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  1. New Player Experience

    There are going to be very very specific crafters, harvesters and PVPers just based on how in-depth and choice driven the skill trees are at a moment. When the training time gets scaled back to standard training times, it is going to make a difference whether or not you go down one path and not the other. There will have to be coordination between everyone on everything. Which is what makes the game so exciting. Being a more casual player will not hinder your experience in my eyes, you might get thrust into the "PVP grunt" role as I stated above. Whereas your skill and tactical knowledge in combat will be your asset. Your guild crafters will supply you armor in exchange for you doing your best to win the campaign for them so they can get the most resources to keep the guild rolling in gear/weapons. Sure, over time you can "catch up" to a certain extent but by that time I think there are going to be established crafters and harvesters in the game. You will specifically go to their EK's to get their gear or materials because you KNOW they make great stuff. It will be a reputation kinda thing. Some guilds might have open doors because they want the business, and some may close their doors to cut off any competition from getting better items.
  2. New Player Experience

    You are hoping it is a steep catch up mechanic. Do you honestly think it will be an steep one? It might help, but it wont put you on par with the people who play Day 1. I am going to assume you have played an MMO at launch day, been the first to max level, been the first to crafting X item. Feels good doesn't it, feels rewarding doesn't it? I am also going to assume you have wanted to come back to an MMO you used to play, or start one that is say 5 months already into launch. Not easy to catch up is it? You don't really feel quite on par with everyone else do you? Basically what you are asking for is a cash shop item to give you "24hrs Extra Time Bank! $9.99!" and if that every happens, count my refund in. What would the benefit be for people who are backers, kickstarters, Day 1 fiends? Why play all the time when you can just buy or craft yourself instant catch up potions or whatever you might be thinking is going to be the "mechanic". My statement is based in observation, but it comes from observation across many many MMOs for many years. You can change the way the game is going to be played like Crowfall has, but you can't change the mentality of the MMO genre itself.
  3. It sure seems that way, and I don't know if I agree with it if that is the current "system". Seems to me if you take the time to harvest some high end materials, and pump time into your respective gathering tree and crafting tree that things should get easier for you. Otherwise, for harvesting purposes, why not just crank out White tools until you get something on the high end side, instead of wasting good materials on high quality tools with high risk and less reward.
  4. Maybe its bad RNG, but on White tools I usually go all in and will get like +40-60 pretty often. I try and do that on Green+ tools and I come out with "moderate" success most of the time for like +23-30, its so damn weird. Same risk on both.
  5. Online/Offline

    I hope this it the case. It seems right now they don't close until the EK is completely vacant. I left mine the other day with some friends in there and it stayed open until they vacated it. If your EK is a crafting hot spot I doubt it is going to be empty ever. But then again, when it gets into the early morning hours it might be empty and shut down which would be a problem for anyone trying to get into it in the morning. I really hope that there are plans for possibly a mobile app for booting up EK's and training skills on the fly. Any thoughts on that as well @jtoddcoleman
  6. New Player Experience

    To add a little more, I will cautiously say that this is the plain and simple fact of Crowfall: Those who do not play Day 1 are going to be left behind in the crafting and harvesting game. As of right now, the training system works on a time based progression. So, those who have more time invested in their account are going to naturally be ahead of someone who say, chooses not to get into the game until a month or two after launch. There may be catch up progression items, etc, but I don't think we know the logistics for sure right now. So, new players coming into the game will essentially be PVP grunts, because they won't exactly be able to offer anything other than their fighting and looting abilities to the already established crafters and harvesters. A guild will be necessary when gearing for PVP and anything else you want to do. This will be a heavy PVP game, so getting to know the community, join a guild, form an alliance and plan out strategies BEFORE release is going to benefit the individual as well as the community. This is one of the reasons why I would encourage you to do your homework on the forums, log in and make friends on a faction, and just ask questions in general. In the end, to me, this won't be a game you can casually waltz in to and feel important.
  7. New Player Experience

    Sort of. So basically all of the training is sped up way quicker than it will be during actual launch. I came into 5.4 about 3 weeks ago and yes I have been mostly logging in to progress my skills, use my time bank and do some minor crafting. I have avoided PVP because there are people lightyears ahead of me in skill training and gear. However, I am now finally to the point where I can go past basic crafting, basic materials and get into the good stuff. When I mine ore, I get rare+ all the time and I have finally been able to craft an entire set of rare/epic gear. So now I can finally get out there and do some PVP and hang with the rest of the people who have been doing this for a while. When the game launches, the training is going to take a lot longer to get these better harvesting tools / weapons / armor. Meaning everyone will be smashing trees and making basic gear and fighting in with "subpar" equipment. Sure, its mundane right now and could use some variety in the early going but if you truly want to test the game, figure out its systems and be ready to take on 5.5+ and keep exploring what the game has to offer, it is going to take some patience on your end. Make your character, train your skills and just read up on the information on the forums. That is what I have been doing and it is finally paying off. I know what you are saying, that it is not new player friendly. But as of right now its the best option in my opinion.
  8. New Player Experience

    I agree, I took a long hiatus after the Hunger Dome sessions ended and then came back for 5.4. To me, 5.4 has and is all about learning the systems, crafting and harvesting. Plus, passively learning the skill trees and figuring out what you might take the closer the game gets to launch. Is all of the stuff in 5.4 subject to change in the future? Sure, but knowing how the base of this game works is what is really exciting and what will give you the leg up on new players coming into the game. Is this boring? You bet it is, but trust me I was just as bored whacking trees when I came back, but now that I have passive skills and better harvesting tools and an understanding of how the crafting functions, going out to get materials and make new armor and weapons is pretty damn exciting. This coming from someone who has previously hated crafting in every MMO I have ever played before this one.
  9. How to change faction ?

    The live campaigns for Tyranny have been extended another two weeks with reset Spirit Bank Import/Exports as well. So, I think he has to wait another two weeks to change factions on his particular server.
  10. So, if you do this though isn't the risk going to remain the same? If you had 10 Pips and did 5 in Grade and 5 in Durability on ONE roll, would the risk be the same as going lets say a straight 10 Pips in Grade? Or is the risk generated per Stat, I havent even tried this.
  11. This is what I kind of figured after getting that high +60 on my "Common" hammer. Thanks for the information on the PIP usage, I will try it out later tonight. Highest pick I have yielded so far is a +47 on a blue but I wasn't using the PIP"s effectively like you comment on in your post. Some extra completed training since then should help as well. Thanks for all your time guys.
  12. May I ask what the risk was on the "All In 7 Pip" on each of those? I am trying to gauge where I am at. I think I have one more pip to go on the experimentation success skill before the runemaking line is capped out.
  13. Thanks Tinnis, So is there anyway to manipulate what kind of success you get, or is it all pretty much RNG at this point?
  14. Can anyone fill me in on this? I have been getting bits and pieces from previous forums posts but someone school me. I have my Runemaking Experimentation Success + Points maxed out in the skill tree, along with assembly success. Using crafting potions I am having trouble just making a half decent pickaxe. So last night, as an example, I made a "Common" pickaxe, went to experiment on it and said screw it and dropped all experimentation points at one time, got a "great success" which bumped it up to like +50-60 (I cant remember exactly) Then I make a couple "Blue" pickaxes, I do a full experimentation at one time and it is "Successful" and it literally goes to maybe +23ish. I make another "blue" and do it 1 by 1 on experimentation points and it caps out maybe around +32. Now I am hearing people are getting around the 60-75ish areas pretty consistantly. So what am I doing wrong here, do I have to go Epic and higher in quality or am I just getting RNG'd. I have heard it is better to go for around 50% risk at a time for better results but no verification on it. Any input would be helpful, my brain hurts.
  15. Gotcha, so if I am reading it correctly, if you were a leather only class you would have to waste 2 minor slots on Mail+Plate minors to even wear plate. But in its current state, seems like that is not something beneficial to do.