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  1. Yes, yes, feed the hate! Sadly them not giving info just frustrates everyone but the marketing people. Yes tidbits of info might seem decent, and it is the done thing. Ace was supposed to be different. There will be detractors if they gave us some real info. They would have to put out fires. They would get some board hate, and hysterics (I am really bad at that part) And it would delay things. The problem is, not getting through that does not prevent it. It is still going to happen. The delays will still happen. The fires will still need to be put out, but by then it will be too late. The major difference is they are not going to be able to iterate on any of it except with internal eyes. The backer playerbase is rude and rowdy and demanding, but ACE set out to do something different. With the recent past they have failed in that aspect. They started out different, but backslid due to the fact that being different and transparent and open with the backers takes too damn long, costs too much money, and with the varied opinions and very strong personalities of the backers who have zero filters is likely the cause of tears and drinking over many many nights. It has been an interesting experiment. We have already heard from JTodd that he will not do it again. Ahh well. Hope the game does end up in a good place, and thanks for the interactions when they happened. But I still feel very disappointed in where we are today, especially with things like today's "news".
  2. Also in fancy developer road based news, if you are knocked down on a road, you get a debuff called road rash. It can only be removed with time. Or one of a new potion called iodine. Which adds another debuff, but removes the road rash debuff. Because of the great value iodine provides it takes 3 bag slots and comes in 74 different ranks of quality. The new alchemy potion uses a variety of new combos to make. Of course some of the items are not ready yet, but we hope to have them ready some time after release, but to show how hard we have been working we include the other 71 item drops. Sure you can't use them to make the iodine, but they are going to help with anticipation.
  3. Roads that are cracked have less of a movement bonus. However if you bring 1000 stone of epic quality you can repair 10 feet of road. This makes the road happy. Even more than if you walked on it with stiletto heels like the elves in HoA are so fond of.
  4. If you walk on the roads they make you go places faster. Drinking on them is optional. The roads don't care. They are neutral, and part of the road faction. They do not like Frostweavers much though, those mythical people cause cracks.
  5. Honestly I am berry excited. berry berry excited.
  6. Dear Diary, We have roads, they sit there. You can walk on them, they like this. They go places. Well wait, the roads do not go places. The roads sit there. You can go places on roads. To places. To visit. Or to stay. Wheee..
  7. I mean really? Are you just custard with us?
  8. People that play in the safe zones all the time, probably do not want to be victims to the jackhats. Yet they are still contributing to the game, to ACE's wallets, and likely to the games economy altogether. Forcing them to get involved, for many will cause them to go elsewhere. Get more wolves playing, stop trying to only feast on the sheep.
  9. It is not a game yet, nor does it have an economy that is more than duct tape, a bit of gum, and some bailing wire. Lots of stuff coming. I hope at least some of it will be good first try, but I have my doubts. Remember they stopped giving us information a long long time ago. And while many of the people on the boards, especially myself, can be hyperbolic, reactionary, prone to exaggeration, total unpleasant people, we are also the people playing the game. Day in, day out, working through the bugs without GM codes. Without shortcuts, and without any sort of polished expectations. Sure you have too much money now, but Anhrez just has not liberated it yet from everyone so that he can swim in vast piles of moolah. Nekkid. Ick.
  10. Is this the dregs? <joking, pls don't Tark me>
  11. How many trays does a cleric have access to?
  12. Maybe a mail system as well. You know stuff that has never, ever, been attempted before in vidja games.
  13. Will this be the day that the trifecta of unholy evil goes carebear? First new world, then Camelot, and next Crowfall.. Pve raids announced? A pivot towards a more robust and safe environment where you can frolic through the fields of godsreach and gather to your heart's desire? A second game for phones that has a wonderful transparent development cycle? And most definitely is not going to ever ever be on kickstarter. Cats and dogs living together? No releases on some random Thursday at noon? Future Todd and Future Blair, drunk in a corner going why did we talk so damn much on stream? While Present Blair, and Present Todd, shake them and tell them to get to work? They still have a 724 foot mountain made of pebbles to move and only 1 spoooooon between them! (That only has 14 durability left) Obi wan Halash is our only hope.
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