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  1. For armor sure. But if a pattern is made for blade molds. Or you know. White gear fo the shmoes. Or cutting wheels or whatever gripe work you have. After a few weeks with them training in the bunny worlds first and getting their white vessels trained up i am sure they will be ready for some skill soul injectors to put some swing in their big crafting hooligan. Or books or whatever the metric is. Besides as it is now noone will care because there will only be new players because everyone will quit from the tedium and coordinated treadmill/flaming hoop jumping. They really need a hunger dome transport to the last final seconds of the campaign worlds destruction where the "I want my pvp" purists who just want to attack could go while the others play the thronewar. Hell reward them with some mats and make it an alternative to gathering. Everyone playing and churning up stuff would be good for retention.
  2. They are lost in the 57.92^10th power of the things they need to do before worrying about being viable as a crafter in a cutthroat game of 30th level plus blue vessel only pvp campaigns? Or the guildies put them to work making the things that have no stats yet still must b made while the get skills. You know apprentice like.
  3. Why should purples drop off rank 10's in the early parts of the game? Have the drops scale with crafter skill/time trained. As in 1st campaign spring. Whites dropped maybe a green off the toughest of the tough as a rare drop. 1st campaign winter some greens occasionally. Maybe near the end a blow blue off the toughest of the tough. As the crafters skills rise so does the pool of available drops. This is not a hard problem to solve with keeping it tied to the passive training of a campaign world.
  4. Hell I don't even know what to yell about. hm. Where are we going to put all this new loot? Crafters? Hell, Players? Bueller? Bueller?
  5. And they add in a gold to dust factor and gold has value again. That they control. They could even have a sliding value for it depending on what they want. Lots of ways to skin the cat man.
  6. We have asked for a filter for servers that are online and offline. I think they are still working on that one too.
  7. Several patches back gold was worth a decent amount. Whites were able to be converted into items to level people quickly with a goodly amount of work behind the scenes. It was efficient yet a bit tedious for the crafter and the buyer was happy and leveled fast. White frames could level white vessels to 20 then green was needed. Then they tied levels to skills and the nerfs kept coming. To the point of crafters no longer wanted to spend the time and mats to make things to sac. It was not worth it. Gold went out the window a patch or two later as a leveling tool and it lost ALL value. At one point with all the other stuff going on we had 5ish EK's all thriving and competition was going well. 10+ vendors in each. Every one of the changes since has killed that. Ace might want to look into that.
  8. Just set up an arena "world" where you can free for all outside of the Arena parcel but inside is a que for a structured map area. People moving to the arena area would still need to defend themselves but once in the area proper they could que and show off. (Make the area part of the free cities maybe as exhibition matches.) Give xp, but it is for an arena tagged vessel only. Gear is also provided and arena only.
  9. Maybe 2 seconds after they said but all drops of discs are blue I noticed a clustercustard. Anyone else notice a clustercustard? I thie the custardlecutersducks are a coming.
  10. So green vessels just get nothing?
  11. ^ | Seems like a pretty good start.
  12. Uhh. Read many many pages of stuff. You know on the boards. You might find a few examples.
  13. There are many reasons people are not playing the game.
  14. You should have seen that time I got a better placement on the EK listing than that other guy. /teabag #flex Am I doing the pvps right?
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