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  1. Alchemist needed

    Make a vessel in the CW today, Use it for 3 weeks. It is not a waste. Most people do not play a game for three weeks.
  2. Cant resolve destination host

    You are using the test client. Not the functioning Live client. Go Make sure to run the patcher as Admin
  3. Yeah it needs to get an overhaul for the nerf they dropped on mail and leather when 5.7.1 dropped. But it needs a few more things to do as well. Blacksmithing has extra lines just in training. The other crafting choices need to get closer to where blacksmithing is, not strip out things from the profession. In previous patches we had much more communication because we were able to play the iterations 5.1.2, 5.2, 5.3sus. They have been going with more internal testing and not having test server available at all the last few months so other than little news blurbs or half hour segments on twitch (that used to be an hour) and stuff, we have no clue what is coming any more. Ace is pushing closer to release and clammed up hard on any information sharing, other than through official blurbs and channels.
  4. I wouldn't want Blacksmithing split or neutered. I would want to see the other professions enhanced. Leatherworking should be getting cloaks, bags, and other things soon enough. Who knows, the frostweaver might have a whip or other articulated weapon attack. Leatherworking could get tailoring added to it as a split off as well. There is still a lot of game yet to come out. Woodworking will need furniture and siege stuff soon enough as well. Runemaking and the thralls. Jewelcrafting and enchanting. Food. Alchemy. Lots of things to do and make still. Remember PRE-ALPHA!
  5. PSA: combine quality DOES affect stats

    Oh yeah. Arcadi, fantastic job! Thanks for finding this and clueing me in, I will help spread the info.
  6. PSA: combine quality DOES affect stats

    Damn! @ThomasBlair I am sorry. I have been wrong about this since 4.3sus. There is some lift still it is just VERY, very slight. I did a 5 pip single line Roll on white green and blue. Got the same rolls on the white and the green. Got a lesser roll on the durability 3 pip roll on the blue. With 13 pips no 50% rule was in effect.
  7. Bard Regen song is considered a heal. Heals can't be slotted into Survival tray. But it is not a heal it is a regen. That heals. Or something. Current usage is to swap into combat tray, realize you don't socket it, and ask the healer for a real heal. The only use right now for normal players is to use it once for getting twisting spun up. Then realise just how clunky it is, and not use twisting anymore since it can be all canceled with a knockdown/stun. Yall really really, need to play the game for a few nights with a non dev account and take a pulse of where the game is. No gear summoning, no instant training. Be a customer for a night or two of 2-3 hour gameplay.
  8. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    How many of those Chaos players were Order Alts though? Do they count?
  9. No worky! poorly made socks be done broke! Welp they fixed it. Now it is just Maint mode.
  10. When are servers coming down? Screencap right now on the details page of the server says Friday 9/14/2018 at Noon EDT. Jack says on the Crowfall discord. (Which I HATE btw. Why have a communication option that only allows one way communication) that servers are coming down Thursday Sept 13th 2018 at 11 am CDT. Which is correct?
  11. Counter Disc Change

    It sounds like a pretty effective Zergbuster to me.
  12. Prices of materials

    Whatever the market can bear. Right now there is no market.
  13. Is there a future for Leather Workers?

    They can just as easily change it back. Or add a bonus to dodge refresh. Or an extra pip to dodges. Or add a resource regen component or any other thing they want. The other professions need to be brought up to the level of blacksmith. Not nerfed.
  14. This week I RPd a Factory

    Looks like a good start! Well done!
  15. I want the vendors at the camps and towers, forts and keeps. But with limited supplies. 5 camps/ towers near the Mine POI With 2 types of resources from that close by camp. But only have like 100 resources an hour at the camps, 250 an hour and the towers. 500 an hour at the forts, then 1000 an hour at the keeps. Not unlimited all the time availability. Also I would love to see the ability to sell the vendors the proper type of resource and then that would restock/resupply them. Have them pay less than what they charge for of course and it would set a baseline value for things. Once they get caravans in then there could be pack animals going on the paths to and fro. Stuff for the killers to ambush/protect.
  16. Yeah in the age of instant communication to anyone on the planet, they sure have been leaving us in the dark a lot. Maintenance for days. Test servers shut down with zero warning. Calling for snap tests, then having us locked out for most of it. A discord they use like twitter. It is getting frustrating.
  17. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    The passive system is supposed to represent the leveling from 1-60 / xxx. Like a fairly static increase in power over time. There will be some catch up mechanics for folks who start late, with the tome system or something like it.
  18. Square Sapphire ring for Woodcrafting is missing it's 4th stat. (Crafting basics) It is just not on the combine. I checked with details and it is not hidden or anything. it is just missing completely.
  19. Test Server has been in Maint mode since the patch. Obviously a bug.
  20. This jewelcrafting stuff is a pain in the ass.
  21. It amused me. Besides Clerics make the best dps. <grins>