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  1. I did start a new EK on an unused account and when I turn on pvp there guildies can fight. Maybe something left over from the early birds?
  2. After all weekend and today. All this change has done, has made me want to macro the crafting up. When I am trying to formulate macros rather than play, the designers have failed. I am actively trying to NOT play the game. This is poorly tuned. Unfun. And frankly, quite disappointing.
  3. Very specific bug. In Jewelcrafting. Con based ring settings do not combine into rings. Others work, con ones do not.
  4. What I would like to see A pattern to make your growing toolkit. (The green belt item you can make) The white toolkit. You make one at the start of your gameplay. Can be equipped By white vessel. Has an ability. It has a stacking increase to chance when crafting the stuff to get a knowledge. Green toolkit resets the chance. Acts like the one we get now but is equippable with green body. Has same stacking as white. Blue toolkit has slightly better stats than green Equippable only with blue. Has same stacking chance. Up through Legendary. Still has the random chance but as you g
  5. 112 vessels to my first knowledge. Thankfully a couple of guildies had better luck. VanZant got 1 after about 2 hours of crafting. And Ghandi got one in about 20 minutes. Bad bad thing. Have to socket the blue into a crummy non tweaked body, so that I can make tweaked bodies for everyone else and get another three for the necro to put into a well made/ tweaked body. BLEH! And that whole previous time it was double ambrosia. Very very unfun
  6. 87 Armor crafted. Bleh 60+ vessels made. zero knowledges yet. This is very very unfun. around 80 tools made. zero knowledges. Did about 50 Phil stones. and 50ish armor coatings. 2 knowledges there. Made around 4 weapons and got 1 knowledge there. Still very very unfun. Costs are high, and while I have training now, after a wipe, trying to do this with whites that noone is going to want is going to drive home how much of a treadmill chore it is. Also green and blue crafting have no lift to the crafting stats. I guess since you can equip the belt at blue that allow
  7. Gosh the whole we do not want you to make 100 of something to advance is out the window. Random chance to get crafting discs by making things later... Sigh Crap Got my first Armorsmith. yay. Took that much armor made, at the increased prices for 1. I tihnk I need three to make a blue soul. to be able to equip the belt item. So much for the no crafting grind. custard hogwash.
  8. Ain't none of it real. We have at least 1 more wipe. Total Wipe. Start over. For launch. I expect at least a partial wipe for 6.2 but I expect a total there too. Too much crap has accumulated through drop tables that were bugged, We are at the cusp to the interesting part of the crafting, but it is wildly off with the gathering track. (Months and years to go for gathering) but getting near the last 10 or so nodes in a crafting line. Still a snotpile of work to be done.
  9. I want a que system for the 15-45 minute gamers. But instead of an instance that takes the fights out of the world in matches, opposing sized forces to a PoI and then turns on that PoI. 3 man group ques up for an Outpost/fort/mine fight They get matched with an enemy 3 man group near an outpost. 5..4..3..2..1. Port. Reward Chest is spawned on the outpost and it is reverted to neutral and Fresh Guards are spawned. Anyone near can interfere as well. But at least it is a chance for people who are looking for fights to get some instant access. In the game world.
  10. People keep showing up. Also.. Is the top 5 guilds deaths so far this campaign. Stuff will start breaking. At random times. Needed upgrades will happen. And this is in a dead campaign.
  11. Gearing out 50 people is not fun. Doing it multiple times in a campaign would make any sane person quit. Especially in a system as detailed as this one. With the time investments, in gearing up the crafters, getting materials gearing up the gatherers and all the thousands of little pitfalls before you even get to make combat toons gear that they could break in an afternoon. Some of you people need to become crafters. Do you know of any happy crafters after a long play session? I get satisfaction from making people things. But the actual making of the items in Crowfall, is work. And with
  12. Of course there will be wipes. But they are not going to talk about it. Talking about it makes players stop playing and testing. Heck I should not be talking about it.
  13. <Question> <For Dregs> Can we get more storage in the keeps. The two chests are not nearly enough. Can the Campaign vaults get the same sort and search UI and functions of the GR/EK Bank. And 200 slots. Binding at Keep/Belltower/Resstatue will this be a thing. Ever? <EK> XS tokens. Reworks coming? Weeks? Months? Years? Vassal Chests - Same as noble chests but with vassal permissions. Deposit only permissions. Can add to chest. But can't remove. EK uptime Duration. Still being worked on? Weeks? Months? Years? More sandbox tools. Placing Seeds for materi
  14. Started up ek at 9ish am this morning. Over the day I have had 9 EK crashes, it is almost 9pm est. Server itself shuts down. Client is fine. Wait 3-4 minutes and spin back up.
  15. Yep. Man I had a melt down yesterday. Sorry for the snark, wish I could tone it down some, but I am kinda an unpleasant person and have been so for a long long time. It is a fault.
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