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  1. If like minded people get together you can have fights in 2-3 minutes. Make a fight club Ek. Hey people want instant fights. /join fight club. Now you have a channel. Make a quick EK invite the people in the channel to the EK. Boom. Fights.
  2. Form life II, (The second cast of the balls) drops at your feet not at the reticle. From Pack Leader. First one casts fine.
  3. On live. Form life from pack leader. First ball drops at target reticle. Second ball from form life II drops at your feet, ignoring the reticle.
  4. srathor


    It was cool looking and a great backdrop to the bigger filled parcels
  5. srathor


    What happened to my Fallen colossus on the hamlet parcels! custard Riot!
  6. Oh yeah, not only getting banned for that, but likely going to hell as well. Too damn funny.
  7. We all want stuff to loot right? There should be some risk. As it stands right now, people go bank all their valuable items before they go out into the world. This prevents core gameplay mechanics of looting people of the hard earned items they have. This is obviously unfair. It denies people the joy of rifling through the bags of the people you just murdered. It is unfun, unfair, and even, dare I may say, untoward! If you attack another player, you should get a mark upon you. Something that siphons all your worldly loot upon your body. Just to be fair. From all accounts so that you do n
  8. 117 Green runes to make belt. Made 4 this morning when I found out they were not tradeable I had to remake the 2 I made on another account. 117 Green discs. 65 Dom dust. 27 belts 50K gold for a widget/coin, I think the partridge and the pear tree are extra.
  9. If you just get 50 people to mine for you, you could be done in a half hour! That is like almost no grind at all. Don't worry about the gold either. Easily farmed at 10K gold an hour. Or so I am told.
  10. Rough average of nodes. around 25ish per soul. 30 seconds per node. 117 x 25 = 2925 2925 / 2 = 1462.5 minutes. 1462 minutes / 60 = 24.375 man hours of pure mining fun!
  11. It is fine! 117 Souls needed. 27 belts at 2500 each, a 50K coin. 65 Dom dust at 4K each. Untradeable. But it can be banked!
  12. It is unfun, it will remain unfun. And I am not going to continue to do things that are unfun. They need to be willing to do what they are asking other to do. If the devs do not have time to play the game, and see what they are asking. Then why the custard do they think we have the time. This is custard supposed to be entertainment. Make it custard fun FIRST!.
  13. Some notable quotes from myself while testing this early this morning. "yep custard this poorly made dergs" "custard stupid" "More busywork hogwash that is unfun, overpriced, convoluted, and noone would want to buy this poorly made dergs." "I wish I wanted to play Wow" "Man that 1000 ore wood and stone went quick, still no discs." "Jesus, this is hogwash." "Do the deves even play the game." "custard Scipio" x1000
  14. Yay 41 tools in first proc. I am going back to bed. custard this poorly made dergs.
  15. 32 advanced tools and counting for Anap. No drops yet! Gosh this is fun
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