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  1. Ek's were supposed to be the resting spots. The trader hubs. The place to play around and have some fun. A home to go to as a reward after a hard campaign. Now we are going to have beacheads, with up to rank 4 mobs and rank 1 other nodes. Now we are going to have trader hub free cities. Vendors open to all. Now we have the start of Gods Reach / Training worlds created and run by ACE. That can have all sorts of things. I saw in a previous map up to rank 6 nodes. But that can all be in flux and I did not explore the total map. The use of EK's will of course be gutted. We can't have players not able to be murdered. Except it the other special spots because people do not like being the victim. Or after jumping to the least populated servers at off hour times when it is perfectly safe to gather, (other than a few die hard crooks who will hunt for hours to gank someone. What in the everloving custard are you guys thinking? Give the Ek's a "seed" aspect of a gathering node system. Gotten from the Campaign worlds. We can use these to make a parcel that can be gathered from in limited amounts. Only drops from rank 10's even, 5 node respawns then you need to sacrifice a certain amount of gold or items to recharge it. Rank 5 cap on any nodes. To make up gauntlets for other players. Give us the same abilities to drop monster spawners. And lootable chests... Pvp flagable parcels. The EK owner can ban asshats who misbehave. Of course on a ban, equipped gear is sent to the spirit bank of the banned person right? custard!
  2. I really hope you go with a setup where farming minors is a nice thing but all the minors have other ways to get them. Craftable with the right drops that are seperate from the mobs that you farm for the specific ones. Also the camps are going to be same faction griefers paradises. I can already see the screams as people get trained then killed by mobs and looted by same faction players.
  3. Having god's reach implemented is a solution that flies in the face of the EK's. Very disgusted with the choices being made. What use will player run EK's be when you can have your bluebie cake and eat it too. Oh and the last map I checked had up to rank 6's that I found so purples of certain types were available. I know it is all subject to change but dammit this is really really disheartening. Give the EK's the tools to fill the void. give the damn players the agency. Then if people are only playing in EK's they are still playing and hosting and have a connection with players. There is a subset of people that want to build and grow the game, that don't have an ACE paystub. And yeah I know this comment will be mocked. But this sure as hell feels like a slap in the face.
  4. A couple of hundred at primetime. No more than 300ish. The game is in rough shape right now. It is over the hump towards becoming a real game but it has all of the painful spurts and stops of a work in progress. There is a ton of work to be done, and some of the design choices as of late are very off from what was wanted at the kickstarters beginning. As things get more fleshed out and the rough edges filed down some we will have a game that might be amazing, or might be just another meh project. It can still go either way but from my perspective it sure does showcase that making games is hard, and making a great game is damn near impossible.
  5. He could catch me while I am bored and get some pretty nice gear. Not that he did, but it has happened.
  6. Why can we not have them spawn a pile of skulls or something when dry looted like the skinning mobs spawn the Skinning target. It would clean up at least 21.6 doohickys of frustration with every zombie kill. Also I am hating on the added drops without more bag space. It is really really really getting to be a bother with zero quality of life. It is nice to have stuff to farm, but storage is a stone cold gripe, late game.
  7. You bring 2 they bring 5, you bring 5 they bring 10. It stops being about gathering, and more about logistics and troop movements, and when you have to wait 2 hours for folks to get home so that you can go do a chore, to merely keep up with the joneses, it quickly becomes even less fun. It turns into a slog of a job and you go do something else. The risks are not worth the rewards. The scope goes from a semi fun needed activity to a god damn bother. Going out and gathering solo is a highly risky thing. But you get to keep the stuff you get away with. The biggest issue is you have to keep doing it because it is a full time job on it's own to supply yourself and others with mats and gear. So you keep taking risks. And some folks keep getting burned so they stop. Then you get where we are now. Everyone playing stealth gatherers, taking little risk on what they can control, and few people having fun at all.
  8. It is obvious you should only be able to gather in enemy lands while outnumbered and nekkid. Gathering is already a chore. Getting murdered while gathering does not make gathering fun. It makes people quit playing if it happens too often.
  9. Hey when are we getting info on God's Reach? How is the char controller revamp going? Will the new stuff on test have any outside of spawning parcel effects? Are we going to get a knob knurple adjustment or twist on the scoring of the next trial? Is picking a guild important when there is not a god damn thing they are doing right now other than being a giant placard? Are guild banks planned? For when. How big? Any work done on them yet? How are they controlled? How about bags? Will healing ever get points on the boards? How about crafting? Gathering? Any thoughts on just how boring it is to take almost 20 minutes to single cap a fully taken objective? Any ideas on how to spice that up? How about the lovely pathfinding ability, which is ignored by the mounts now. Should we have to wait for pathfinding to be done before mounting? Any storage ideas coming for the massive amount of single use and disposable drops that will be coming to bloat bags? I know yall are working your asses off. What are you working ON? Any details? Any news? Any timelines.
  10. Could adapt my idea to cover the map instead but they have made it clear each parcel is it's own thing and the parcels do not share info. Right now the fight is really in 2 distinct stages. Take down wall. Take down tree. There is a small offshoot of defend the 1/2/3 banes but it really does not come up much. Rushing the Life tree seems to work the best and "just burn it down." There can be all the nuance players want, but most of the time path of least resistance is burn down the life tree. (It can be countered pretty easy by a stronger force though due to it being an uphill fight) The biggest issue is the wild disparity between forces. Not just numbers. Since those are capped with the 100 man thing that can win or lose a fight pretty early on. But if you have 20 hard as nails, meta playing, geared to the nines, tryhards vrs 50 normal pvp playing gamers, the fight is still pretty uneven. Add in another 20 normals on the tryhard side and 10 more on the gamer side and the balance is not even close. The Sieges needs more stages. Things that will break the lockdown that the wildly different motivation levels between the factions has formed. That or the dregs needs to come out so we can get the try hards off in their high stakes cell/playground. Ace has lots of options, never enough time, and all the knobs, whistles, and buttons don't mean jack poorly made socks if they never use them.
  11. Hey they just need to make a "too damn many champions" debuff, if there are 5 champions within say 25 meters they all get a 10% damage and healing debuff that stacks with each additional champion.
  12. Go farm rank 7 nodes for a larger amount of green than blue. 5-7 are the sweet spots for those. But can get purples even from rank 3's with a crit and a unicorn drop. You can get a legendary from a 7, it is just a unicorn drop.
  13. Each bomb has a 5 yard 5 man cap. The trick to it is to get 10-15 bombs hitting 1 person with a tight grouping. It is way way way harder than the videos make it look. So many bombing sessions are just fizzles due to people moving, q'ing blocking or dodging. And if you are dropping 15 - 20 bombs you are talking about zero return for 30+ seconds of setup.
  14. Bunch of new objects! No storage space! Why give us soup with no bowl or spoon? This is not fun.
  15. Oh, give me some rank 1 monster spawners and some lootable placeable chests and some way to get a longer quest text string on an npc with some pvp flaggable parcels and I'll build something better in the lawn for bunnies.
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