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  1. Not seen a single captain, chief, or king in the camps I have visited and cleared. No bigger animals other than a few elder pigs. Makes for a very very stale boring world.
  2. Death.... is Eating a sammich!
  3. I got a shiny green Nethari Vessel here. I want to give it to you and have you do a war story on your leveling to 30 and outfitting of whatever class you decide to play. No GM tools. No fancy Owner leveling tricks. Stay awhile and play the game with us. Come see what we are seeing. Leveling is now a chore. Not enough mobs. Small starting areas that can not support almost any population. A brick wall of advancement stoppage where you cannot advance in many cases due to the needed/required items are just not available in game. (Minor discs) Merchant areas dominated by a singular guild that is not interested in commerce or fun. Come play your game for a couple weeks. See how it is. 2 hours a night. Come on. I double dog dare you.
  4. Set up a vendor with Tags for bounties and what I would pay for a players skull a couple years ago.
  5. Is there any way to cull many of the light sources when the siege window kicks off? We had a ton of people at the last siege window on infected and it was a slideshow again. Saturday night is the next window, Ace should show up and experience it.
  6. Thank you Pann, and ACE team. This I want to see more of.
  7. Make war tribes locations capturable after the king/chief dies. Mobs become neutral to the guild that captures the flag. Chests spawn mats across the area that let crafters do the things that the war tribes do with gear. Make killing the tribes when hostile to you lower the time of the king/chief respawns. Minions =-1 second to spawn. Elites= -5 seconds. Captains -30 seconds. Make more trees of the good ranks in the forests, More metal in the caverns and mines, and more stone in the hilly and mountain areas. Bring back the neat point of interest parcels. Make those metal and lumber and stone points of interest capturable with map wide alerts. (And a foreman/workers of the POI spawned, + the chests and pack pigs) Add Icons on the map of warnings of enemies spotted if not stealthed. Polish the ideas, make things owenable and available to be upgraded by player work.
  8. 1. Quit letting people farm anything of value in GR, the risk/reward is clearly off if 2/3 to 3/4 of the game population is playing in GR. Yeah cause the pvp zones are so damn populated. Some people do not like the risk, they do not like being the chained goat for the stalking wolves. Surely if you force them into wasting all their work if they get caught by the wolves they will find it to be fun! This argument has been had over and over for years. Yet the pvp'ers never seem to acknowledge it has been tried and failed over and over. The gatherer types will leave. Then the wolves get bored only fighting dwindling numbers of wolves and leave as well. Have no real risk farming for the folks who enjoy it. Limited advancement but with rare chances at some better things in small scale to keep things interesting. When the ability to progress dies completely then the risk averse leave. When they leave the game gets smaller and less interesting. Make breadcrumb trails to better, faster, advancement in tiers of risk going up to full on Rank 10 Dregs smashmouth gameplay. But if someone is playing away, dinking at Rank 5 nodes and having fun, why does that hurt the pvp'ers? If they get mats to help another then you can go kill that other person when they go to the dregs. Where if that risk averse player quits then the world is more shallow, less populated and less chances of people getting hooked socially. They have the ability to make many rulesets, many worlds to cater to a bunch of people. Not everyone is going to walk into the thresher that is dregs and enjoy it. If they do not enjoy the game they will quit. And ACE gets no more money. And of course when people talk about anything. they sell the bad way harder than the good.
  9. Made this a couple days ago. And this on a Different account
  10. Factories will fix it. <eyeroll> I am sure factories will make this have better stats. 6ish weeks of training in. Requiring what 4+ players. With quite a few man hours to gather and create the infrastructure to make this in the first place. Also next patch the classes with Wings can't fly, but of course Champion Horses can.
  11. We are all not good at crafting. Some are just not good badder. It truly is frustrating.
  12. I know a bit about extra accounts and toons for storage. Just finished training on those. Wheee
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