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  1. God I love this gif.
  2. We have to see the trees and how they have been adjusted. I think a decent balance would be have the potions values partially baked into characters, (like 33% of the values just added to base) then another 33% added into the start of the training trees for harvesting/exploring then the last 33% given over as a calculation of stats. (Like combat crit chance figures into harvesting crit but not 1 - 1 ratio) You could even have that as an earlier node in either the combat tree or the gathering tree. They have to fix the broken plentiful harvest numbers from the skill training as well, it is not working properly, and the buff trigger is far too deep down the gathering tree to really be useful. We need things like that early and ramp up the power as they are trained, and have them mixed into other useful stats not just a +5% to crit on gold nodes. Make it +2% to gold nodes crit + 1 to crit amount and + 3% to plentiful harvest chance but they have another node earlier doing a variation of that as well for the other stats. Depth in the choices makes for a much more engaging game, just getting a +1 gooder stat is boring, the action stuff will certainly help in that regard. Gear values also needs a serious look for all the stats. The numbers now are just insulting. Too little effect for a tremendous amount of work. And the Group gathering needs to be moved away from most damage gets their stats used. It should be a collection of all the stats highest values for the rolls so people can spec and gear for different strengths and weaknesses and actually feel like a team and not just a +faster stat. And well of course it also has to be released.
  3. Plus they get more imports and exports.
  4. Some stuff should be safe. Some should be at risk. There should be enough of both choices to make a player feel they are getting value. That number should also go up some as time goes on in game. Because all people like to progress and acquire more stuff. The fact that they didn't mention guild banks is troubling. This has been pushed as a group game since day 1. It will require a robust guild bank storage model. Especially with the number of mats required to make things. Future Todd and Future Blair are going to have to start showing not just telling.
  5. All guild banks are Tark! Trust in the TARK! For he will hold your goods safe!
  6. Heh. You can take all of this to the BANK!
  7. EK Resources

    Yep, Only rank 1 stuff. They had a bit of a naming convention booboo though in saying certain parcels are rank 2 or rank 3. They are meaning the quality of the parcel itself can be ranked up. Like a town rank 1 can support 25 people. A Town rank 2 can support 50 people and a town parcel rank 3 can support 100 people. So don't get those confused. A Rank 3 parcel just has the building restrictions set at a looser level. It does not mean there will be rank 3 nodes growing on that parcel.
  8. 1 Mob To Pwn Them All

    Muta, the pre alphas are not under NDA. We have not seen it yet either. Waiting. We are waiting too. It will get released when it is working. Right now it is not working, but they still are. Working that is. Just because the production line is stalled on one part does not mean the place is stopped. There is a long long way to go, and many changes and frustrations ahead. But also some great gameplay and lots of souls for Myrkul.
  9. rune droppers

    The plan is you can get soul stones from a crafter. Then kill certain mobs and soak up their souls. With the charges soul stones in hand you can then visit other crafters and make thralls. Using those thralls you can do various things, like make discs, or run factories, or use crafting tables. Layers upon layers. But that also means all those layers have to work. Therein lies the rub. They are working on it, soon we will have to try and catch them all.
  10. I think it is very important. Before it was effectively 30 seconds per node with a single person working the node.(And a decent pick) With run times between the nodes in tyranny I could do the whole mine and have 2 minutes left. If I had a helper I would finish all the nodes and have 3-4 minutes left depending on how efficient we were on my oh so wonderful 12 minute pots. Remember Right now Tyranny has very very very few nodes. (A major mistake, and it shows in population) TTK in the nodes will also mean you will be in one spot for less time, forcing the window of attackers to be faster to move to catch you while mining. It narrows the hunters window for a clean attack on you. And less hits mean less damage to picks. If I only have to hit the node 6 times rather than 10 I got a 40% increase in my pick duration/durability. Before skills. That is nice. (They still need to quadruple tool durability until they fix the stupid crafting bugs.)
  11. I don't know Eve well enough to answer. Can the bots be set to warp away or something? Bots are only viable if they can get away with the loot. Getting away in crowfall is quite a bit harder.
  12. Defeating harvesting bots is simple. You murder them. Games where bots are a problem all have an underlying factor, they are not murderable.
  13. Training

    Cost versus benefit. Leaderboards are an easier way to give people recognition. They could also be useful from a tactical standpoint as well, for enemies that is. I would love to see something where the npc's made comments about the people on the leaderboards, mocking the enemies, ribbing the friendlies, giving people another in game reason to care. I would also love bounties and revenge based stuff. Bring me Tark's head and I will pay 1000 dust and a weapon of your choice made with your mats.
  14. Once you have everything ready, guards, 5-10 tools, a helper, 6-8 sets of 3 different potions (Bene harvest, Crit chance, and crit amount) 2 flasks (Since having 2 different potion times makes so damn much sense) Gear that you have been working on for months to give you just a little bit more oomph, training that you have been doing for many months and finally a helper who knows exactly how to help, who has his own set of 10-20 basic tools. You are finally ready. For an hour of gathering. Exposed and making noise. Basically not moving much, in an exposed well known and scouted location. The risk does not match the reward. And it is the basis of every piece of gear in the game, well except for the basic gear from the weapon racks. (Because pvp'ers do not want to gather, even to avoid being naked.) The most needed aspect of the game is not wanted to be done by the basic players of the game. The most basic and required building block of the game should not be a custard chore. It should not be the most time intensive, fiddly bit having, must prepare for a hour and have a ton of lootable risk, chore. Tool durability has to go up. Drastically. You should not have to carry around multiple tools of the same type for a normal play session. Yes I know it is a bug, but it is a bug that has been around for a year. It is a bug that affects every aspect of a third of the gameplay in the game. When weapon and item durability was broken a few patches back and broke after a death or two that was fixed instantly. This has been going on a year. It flat out skews the risk vrs reward as bad as the arrows thing did for rangers. (Get killed and have all your spare arrows looted, forcing you to remake/regather, same thing for spare tools/potions) Test Potions should be gone. Basic gathering disc should be gone. They are completely masking the MAJOR issues in the skill training trees. Yes I know there was a major revamp to the trees. I sure hope that the revamp fixed the issues that made the test potions a needed thing. If you have to keep the test potions for some reason make them all last an hour. Roll the potions together for ease of use. Stop making gameplay tedious for testing. Imagine if test discs only lasted 12 minutes then you needed to make another. Horrible, unfun chore. I have been doing that for a year. Hence I have gathered like maybe 60 minutes time in the last month. Because it is a given that pvpers are not going to do that poorly made socks. (Also the wait is killing any interest in the game.) We need to see what and how the skill tree revamp is going to change the game. This is the second swing, I sure hope you knocked it out the park, because third strike is a never a good thing.