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  1. Gathering Bug

    gdrtx try moving whatever you have in the top left item inventory slot. (try moving them all deeper in the bag) Sometimes something gets stuck there and forces all items into overflow. I try and keep the first 2-3 boxes clear.
  2. What are the rough plans for this week? Test Server shutdown going to happen? When? What day? What Time on that day? Test running over the Holiday? Live getting the 5.3 patch on Wednesday? Cats and Dogs living together?
  3. Progression and Release

    From here and now? No. 5.2.10 is going to be wiped soon. Test, was wiped a couple weeks back twice. There should be at least 1 more wipe down the pipe before soft release, might be more. They are still doing major revisions, and more minor tweaks to skills and the entire crafting system is getting a revamp nowish.
  4. Yep All alpha 2's now look to be invited
  5. Looks like right now no. Gold is alpha 2 access, but it is the redheaded steptester version of Alpha 2. Only kickstarter Alpha 2's are in right now. (And have been in for a weekish.) The $500.00 package is alpha 1 and would probably get you in. But I think they might open up to the steptesters this weekend maybe.
  6. Ahh I figured out what happened. We did need to have the first node harvesting Basics to 5 pips. It has been changed to require the Gathering node to 6 pips.
  7. Patch is up. Bank local is fixed. Sadly i honked my skill training. I am locked out of Gathering even though I still have the skill maxed to unlock. I also am getting the training in game for what I have trained. But not allow to advance any of it. These in the harvesting tray I trained over the last few days. I think the blacksmithing fix borked me.
  8. The redheaded steptester class of alpha 2's are not let in yet.
  9. Armor Layers

    Much has changed with the 5.3 update. They changed most of the resists around. Sadly I think I have to say wait till 5.3, as it changes everything.
  10. Local banks are busted. They have been since the 2nd patch last night. Are we going to get a patch tonight and or a new campaign world with working banks.
  11. It is much much better than hold F to harvest. I still think that the buffs need to apply to your group for each person doing it. And there needs to be multiple buckets on the node for the highest stats of those doing 20% to it. Otherwise you get some VERY problematic issues with crits from weak points and helpers with PH1 and you with PH 3/4/5. Especially with 25% variable drops from those two interactions. If I have a helper on a normal gold node. rank 5. It has 50 armor and 1000 hit points. So 250 damage breaks each part. And you get a roll on the PH table. I hit the node with a +25 pick. Helper hits the node with a basic pick so +0 I hit with no energetic harvesting for 75 Helper hits for 50. I hit the node for 75. Helper hits the node for 50. Break point. So far so good. I did 150, helper did 100. I have 2 hits so does he. Node is at 750. I hit the node for 75 Helper hits the weak point for a bonus 75. Node is at 600 I hit the node for 75. Helper hits the weak point for 75. Breaks node 25% Nodes at 450hps. But who did the most damage? Does it carry over from 100% I did. If it recalculates from the break point who gets the stat roll for the break point. . Remember this is 4 hits. Now we have a choice for the harvesting. Node is at 450. I hit my 1 key and get Heightened Harvest Now we are cooking with gas. This delays my swing slightly but still hit faster than helper. (This time) I hit the node for 75. Gain pip1. Helper hits the node for 50. Node is at 325. I hit my 1key spending 1 pip. Gaining Ultra Energetic Harvest! (Which I assume gives 10% because tooltips don't work over buffs so we have no way of knowing)Sadly this delays me again. Letting helper hit first. Remember node is at 325. Helper now hits. Does a weak point. 75 damage. Node is at 250 and breaks. Helper has done more damage than me. We get nothing for the break point. I hit the node, Boosted by 10%. so I hit for 88. (Rounded up) Node is at 162 Helper hits the node gets a weak point (Because he is a lucky bastard who never listens to directions.) Helper hits for 75 damage. Node is at 87 hps. I hit it for 88 hit points and node destruction happens. I have the skills trained so have not bothered with the disc since it is a combat zone and I want to keep my combat discs. But drank a flask. So I am at ph3. Helper is at ph1. and ruined 1 of the break points. If helper at 5 pips hit Ruinous harvest he would blow my damage out the water and have ruined the node destruction roll as well. You need to set it up so helpers are not a detriment. So that they are more than just helping the node go down faster. When it can screw things up. I have already had to tell helpers do not help. And it makes me feel bad. They just want to do the neat thing that folks are doing. And with the current system explaining why it is not helping takes me 30 minutes typing. Give us multiple buckets for the breakpoints and node destruction. Give us the energetic harvesting as group buffs so helpers can use the system. And give us some base 10% chance to crit. and the weak points adding 1% to crit chance and crit amount per weak point hit up to a max of 5 per node destruction. Please?
  12. Very happy to see this post. Now you have time again. Funny how that feels hunh? You can go back and revisit some things. You can let things cook a bit more. You can reassess and tighten up some plans that were pushed aside. Please watch out for feature creep though. Release still needs to happen in a timely manner. The game needs to be born to truly grow. But thank you for coming out and informing all of us jaded bitter gamers. It is good to see yall still have the ability to see past what hopes and dreams do in reality.
  13. Yeah I think we were getting about 19ish grey doobers per rank 1 motherload. I had on +1 crit chance +1 crit amount gear. With PH 4. We didn't get any crits or gems but we don't have the training yet. I do wish the motherloads had a crit table roll on each of the % destructions though, to make them really valuable. One thing to say, the missing test potions are VERY VERY noticed. Crit chance for final node destruction is woefully underrepresented now. With no beneficial harvest stat procs and no added crit chance and crit amount stats till the Specialization page It is going to be a long hard slog of white gear mining. (Yet boxes drop greens and blues all the time, it is rather insulting that a killer who gets boxes is a much better harvester than I will ever be in specialist mats) Crit chance having to come from crafted gear also means no appreciable or reliable crits till after blacksmithing is mastered just about. We really need a base 10% to crit from being crows. Another 5% added to the gathering trees in some locations much sooner. Like here. 1% crit chance in Mining Basics. And 1% in Exceptional picks, and 2% in Amazing picks along that same line. Then another chance for 5% gotten from hitting weak points during the lifetime of the node. Each weak point could add a counter to the top row, have it cap at +5% and add 2.5% crit amount from the same thing. Something like this could be made to help keep track? I do love the addition of the Plentiful harvest skills at the start of the excavation and Harvesting trees! That is a FANTASTIC change. It makes folks training feel good about spending the time training early on with a noticeable difference in yield and successful runs. The changes to gathering are fantastic. Yes I would want to see some small changes to make it a touch more fun. And I would really want to see the action harvesting buffs made group affecting. If the action harvesting pip spends affected the group then people could combo and really feel helpful with their harvest pip spending choices. Of course if that happened then the final change I really really really want to see would have to happen. Multiple stat buckets to determine stats on node destruction. Every person who does 20% of the life of the node should have their stats recorded and the highest stat chosen. Crit chance, gem/mineral chance, critical amount chance. With that change people would have roles in harvesting/excavation, just like in combat/raid groups. Each player's training would be valuable and gearing would be encouraged. Honestly with those changes I would stop bitching about pretty much everything. Fully trained gatherers could have the training to supplant the discs. Then could get combat discs if in a contested zone and not be such pushovers. My god, I would have to go find something else to gripe about. I think I need a heart pill.
  14. State of the knight 5.3.0

    Couple of changes I would love to see. To make knight a bit more viable as a threat. The block damage buff should be for a small range of time not just next attack Block a few hits get 3 seconds to chain together a devastating counter attack. Have blocking a big hit reset the cooldown on pursuit. Then they could actually close much better and movement based abilities are inherently fun. The shield bash should do a group buff or some other benefit, a resource regen for the group with a small hot attached. Or a group bubble effect or something so that when grouping with a knight folks get a benefit.
  15. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    I would love to have a Larger hit box like what we have now (Maybe a little smaller) for glancing hits. And then a tighter cursor hit for the actual damage. But I am bad at aiming. I got very frustrated when they made the other changes and it was 100% cursor or go home for some classes. With some of the hitching it was rough.