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  1. Server Stability Update

    And Kicked from server with msg cresting 10K . Same area.
  2. Server Stability Update

    A minute later... Same area can't move with rubberbanding. `
  3. Server Stability Update

    In the Chaos beachhead about 45 seconds ago.
  4. Yep Roll with Winterblades. Watch all that pretty gear get broken over and over.
  5. Not all of these were made by me, but it has been a fruitful weekend with the servers so busted.
  6. Let the games begin!

    It is a correctable problem in the faction servers as well. People acting like dicks can and will and have been blacklisted. Reputation matters. Actions matter. Choices matter. I have been an ass often with my complaining in chat over the last year. I still am paying the price for that, people will run past others in chaos to gank me. Both for my mouthy complaints and because I have the rep of a loot pig. So be it. Having people to like and hate is good for the game.
  7. Same number. Just use different mats
  8. # of subcombines. I think a two handed sword is taking 10 metal bars now and 2 stitched leather/wood planks. For a total of 12 An Axe and big shield would be 7 subcombines for metal bars (Or 5 and 2 wood) and 1 wood/leather for hilt for 8 total for the axe. Then the shield is 2 leather 3 wood for medium shield blank and 2 metal for another 7. So that total would be 15 Two axes/maces would be 18 Two hander classes are getting left behind on the attack power chase.
  9. I wonder who is /muted more, Tark or myself. Jack, any metrics on this burning question on just how toxic some of carebears on a pvp game are? I mean I know I am a carebear, and Tark is awfully invested in his crafters and gatherer accounts. Plus he sucks just as much at pvp as I do. He must be quite the bearcaring carebear.
  10. Please tell me you thought it through and will have like a 100 yard radius from your corpse res/stand up mechanic. Yes you can only see player objects from 10ish yards but can res away from the corpse by a goodly range away. And 10% loss of Max durability is already too much. Adding in the 25%+ would be foolish in the extreme. When it was 10% of the actual durability for death and 10% on tow truck res it was not all that bad but still went pretty darn fast. It was mitigated a lot since when it was in the 0.* range you could spirit bank it and repair the items back to max. 5% of the Base durability for death, and a 10% actual durability for tow trucks would make it a lot more palatable from this crafters perspective. 20+ deaths when recoverable but 10 non recoverable deaths ruins it would be acceptable to me. If they added in a repair function as well that would lower the durability by 25% max each repair that would give a good long lasting feel to good items but make people aware that it is going to break if they are foolish with it. With the above numbers. Take a 750 durability item that was made well so it has 1000 durability total. 1st death, 5% of base. is 37 durability. so 963, left. Second death another 37 gone but this time you have to tow truck. So when you tow truck it has 926 durability. It takes 93 durability. (Make sure to round up) That equals 833. Third death, 37 gone again. So forth so on. It gets down to 200 ish. You repair it at a friendly blacksmith. It now has 25% of it's max removed as the cost of the repair. So it is now at that 750 base and 750 max. Next cycle will go much the same. A little bit quicker sure. Make sure you are not soaking tow truck deaths, those hurt. Next repair the item has base 500 durability. Deaths hurt it quite a bit more since it is still 37 a death. Time to think about replacing it for real.
  11. I have continued to have the worst luck possible with the assembly change. But I do make a ton of stuff. 3 separate white mat chests have gone grey with the old Failure type results. Out of maybe 15 chest combines. Over the three types of chests. All white mats. Maybe a green or two in there but I was careful to leave out the greys from sub combine failures as well. (I almost have enough to make a whole set just out of the failures.) This has happened from the start of the wipe through to now with masteries. All of them grouped with my second computer running a crafting leadership guy grouped up with me while crafting. And cheaty test potions the whole time. Not being able to skill out of it is infuriating. Every single time it happens I curse Blair out in ever increasing vile terms and length. I sometimes get applause from the folks on discord. The russian judge still never gives me a ten though. Bastard. I can only work with the tools available to us by the devs. While the crafting in entertaining. And all the changes are somewhat novel, it has not fixed the core beef I have with it. Skill does not matter. Time playing the crafting game never makes you better at it. Time invested in the passive tree helps the numbers get bigger, but you never master anything. Any roll at any time can tank that bit, or ruin the whole damn time crafting something. And there are lots and lots and lots and lots of rolls. A blue material item has the same base as a white. And I hate it. It should be better. Yeah it has greater potential. 2 pips worth. But it should be better from the start. Like it was before 5.3. A lot was changed in the double revamp from 5.4 but that the material upgrade numbers is still not in after all the changes tells me it was forgotten or scrapped. That makes me sad. The loss of the copper bars and iron bars and such also makes me sad. Such cool little tidbits of material and metallurgical science and facts (and fantasy) lost. Ahh well rambling now. Sorry!
  12. Of course with the slot machine you get this as well. Back to back combines. White mats with a smattering of blue for luck.