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  1. 4 day campaigns

    The zero import also just makes it into a joke. All the headaches, no quality of life. Mobafall is not fun.
  2. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Or you talk to the established players and find out what they need. And do a trade. Your time and effort for aid getting gear until you can supply your own gear. There are always options. You just choose to do what you will. Also this is a test. Not a game. The real game is not even close to done yet.
  3. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    How many did they send to kill the bait last night? But hey they got me. And we got the other keep. Good times. Then we came back and killed this keeps tree as well, but they were faster on the planting of the new tree. Ahh well.
  4. The lawn got bumped to 48 people. But the Que starts at 12 still. Same bug as was on test a month back. So I cannot go over 12 people it holds you in que till someone logs. On a plus note the que system works well.
  5. Observations on the 5.8 scoreboard system

    I would love to see minimal points given for capturing or holding the lands. But, and it is a great big but!! I would want to see points given for working the land. Harvesting on it gives you points. Crafting on it gives you points. Killing/defending on it gives you points. Having people active in the area is what gets you the score, not just capturing vast swaths of land and leaving it fallow. Gathering and killing in enemy lands should get some bonus points as well, but should slowly tick the capture bar down. Have a cap of some sort to prevent too much exploitation, but larger parcels or highly contested/valuable ones could have a higher cap of points for the various types of use. Of course I also want the ability to upgrade the camps and towers with building mats to make them more valuable, adding crafting, vendors and such, where it would make sense.
  6. Some EK bugaboos. Socketing tables are forced to a specific rotation. And Necromancy on Christmas Eve is a sin. (Thanks Anhrez) Socketing Vendor stalls is impossible with it missing it's socket. Both to buildings or the slab. I was doing a span across a ravine when it stopped docking and noped.
  7. Getting full points for owning the land is shortsighted. Doing things on the land should reward points. Gathering, killing, making things on the land should be where the most points accrue. Just owning the land shouldn't be the end all be all. You should be using the land you control. Standing on the control point should tick like 5 times more for the ownership of the land, but anyone walking on the land or using the resources should also tick the control slightly. If noone is using the land then it should fall into a contested/neutral state after a while with noone working or using the area, capture or no capture. If you can't use the land you control then you truly do not control it. Say a parcel with a campfire is worth 22 points total in the day cycle. 2 should be for owning it. 20 kills will cap out that portion, or 20 points will cap out for creating things, or gathering things (doobers/nodes) So you can have kills/gather/craft to get to max. If you lose the parcel halfway you get what points accrued and new owner gets his points as well once it ticks over. Same thing for a keep. 10 points for owning it. 40 points for Using it. Kills, Crafts, or Gathers on that parcel.
  8. EK vendor stalls still lack a socket point. Castle is still floating. And not able to be trod upon. Walls are non functioning. (You can walk through it)
  9. It's because time is valuable and crafters are the weakest most exposed and carrying all the good stuff. Have fun in basics everyone. I have been hoping they do this for a while so the poorly made socksstorm can wake up a few people.
  10. Looks like no more crafting in the EK. So no more crafting, unless crafters have guards.
  11. Death Shroud is dumb

    I would have rather seen the shroud on the crow. Ticking down while returning, rather than once you stand up. So stand up early and be weak but functional, but not have a run back then 3 minute wait.
  12. Fall has already killed any enjoyment in gathering. Especially for test when a move to live is coming. Without some sort of alternative target for gatherers, especially in the early times before skill is established, fall and winter are totally unfun for gatherer types. Fall and winter should have us retargeting gathering towards something. Like the hunger crystals should get better once the seasons are progressed, not less drops. Or the whole hunger touched mats that I tried floating before. Sure regular iron is now a pita to harvest. But hunger touched iron is there, and it wants to be used. To spread, to corrupt another living thing. Make a conflict towards the players. Leave the hunger crystals untouched so that you can keep harvesting the hunger touched mats, but the items made while powerful break so easily.... Hunger Touched Iron Bar. 9 Hunger touched iron. Starting attack power value for a regular white Iron Bar is 1.33 For the hunger touched variant it is 2.66 But the durability is 1/4th for the bar. And if it breaks while equipped you take 100 hp damage. Also special tag, unable to be stored in a spirit bank. It is a corrupted item. Gatherers need something that they do not suck at for fall and winter. Just wanting them to go pvp when their focus and talents and passive training are in gathering is a very non fun direction.
  13. No Sockets for the Vendor Stall. Makes EK's not so great again.