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  1. Yep! Hippos, and capturable points! With Toast messages. Give us lots of things to do. Let people build and destroy what was built. It will greatly add to immersion and ownership of things. Slow the polling of who is close and affecting the bars movement from the more rapid forts and keeps locations and always have it on an extremely slow decay back to neutral. If you want to hold land for your guild or faction you have to have players present to get the benefits (and realm points towards victory). If you go with a points system for area control it also adds many knobs and levers for win conditions. Stuff like fighting near an enemy controlled flag and getting a kill there is (worth more in realm points) than a kill in the uncontested areas.
  2. Further encouraging active play.

    Going out and gathering does make you a better gatherer. You gather more, you get more rare drops. Those rare drops let you get better tools made. Either directly from the drops or from trade, or from benefits of supplying tradesmen. You get more dust, as well. Which you will not be getting just sitting around waiting for skills to level up. Not all skills or advancements show up on the character sheet. Some of it becomes embedded in the player. You get better at remembering the map. You get better at making a name for yourself as a target or as someone to avoid. You get better at knowing the angles on nodes so that you hit the weak points easier. (It is fairly predictable on certain nodes)
  3. You cannot starve to death. The most it will do is take you to 30% life. Kept Anap logged in for 5 days in an ek. Never died from it.
  4. I have requested many times over the last year + for a relic in the EK. Sacrifice an item to the relic and it is set as an Eternal "Insert name here" Item. It loses its durability stat (Or is flagged unbreakable) but also loses the ability to be put into the spirit bank. Other items can still be imported in for pvp or whatever. but Eternal items are part of the EK from now on. Till the end of time itself or the hunger takes us all.
  5. The walls are not to keep people out. Everyone is welcome! They are to keep people in! We have one half of what is needed. We have the Centaur Ladies. Now we just need the Half giant ladies.. Then the death by Snu snu can begin!
  6. That pope guy. He died. But kept talking. /headdesk
  7. You can have that. Dude can set up an EK with pvp on. Grant Noble status to the people with land and let them all fight. Hold tourneys if they like. All sorts of minigames can come about because of this. Hell I could do that with one of my alt accounts and set up a hellword type thing. Purchase Noble status for say 10K gold. Heh. it could be fun.
  8. Missed the base /eklist command. But good article. it should be fun to try it out.
  9. Found by Scipio. Video tested it just in case. Holy warrior lets you solo motherloads. Base Templar kit. #6 For 30 seconds at least.
  10. Test universe, AI Test III World. All AI monsters are dead. Not respawning. Bodies are still there but unlootable. Very creepy.
  11. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    If they have a newbie world introduction, with some npc's and some handholding to introduce them to the game then I am sure it will be fine. They could tailor the drops and mat requirements and every part of it to get people started with proper expectation management than in the rough and tumble campaign worlds (especially the dregs) that they will need help and companions. They could give bonus training to the subset of the skill trees that you want to try for first. (Combat gathering crafting) So that your first vessel has some levels and skills applied to the account. The pvp monster could get his start at zombie smashing and have a decent white weapon to start, with the warning that death and failure will decay it rapidly. Make sure to make friends with gatherer's and crafters. It all depends on how much time and handholding they wish to build. It doesn't have to be, dropped into the world 2 minutes after purchase and punch the tree. They know how to make games. I just hope they take the time to get that polish and iterations done.
  12. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    I am expecting people to go Oh. Hunh. What do I have to do again? Then get drawn into the starting experience that is not made yet. It is a PRE ALPHA! And it is not built for solo play. Besides those darn trees are always watching me. Stupid trees. I know they are plotting something. I remember the first day of Bloodbath servers, every tree I cut down was hiding a druid in it. Kept chopping them, down and druids kept falling out the sky.
  13. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    If you have a guild with morons like me that like crafting and gathering it should work out. I need the pvp monsters around to protect me. This game is not being made for the solo player. Once guild units are in there will be a much greater chance of people noticing what is really going on.
  14. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    They can have different worlds. Different rulesets. Dregs could have 10 different worlds with that ruleset. One could be doomworld like the world in Ready Player One. Just non stop pvp go go go. Full Loot. Import anything you want. Loot all those weaker than you. Play to crush. Week long seasons. In and out in a flash. Only the strongest survive. Another could be terminator style. Pop in naked. Local skill tree only. (Start from zero, for that world only, 5x training speed. Skills go away once done.) Only 1 import. Make it a good one. They are not just making a game. They are making a game system. If it is successful the friggen sky is the limit.
  15. Crowfall - What works

    The new change to ressing at a cairn from around 100 yards away is fantastic. Thank you Blair and others, thank you. It makes corpse camping much harder to pull off. Thank you again for this change.