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  1. Enemies and friends need to get made. You do not do that offline. Learning the classes and discs so that you can make an informed choice, does not happen offline. Getting the mats, knowing what is needed to get the mats, knowing people to help get mats, knowing where to go to get said mats, doesn't happen offline. Playing the game doesn't happen offline. In so many other games you level faster by doing more boring things over and over again. You want to level faster than the other guys so you can be more powerful. In a pvp game this is the single most important thing, to be more powerful than the opponents, to let you kill them and take their poorly made socks. After playing another alpha game, where the leveling is once again the most important part of the power curve I can honestly say Crowfall has this part right. No keeping up with the joneses on doing some stupid leveling exploit to get .2 tenth of a percent faster xp so you can be level 80 in 2 weeks of mindless custard grinding. To then get to the good part. Where once folks who actually play the game finally catch up, the speedsters end up quitting because it is not "fun" anymore. custard that. Play the game. Power comes from time, and playing the game. Knowing people, personalities meshing, teamwork, logistical skill, map knowledge from time playing in the world. Play the game.
  2. Super annoying things

    You can increase basic tool duration with a disc. You can also increase basic tool duration by using white named wood. Getting a sturdy basic tool. There is a skill that increases basic tool durability 2-3 nodes in a fast training timeline. I do think all tools need to be about 3x more durability though. even now. Others disagree. Such is life.
  3. Will the EK's have a sorting method like even a simple show online/offline button?
  4. Combat is where gold comes from. At least for now. Set spirit bank transfers to 5 up 5 down at the start of the campaign. Give 5 up 5 down more for each of the season changes to all players. Any others can be acquired one of three ways. Capture of keeps, forts, towers, and camps gives you a transfer token reward. Bigger the target the more they are worth up to a cap per season shift. The other way is through gathering mats. With the right skill gotten from training there is a chance for a token to drop that can be sacrificed to a brazier for a transfer (Either up or down, not both). and the third way is to make a token with crafting. Probably a basic pattern thing that uses a mat, dust, and gold to make. Again subject to caps per season, till a final win. Winners can get a higher cap but not by too much, and they still need the tokens to sacrifice to get the power to move the stacks. (Or make the tokens themselve give the power. x1 token to SB at a location in the beachhead x tokens to power it from anywhere.) Thoughts?
  5. Trading wins is a byproduct of poor balance on points. Too much for the taking, no issue with losing. Holding needs to generate a stipend of some sort. Actively using the land needs to generate points as well. But not as much as using enemy lands. (forces people to go out beyond the safe zones. But the key is, if you are generating points for using enemy lands it must also be generating points to flip that land to neutral then to your control. If you are using your own lands you are counteracting that flipping mechanic by your enemies as well. All actions in a game like this are pvp. Be it crafting, gathering, or conquest. All actions have worth towards your side winning. Go gather on enemy lands, if they are not using it you flip it towards your side, if you don't have the ability to hold it and use it, it will flip back giving the enemy points against you. But it will also generate conflict and most likely a hot "front" of heavy pvp combat between opposing players looking for points and lands and mats and chances to get ahead/catch up.
  6. I mostly craft in the EK. It just makes more sense. Risk vrs reward is wildly out of whack, for crafting in the campaigns. Storage is at a premium, npc guards are next to useless, crafting takes a goodly amount of time, and while taking that time you are very vulnerable and carrying tons of valuable loot. ACE can force the issue, while ignoring the feedback and have a nice warm poorly made socksstorm on their hands, or they can try and fix the risk vrs reward somehow. I would suggest some better NPC guards, or a chest next to the crafting tables that mats in the chest are used by said crafting table and if the crafter is killed and chest is looted like only 20% of the mats in the chest are available to be looted.
  7. Different people like different things. Truer words have never been spoken. I hope they are going to do the leaderboards with more than the combat aspect. More than forts and kills and flags taken. Things like Great Items made, Amazing items crafted, Nodes harvested, monsters slain. Winning should be an ongoing thing. Daily buffs for the leaderboard top spots. Small but effective enhancements to things that need to be done to make the game playable and livable. All actions should be counted towards the points total, not just the combat related actions. Spending time doing what you enjoy should help the war machine. Gathering, crafting and combat. Actions in safe controlled spots should be worth slightly less than actions done in contested spots. Gathering on enemy lands should be worth more than gathering on lands your faction controls. Feed the war machine. Make conflict part of the daily game, not just a winter activity. Make playing the game actively part of the win, not just taking a fort or a keep when others are asleep.
  8. I sure hope they have a ton of polish and changes that make the game better. 3 months of the same broken map, with a disabled keep, is not a fun first look for new players. Especially with all the knobs and buttons and whistles they have made to make changes easy that they ignore due to the unity upgrade. What is coming? We just have a month of fluff. When is it coming? Sometime in the next few years. What is holding things up? Stuff. Where are the test server cycles? Ever since marchish the test server universe and all the high dollar testers, have been increasingly marginalized and mostly ignored. Why has the stated goal of being more transparent with the players and backers gone by the wayside?
  9. Alchemist needed

    Make a vessel in the CW today, Use it for 3 weeks. It is not a waste. Most people do not play a game for three weeks.
  10. Cant resolve destination host

    You are using the test client. Not the functioning Live client. Go Make sure to run the patcher as Admin
  11. Yeah it needs to get an overhaul for the nerf they dropped on mail and leather when 5.7.1 dropped. But it needs a few more things to do as well. Blacksmithing has extra lines just in training. The other crafting choices need to get closer to where blacksmithing is, not strip out things from the profession. In previous patches we had much more communication because we were able to play the iterations 5.1.2, 5.2, 5.3sus. They have been going with more internal testing and not having test server available at all the last few months so other than little news blurbs or half hour segments on twitch (that used to be an hour) and stuff, we have no clue what is coming any more. Ace is pushing closer to release and clammed up hard on any information sharing, other than through official blurbs and channels.
  12. I wouldn't want Blacksmithing split or neutered. I would want to see the other professions enhanced. Leatherworking should be getting cloaks, bags, and other things soon enough. Who knows, the frostweaver might have a whip or other articulated weapon attack. Leatherworking could get tailoring added to it as a split off as well. There is still a lot of game yet to come out. Woodworking will need furniture and siege stuff soon enough as well. Runemaking and the thralls. Jewelcrafting and enchanting. Food. Alchemy. Lots of things to do and make still. Remember PRE-ALPHA!
  13. PSA: combine quality DOES affect stats

    Oh yeah. Arcadi, fantastic job! Thanks for finding this and clueing me in, I will help spread the info.