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  1. What the hell? My very first plagiarist! Damn I feel special
  2. That first pip is based off food still. If the tank has more than 3 bones you stop getting that first pip.
  3. The two infinite Knotwoods have been fixed!! Yay! (In EK's that I knew about) And the bene harvest power bug is also better. Now to make the gear again and test. THANK YOU!
  4. My idea for better PvP. Points score for owning areas is dropped to a 10th of what it is now. The other 9/10th is generated by the working of the land during the 15 minute increments. Working of the land is Killing players and mobs on the parcel, collecting doobers on the parcel from trees, rocks, ore, leather and even graves, crafting items also generates points. Any points generated by opposing factions moves the ownership needle very slightly so if they are uncontested for like an hour of heavy gathering it will slip to neutral, but you can only take over land within the capture window, any points generated from the owning faction move the needle back but if it goes neutral cannot be changed until the window pops again.
  5. Secondary workaround for Vault blank bug. You have too much stuff in the vault, and too much stuff in the world bank. World bank only works if you have less than 50 items in it. Vault seems to have an issue as well I made a couple throw away toons and emptied vault into them in Gods reach. Holding items in char inventory. Then Dumped Campaign toons world bank into inventory till I had 49 items in the world bank. Then exports worked fine 49 or less items in world Bank, zero items in vault. Export and clean up
  6. Issue on live, have not tried it on test recently but it has been around for months. The stats on Gathering training for Beneficial Harvest power were adjusted wrong. Once you get all the nodes is should read 24%/100% It has been adjusted to .24/100% and it is throwing off the whole line. That affects the amount of crit you get once you get the proc buff, and the amount of stamina you get back from the proc itself. I have the training If you get gear you see that it is not adding up right at all. Or this Spec seal would not be worth 6 times the training in multiple nodes across like 6 months of passive training. Or practically 18x better with a single gathering chest? That number needs to be fixed.
  7. Development is a straightforward process, A to B to G to F it! 1. What do you mean it does not work? Fix it!
  8. Various Replies... The lore has changed. July has been removed from the calendars due to actions and plots of the war tribes, working in collusion with the hunger. Ace has changed the terms and conditions, pray that they do not change them again. Much like Dany forgot about the fleet, the powers that be, forgot about the month. Sorry. The beating will continue till morale improves. They are holding onto the Q&A till the q&a department find all the bugs in the video and get them fixed, but the engineers have been busy so there is a backlog, turns out knobs and levers and switches on the ToddBot and BlairBot were worn from use and needed a rejiggering. "You not the boss of me!"
  9. We have had 3x training for a long long while. People have been capped in primary lines and secondary skills now for a bit. Some are filling out 3rd/4th "specialties" almost. They need to test this poorly made socks. Not just endgame, but the start. Is it too fast. Is it too slow. What beats are hitting at the right times. First day training, first 3 days, first week, 2 weeks, the all important first month with vip paid or not. Is it fun enough to keep up training at 1x, should they think about 3 x like before all of these changes. Or 4/5x They have not tested any of that for a long while now. With massive gameplay changes in between. If they do what they said and have a soft launch with "no more wipes" and go with a 1x speed launch it is going to open a lot of eyes in a very very bad way. I have tested at 1x speed. For over a year. It needs to be weighed and measured again. It was a long ass time ago, but it was weeks of unfun waiting, while in the moment of playing, back when they had a LOT more training to do.
  10. They need to iterate, to test and retest. If the game is not fun for the first day/3days/week/3 weeks/Month/6months then noone is going to stick around to get to the end game numbers. It has to be tested before the soft launch. poorly made socks like the power progression for starting druids needs to be rejiggered. (first talent power is faerie fire a physical resistance debuff for a ranged electrical attack using class.) If you use the ability you are making leveling harder for yourself due to mana and time wastage for an unhelpful zero damage debuff. They need to start making harder choices and stop kicking the can and hoping it will work out. 30 people on at primetime is not going to put food on the table.
  11. Bleh! Should have the skill wipe as well. You need to test and retest the early game for pacing and fun. Right now you have zero tests for the leveling up process with all of the changes over the last year. The people with the training will be back to end game power in hours and days, and the ones just learning will be left, once again, so far behind to not even bother.
  12. If you bounce the orbs off something they show up. The graphic is not triggering right on an unimpeded cast.
  13. My issue with all of this is "feeding the information machine". What are you doing? What changes are a week out, a month out 3 months out, 6? 9? a year. Yes it will get more sketchy the longer the time but come on. What has been done in the last week that is exciting? Infuriating? Frustrating? The last month? What milestones were met. what was pushed off due to "reasons". What is the new office like? Where is the cookie Jar? What type of cookies? Who got a new computer with what specs? How are the testers testing? What are they testing on? Do they exist? custard!
  14. I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS. <eyeroll>
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