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  1. Yeah in the age of instant communication to anyone on the planet, they sure have been leaving us in the dark a lot. Maintenance for days. Test servers shut down with zero warning. Calling for snap tests, then having us locked out for most of it. A discord they use like twitter. It is getting frustrating.
  2. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    The passive system is supposed to represent the leveling from 1-60 / xxx. Like a fairly static increase in power over time. There will be some catch up mechanics for folks who start late, with the tome system or something like it.
  3. Square Sapphire ring for Woodcrafting is missing it's 4th stat. (Crafting basics) It is just not on the combine. I checked with details and it is not hidden or anything. it is just missing completely.
  4. Test Server has been in Maint mode since the patch. Obviously a bug.
  5. This jewelcrafting stuff is a pain in the ass.
  6. It amused me. Besides Clerics make the best dps. <grins>
  7. I just checked coolster. Worked in my EK. Maybe a misclick? I'll check a couple more. Remember it has been changed to Iron Silver silver for crafting stuff, and Iron copper copper for gathering stuff. (Some other combos as well for gathering but that is the useful one) Yeah dude I checked a random one. Stonemasonry. It is fine as well. All on Test universe 5.7
  8. Only 16 pips on Test. Something has to give. I am sure with a few hundred more combines I could get the special unicorn weapon. But I am trying to find the tippy top damage roll. That orb was a 9 damage hilt and 6 damage orb with a 10 pip Amazing roll. Gotten too many success rolls on 9 damage hilts and 9 damage blades so far. But hey thanks for pointing out my absolutely horrible skill at pressing a custard button. /eyeroll
  9. The worlds expire. The Kingdom is eternal. You may feel there is no use. I feel there is a use. It is nice to have a choice.
  10. Made in my EK. And I didnt get murdered and violated and looted. I think crafting will be okay.
  11. I tried to name it ... But while it let me type it in. it defaulted back. Grrrr. Also got In that run.
  12. The Guild hall has no table sockets nor vendor sockets. When you socket a table into a Mega deed Stronghold Annex Crafting deck It sort of Eats the table. You cannot separate them, And you cannot place them again after picking one up. Loving the stonemasonry cost changes though! But there are still some truly daunting costs involved with the buildings. The architectural wall segment part of the guild hall almost broke me last night. 80, Architecture Frames. That each needs 50 nails and 5 wood. Ouch. Not to mention the sheer number of clicks involved. Then another 40 nails for each wall segment. We need a bulk Nail pattern. Like the bulk grinding. Also is there a base in for the castle? How do we start to build it? I am seeing nothing to thunk down to get it going.
  13. Right now. No anchors. But they cheapened up the price on the crafting decks. So I have a slew outside. Beware the crafting decks have a bug, they effectivly eat the table. Then you cannot move or place them afterwords and have to destroy them. So place with care.
  14. The way it works is when node destruction happens (At zero) it rolls on the critical hit table to see if you get a crit or not. If you do it then rolls 1+ your critical amount skill as an extra set of rolls, on a special crit table for loot. It is where most of the advanced color comes from depending on the rank of the node.
  15. The First Guild Hall, Undead Lords style... Check it out on the Lawn, Test Universe 5.7 Thanks Chroma for the Help and hard work!
  16. I made one. It was really really really ridiculously cost. I will not be making another. They also don't work. It throws up an error message if you try and free place it. And cannot place it onto an old fort spot either. Speaking of which, if yall have logs, do you have any logs of how many houses or buildings have been made? Even with free mats, I just can't do it. The sheer amount of crap you have to combine. It is truly daunting. And this is coming from someone who made 10 axes 5 Hammers, 2 daggers, 3 sets of plate mail and a few other things today. I spent all day crafting and just making one of the Annex crafting decks yesterday turned me off so bad I didn't want to log in today. I think it is the complete lack of stats. And the sheer amount of varios crap you have to make. Even with free mats I have not made a single building since any of them have been available.