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  1. With the changing of stats, white green and blue weapons made with those mats are pretty much crap. They ruined any decent use out of them when they took away the stat line. Yes you can get decent damage rolls on them. Once you get up in skill. but the stats change screws it over completely. Make weapons with purple mats. Make armor with blue and below. Is a decent rule of thumb. And of course grind out 1000's of useless items to level. Such a custard chore.
  2. I am scared to try. So much crap. Need the boxes
  3. EK bug. I am at 100 chests. Kicked 8 vassal chests placed by an alt to move a keep. Moved Keep to a new parcel. Noticed still at 100 Chests. Ahh crap. Cannot place any more chests. Also 100 chests is very small. Any chance of an increase on that It did not register or refresh chest #
  4. We have some vendors on the lawn. Myself and 2 other players are placing some stuff up. Some tools, food, weapons and armor. We do not sell vessels yet. Anhrez is still dodging Real life, so not around much. (Very sadly, I miss him)
  5. More bag space! Extra cool names. Umm. Well. I got nothin!
  6. Trust in leadership to get you to the right place. Eventually. But we did win that fight.
  7. I miss the passive system. It needed tweaks, not a bathwater tossing. I am sad the potential of the EK's has not and likely never will be fleshed out. The recent seals system removal, guts much of the interplay between crafting and gathering. Tossing workable systems that might need tweak, vrs introducing half baked half finished placeholders that will never get baked nor finished. Making 5000 white chain boots (or whatever) is a god damn travesty. I would not have spent the money I did on the product we now have. I would have tossed 50 bucks at it and hoped I played for 3 months.
  8. Move the book vendor and Level pedestal to 25+ zone. You then have to level at least 1 toon to 25 per account properly before the bennies get used. Still think it is pay to win. But with the accounts I have it could be grand timesaver.
  9. Chest does not socket on the crafting desk still. Made a lego one with quality control as well and Ctrl and alt do nothing. Armor enchants have the same issue from old timey necro additives. That looks good on paper. We will never use it till already at cap. If they are lego lego then to be honest it is nice but very VERY lackluster. The seal system worked. Please for the love of pete bring it back. Keep the enchants as an end game system perchance for armor, but all the crafting enchants we have found are not addressing the wants of the players that would use them, The gathering seems slightly better. But they are single line. And with only a single enchant slot on gear means we are losing a huge amount of versatility with the seal change. Please bring back the seals for now. Do not launch with a partly finished idea that does not address the wants and needs of a playerbase that have been using seals for Years.
  10. Kiro Free Flight My favorite. Bugged neck adding +300% base attack damage. Teasing W with it. Or the rapid fire LMB adding Lifesteal to rangers. Up to 100% all the time, till you log out. Logging out next to a door in a keep and when logging in, being on top the wall. Healing Trees of life with Campfires. Many many campfires. Poor W.
  11. Yeah doesnt work We really need it or two em on the corners. Like this mock up below. Oh and they do need to work.
  12. There are clumps of wood that are counting and they screw up MANY areas. Let me find a pic Covered the driftwood that counts as environment in sparklies.
  13. The ramps still cannot go low enough to be functional. Chest sockets are still missing from crafting decks. (mock up picture)
  14. Yeah get a few folks off hours as nobles, and a few folks as vassals. Then the nobles can have vassals as well. Trade chat is as simple as /join Trade. There is some work involved to running a 100% uptime trade EK.
  15. EK's on Test server will not spin up. Please enable them
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