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  1. Stuff wears out, but people want value for what they already value. A repair system would be fine if it was a lossy system. As in one that after each repair did not repair it equal to full durability of a new item. If you had a chestguard that started at 2k durability. then after the first repair went down to 1500 durability. Then second repair dropped to 1000 durability, then 500, then kaput. People would feel like their gear was worth more due to the time it lasted but could also accept that after the 2nd repair it is time to start looking for a new set. Sure some folks will only want new gear and wouldn't want to repair. Others would want to keep repairing till the damn thing fell off of them. Options are key. Give us as many options that can fit under the big tent idea of dying worlds, Eternal heros.
  2. Please for the love of god, give us a way to make the buffs last longer. Grey 5 minutes, white 15 minutes Green 30 minutes Blue 1 hour, purple 2 hours legendary 5 hours. I do not mind the knob, I mind the tedium and the bag space. I mind the fact that the very short duration puts time pressure on an already infuriating sequence (much of the time). <moderate success on a metal bar with everything capped 5 times in a row> Yes there needs to be multiple ways to get to the caps, please don't make them frustrate the hell out of your players. (Sad thing is I got up WAY early to post this because it is stopping me from sleeping. Please god not 5 minute buffs.)
  3. I understand that the new crafting potion will only be 5 minutes. That is what all my reactions are based upon. That short time is great for developers. It checks a great amount of useful things boxes. Inflation control/item sink, check. Making it noticeable since it does not last too long, check. Not game breaking, check. That short time stinks for players. It is adding a developers pain in the ass of "just another damn thing" to a crafting task that already has 10 other things. Complexity that makes sense is fine. You have a great system of complexity, and of building towards final goals built into the crafting system. But the more stuff that is required through time and effort is more stuff that adds to risk while crafting. It is more hoops to git gud at the crafting. Sure a potions crate from a factory might be an elegant solution in the long term. But again it is all adding "just another damn thing" in the short term for your players. And if it is a meaningful addition to crafting skills that are already ruled by RNG and many many many substandard rolls it will be required to try and be gud. Without a way to make it a bearable duration like an increase due to quality level or experimentation. It is just another hoop, or another damn thing, to move from over here to over there. It is like the food consumption during heavy combat. Sure it might be a great idea. But it ends up being an unfun chore. It is glaringly out of place, and frankly out of touch. Please do not add in 5 minute buff potions of any type that cannot have duration increased, that are not persistent enough to last through a log relog cycle or a zone change. And no, making it last 12 minutes is not any better without longer options available. That amount of micromanagement is annoying and unfun and when added to looting and stacking and bag space issues it is just annoying.
  4. With the changes to combat damage at least the ganker pvp'er will actually have some risk. Now we just need 5 minute combat potions that will let the gatherers chug a potion and kick the crap out of that pvp'er. Wouldn't that just be so much fun. /eyeroll
  5. Look make crafting potions of grey quality last 5 minutes. White 15 minutes, Green 30 minutes, Blue an hour, Purple 3 hours Legendary 24 hours. Easy enough right. Tedium is never fun. Carrying around extra potions while an obvious target is just making it more risk. 5 minutes ones...
  6. 5 minute potions. <Slams head on Desk>
  7. It does not have to be an endless spigot of white mats. They might only have 1000 mats of ore, 200 of each type on an hours respawn. In 5 different outpost locations. It depends on the implementation. The sky might not be falling.
  8. I want to withhold judgement until I see it in action. A great idea might have poor implementation, and a questionable idea might have a great implementation. Proof is in the pudding. What is the cost of the mats? How much do they sell before running out? What is the respawn time of the mats? Can you sell mats to the vendor for gold? Thus restocking them and giving those gatherers a way to gather gold like skinners and mob killers do. Location, location, location! Is it one vendor with all the things? Is it many vendors spread out? (Ore vendors only near the mines poi) Are the vendors killable? Lootable? Could they be placed in the outposts instead, and with a limited but time based refill of inventory, be like a pvp'ers gathering route. (Go capture an outpost right before restock timer triggers. You get a material reward and a more structured pvp window.) It all depends on how they do the implementation.
  9. I think the white material vendors should not be in the forts and keeps. Or at least not all the vendors. Maybe 1 or two of a type for each. (Gold, Iron, Marble at Brookworst for example) They should have a type at or in the outposts. Like an outpost that is near the quarry would have a white vendor for the stone types at the capturable outpost. And that should be a limited quantity per hour refresh. Stacks of 20, 50 stacks accrue per hour) Spread the vendors out some and have the timer on it so it is not just a unlimited supply of mats. Also have those vendors buy their type of material they sell for gold.(Keeps the gatherers happy) That would allow folks to sell to the vendors directly what they didn't want to bank, and other players could be purchasing the same mats from the vendors as well.
  10. If you are weak willed enough to be convinced, then you will not survive.
  11. Same here on all my accounts. I tried a repair, then a total reinstall. No joy.
  12. Order forms for crafters

    Have that on Srathor's Lawn.
  13. Why is this not already a thing. Take a Skull Add in a rough Soulgem for the low quality ones. Or a polished soulgem of someone more worthy. Enslave them to an afterlife of Servitude Then put their thralls to work in your EK. Come Buy the thrall of Tark. On Srathors Lawn. Happy Monday!
  14. Different Server/Resource Rank

    I was really hoping the EU NA server refresh was going to also have the Node base + 2 buff. I am not going to spend 2+ weeks farming -2 rank nodes now. Sure it sucks on Brazil for east coasters, but you go where the loot is.