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  1. My EK "Srathors Lawn" Keeps dropping somewhat randomly. Kicking everyone in the EK out to lobby and shutting down.
  2. I hate the fact there is not Runecrafting on there. Nor Alchemy. While having 5 necromancy specialists. I mean really?
  3. Fun one on 5.6.1 test Universe.
  4. With the change to the basic mats only having loot drops on 50% and destruction we are now not getting half to 1/4th the chances for apples and other special drops. It is very very noticable. Please reconsider.
  5. Both of my installed and running vendors lost all their items. Coin is still there to keep them open but I lost like 40 plus armor and weapons I had made for guildies. No purchases shown. Just gone.
  6. Leather vs Plate

    Bah beat me to it. Faether is my leatherworking alt. Only has 9 pips. And like 61 Leatherworking skill. That chest was a 9 pip purple sheen Yolo. With really decent sub combine rolls. Oh and it was an amazing roll. Also with armor layers that chest would have around 8 resists. I didn't have any experimentation points left over to boost it either. With an amazing 9 pip armor roll it would almost double what the base resist would be.
  7. Leather vs Plate

    Of course, gear does matter.
  8. Leather vs Plate

    Yeah right now in my EK Snoww has 12536 With a white (Standard) level 1 human vessel, No buffs.
  9. Leather vs Plate

    Leatherworker is not as skilled. But raw hit points on chests are all based on randomness. The smalls get boosts. I think it is +750 hp's for plate smalls. +500hp's for Chain smalls and ?? maybe +250 for leathers. Best of three combines for the sub combines. 7 pip amazing on the final combine with 50% bonus. second 50% roll failed.
  10. Leather vs Plate

    Built On Test Right now. 14 Experimentation points. 81 Experimentation skill. Medium roll set of a best of three small combine run. With a good roll on 6 pip 50% sheen then a great roll 3 pip leftover 50% roll I think. Remember Chest do not get + Hit point rolls. And are only getting 1 treated steel out of 4. Hitpoints can go way way higher.
  11. Treated steel is not showing up in the tables even though it should be unlocked. Not seeing it. Skills under here. And Poof it appears! All i did was leave the table and come back.
  12. @dasti Here you go, test universe just came up and I had the max 72 hours training available.
  13. I want the in game effort to be close to the out of game effort. Otherwise it is just a transparent money grab. Back when I was working i made a decent living. That makes it worse. The in game effort is truly a stupid amount when you take into account everything needed to gather 3000 premium doobers. Tools, time, contested areas, random gankers. The man hours required to make parcels is bad. The man hours to make buildings is asinine. It is so far off the mark compared to the man hours to make the cash and buy it in the cash shop, that it is absurd. A fairly easy test for the amount of hogwash being peddled for me is when someone says "but you can make it in game!" Always when you hear that look at the effort it takes in game, yes it will always take longer because the game stuff has hoops to jump through. So it is always easier to just "break out the wallet." When it starts getting into money grubbing hogwash for me is when it is so obviously the smart choice to "break out the wallet", that the illusion of choice is no longer there. When you are obviously making a bad choice to do it in game it really starts pissing me off. It is a sham, and Crowfalls geomancy line is stupidly, cash grabby.
  14. The problem I have is the in game time invested to create some of these things is a total joke compared to the out of game time for cash buying of it. A simple Farm parcel is 1500 crowns. Or 15 bucks basicly. That is an hour of work for most folks with a regular adult job. To make a farm parcel in game you need to have gathered 3000 premium mats. 1000 stone, 1000 ore and 1000 wood. The average time roughly to gather a node is rounded to 30 seconds with movement and gathering time at best. (yes you can do it faster if very well trained just go with it.) The average drop amount when generally trained is 4 doobers per node. I will even give a little boost and round it to 5 for easy math. 3000/5 (Mind you with training you need 3 gathering focused accounts to get this average as well.) 600 nodes. times the 30 seconds = 5 hours. The cost in raw time is 5 times the cost of just tossing them the money in the cash shop. In just raw gathering time. That is exploitation. That is where I would be screaming that ACE is screwing over their customers. Because the in game accrual of materials is nowhere near the costs of the cash shop. That is where the money grubbing, nickel and diming bitches will be placed as a fair point. At least in my mind.
  15. It is changing completely in 5.6. What takes quite a bit of time right now to spend a glut of banked time, will take seconds under the new system. If the test lobby ever comes up I'll put up a video of it.
  16. This test cycle has been different from the others. It feels extremely closed off. The communication on what when how and why has also trickled down to almost nothing. I am not liking the change one bit.
  17. New patch on Test universe. Gives us this. Again.
  18. Refining for increase resource quality

    I did 20 combines with the above mentioned ratio. 6 whites 3 blues. I got this back. 11 whites 2 greens 7 blues. Not all that high in training though. only I think 25 at the moment. So this was much better than 33% but it was also not a large sample size.
  19. Refining for increase resource quality

    You can already do this. Folks call it bootstrapping. Take 6 white quality gold ore. Mix in 3 more blue quality gold ore. Make an metal bar. You have roughly around a 33% chance of the ingot coming out blue.
  20. Anthrage just ganked me on Live 5.2.7. I have been ganked many many times before. This one feels special though. I was on my rat. Why? because the rat is the best at getting away. With the loot I have spent much time preparing to gather. With the loot I have spent much boring time actually gathering. Please note the word boring. Gathering in Crowfall is a chore. It could be used as punishment. Add on top of that the chance that at any second you could be killed does not make the chore any better, it does not make the activity of holding F and exposing you in a pvp game any more fun. What is the first rule in any pvp game. Do not stand still. Bleh I don't feel like typing up all this poorly made socks. None of it matters. None of it will make a damn bit of difference. Gathering in Crowfall is not fun. When I do it, I feel like my time is being deliberately wasted. I feel weak, and exposed. I feel like I am wasting the guards that I have to have around me time as well. I feel like I am fighting the game, and the other players are just the tools of the devs to punish people who dare to gather. I do not like this feeling.
  21. Right click the shortcut and run as admin. That should fix that. It is either that or drivers.
  22. A dirty little way of getting into the underworld. Use a mismatched terrain seam, and I know there are other ways.
  23. I wrote the original post almost 8 months ago to the day. I still remember exactly how I felt when I typed it up. Helpless. Since then some things have been addressed. The biggest issue, the dizzy down mechanic has been mitigated with a passive skill that is slotted. +10! to the good. The next in my mind hold F to gather has been softened slightly. We now hold LMB (left mouse button) to gather. And have a small minigame with the weak point system. and a button to press for minor buff choices while harvesting. ( This was a crapton of work though, but it did not change much about the weakness of the gathering in Crowfall.) +2! to the good. The mindset of the gatherer as a victim/target is still prevalent and has not changed much. That is part of pvp though. The constraints on the skill system, disc system and gear system all add to that weakness as well. If you gather as a main choice you are going to be a high value target and if you gear and spec to help in the gatherer role you are going to be much much weaker in a fight. When populations get high again, you will be the first ones hunted for. Better bring friends to protect you. -10! to the good. Sound effects have changed and you no longer clearly attract every killer in a 100 mile radius with every action. +3! to the good. I still think the action harvesting buffs should spread to effect the group. I still think players needs to have around +10 to crit from the start so that they are not so rare at the start of the game with untrained players. (This will help with fun and make yields better) I still think that the weak point minigame should grant a +1 crit and +.5 crit amount for each weak point hit on a node. (Make it more impactful to the yield, making the node die faster is okay but yield is still very very slight per node until deep endgame training and gear.)