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  1. The basics of the game should come at a time when you start thinking now what. At the beginning it needs to be fairly fast. Minutes and hours. Then hours and 3-4 hour increments. then days. Then weeks. Then the next break point comes at 2-3 weeks. Then a big break point at a month. People quit on the milestones when they take time to say am I having fun. Then three months and 6 months. then 9 and a year. Anything longer than 90 days quickly loses focus with the younger crowd, and most of them have an attention span of 90 minutes. Having a 36 hour gap from start to get a mount is trivial to a developer. They can just get the skill for free. For a player, it is 36 hours that they are now behind other people who are getting other things. No matter if it is realistic or not, it breeds resentment in many players minds. They want to be doing the cool things, the things all the other people in discord are doing. Not waiting 36 hours. (Even though everyone is waiting that 36 hours) But once it is done. And you have the mount, the resentment will remain. Even after the new mount speed is worn off of a fun idea and becomes the base speed we should have had... (Stupid 36 hour wait.) You have to have a mount to keep up with the joneses. It is a requirement, in a pvp game. Gated the way it is, is simply a source of frustration.
  2. Thanks for the sneak peak. Lots of stuff to like, lots of stuff to gripe about. Time will tell, but again thank all of the team for the hard work. So much has changed. Sheesh
  3. Damn it pope, get out of my head. I was thinking that while the page was loading!
  4. You are excused. Run along now and keep being so darn helpful. I could pinch your cheeks! You are so darn precocious!
  5. Gosh that is exactly it. You are such a smart fella!
  6. No. They could then put it on blast. Or let 1 person know on discord and it would be cross posted in a second. Being coy just frustrates everyone. And since there is very little structured info other than "were working on it" It causes unreasonable actions in others who want more information. I mean they have people. (Top people) Who they are paying to communicate with us. Crickets for a few days when it is on the cusp like this is unreasonable as well.
  7. What would be perfect is a message saying... We think we got it. We will do some internal testing, patch up the server and go as fast as we can. ETA 7pm eastern to let yall play. But it might still fail. So relax and check back at 7pm edt. If you hearn nothing by 8pm eastern, then check back Monday around 5 pm eastern. What would be less perfect is. We still don't have it. We are continuing testing. Next window is Monday at 5pm Eastern for more news if not sooner than that.
  8. They could already spawn objects in the world. Druid Balls. That could be affected by others for the longest time. (Tornados, and shield bonks could move them) Had some fun times with that.
  9. Have yall gotten the idea yet to log into an EK with the required number of people. See if it is purely a player near player issue or something with the new spawners, other systems?
  10. srathor


    Thanks for the heads up Tyrant! Also thanks for the hard work from you and the team, I know I gripe an awful lot, but I am a fan. Else I would just not care, and me and the UDL crew do care a lot.
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