goes on and get more details. But for that reason, I thought it would be a nice time to start growing a community who can give feedback and request things they wanna see in the guild. There is a website where people can apply and discuss whatever they feel like, I'll start polls on things like the logo design, name and website, feel free to give me feedback.
  5. Really admire you design, read all your blog posts on creating a guild, great read.
  6. ThatGuy


    Awesome stuff! Also, love the quote from The Stormlight Archive.
  7. Tempted to fly lower tier, just for tophat ^^
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