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  1. How many man hours did that mace take from start to finish. All the people working on it. Not just for the button press. The different toons to get the mats. The different toons to get the mats to get the gear so that they could get the mats to equip the other toons to get the gear for the other toons needed to make the vessels. When you look at the last page of a book you are seeing the whole picture.
  2. Made some vassal chests. cant get Lawn to spin up. Help us Obi Wan Tiggobi~
  3. Vassal chests!!!! I am trying to get EK spun up on test . No joy.
  4. I wish I had ballista. /lesigh But I was bombing!
  5. Man it took them 10 encounters to figure yall out. I banned yall after like 15 seconds.
  6. I make quests on the lawn when I have time. I use the naming ability to give info or context clues with some objects. Could it be a toggle? at the start of the craft?
  7. I do not recommend flipping a rat over to check. They have guns.
  8. Wait? You are serious? Oh Lordy. Yeah, good luck.
  9. Easy come easy go is going to be a thing. Easy to look at the crafting options., easy to go talk to some established crafters... Easy to come to the conclusion that this is a hot convoluted slapdash mess of a treadmill grind. Easy to go onto another game.
  10. If like minded people get together you can have fights in 2-3 minutes. Make a fight club Ek. Hey people want instant fights. /join fight club. Now you have a channel. Make a quick EK invite the people in the channel to the EK. Boom. Fights.
  11. srathor


    It was cool looking and a great backdrop to the bigger filled parcels
  12. srathor


    What happened to my Fallen colossus on the hamlet parcels! custard Riot!
  13. Oh yeah, not only getting banned for that, but likely going to hell as well. Too damn funny.
  14. We all want stuff to loot right? There should be some risk. As it stands right now, people go bank all their valuable items before they go out into the world. This prevents core gameplay mechanics of looting people of the hard earned items they have. This is obviously unfair. It denies people the joy of rifling through the bags of the people you just murdered. It is unfun, unfair, and even, dare I may say, untoward! If you attack another player, you should get a mark upon you. Something that siphons all your worldly loot upon your body. Just to be fair. From all accounts so that you do n
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