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  1. Hey Buddy I got your merchant empire RIGHT here. Uh I have a merchant up. One. Singular. Uno. Stupid 10 minute timers.
  2. Yeah Bene harvest power is also maladjusted. Fully trained stats wise. nekkid. With Bene harvest gear on. (Blue) So I am getting 22.23% Power from gear. and .24 from months of training. Seems off.
  3. @AllinaviCan you screen shot your Mining gear then please? I would like to see what I am comparing against that is so much better than my choices. Also the issue is that the power stat is working just fine. It is just off by 2 decimal points. This is my fully trained Ore Specialization tree Stat version One is slightly smaller than the other. Perhaps due to a cold shower of a patch earlier this month. That affects the crit chance given by the bene harvest proc. It also by chance has an effect upon the stamina gift that is given during said proc. Now the crit chance is not nearly as boosted as before when it pegged at all times at 75% But now it is at the starting amount of 12.5% + the .24 (3) boost from all that training. My stats before bene harvest proc. My stats after. This is of course nekkid. With no lookout disc as well. And only level 16 on my vessel. (Blue btw) I am trying int to see if I can natively get to 5 Crit amount again. With Gear on. And a Bene harvest proc up. My crit is a bit better And this is with it bugged badly and 2 decimal points off. Crit gear and Dex specced is a viable choice. But please do not think I have not done my homework.
  4. Beneficial Harvest Power has been maladjusted. Fully trained in animal. With no gear. I have .34 With gear. Blue mind you. Not the best out there. 15.32 I think the decimals got confused again. And it makes gathering Leather a bit problematic. And I am sure it is also bugged on Ore and stone as well. Making bene harvest for it all MUCH weaker.
  5. My Test from monday. I had it posted to the wrong thread. sorry.
  6. Some will be full loot. And they will quickly become ghost towns. It is only fun when you are winning. And noone will win forever. The brilliance of this game system is they can do it. And watch it burn over and over and it will not impact the bottom line if they are smart and have palatable risk options for sane players. I just worry that they will somehow forget about options like Dany forgot about the Navy. And lose some seriously important people from the short sightedness.
  7. Jesus people. With little training Beneficial harvest gives a stamina boost. In basics you can get a general 5% increase in the chance it goes off and this is a fantastic node because it gives bene harvest chance to all types of nodes, other than leadership training this is the only multi type node for the beneficial harvest chance you can get. In the 2nd page trainings of reaping and excavation there are a couple of nodes for each training line. The procs only give stamina till you get to the 3rd page specialization trees. If you get into the third page specialization pages. 5 point cap the center node and when it procs it will give you a buff. The buff adds to the stamina bump that it has always given you on node destruction. The buff has a few parts. 1st The stamina boost on node destruction 2nd it gives crit hit chance for harvesting the nodes you have specialization training in. It starts at around 15% (last time I checked) 3rd It also gives a run speed boost. In the specialization trees there are nodes that affect the duration of the buff. the power of the buff and the frequency that bene harvest goes off for that type of node. (Ore, Stone, wood, skinning, and grave digging) All of this ties into getting crits on node destruction. When you get a crit when destroying a node it rolls on a special table. You get 1 roll for free due to the crit, then you get an additional number of rolls equal to your crit amount skill rounded to the nearest whole number. (4.75 = 4 more rolls) 5 is cap for crit amount. The common wisdom from the old timers is max bene harvest chance as high as you can in chance and power, then get crit amount up to 5 if you can. Stats make a difference by a large amount so choose the gatherer race and class wisely and get a vessel made that will work well.
  8. Good Morning! I have a squirrly one this morning. Srathor's Lawn is down and won't spin up properly. I tried to spin it up and it failed with no message after a bit. So I try again. still no message. Third time with no message. I log out and log in Edwen. and Create World with him. It works. Log out and back onto Srathor account. TRy and spin up the lawn again and I get this screen. It times out and fails to allow others in. Do I have 40 people trapped in the loading screen bug and can I ransome them? Muhahahahaha! Help!
  9. This just in. Polishing paste, Cutting stones and grinding stones now stack. !!!
  10. I just did a half hour run with my normal gear vrs R10's The ratio did not seem nerfed to me. I will upload the video in a bit. Not saying it was fun. Or even all that good of a return. As it was not either. The fix for the gear has thrown the numbers WAY off in my mind. It has taken it from tolerable to intolerable. Gathering needs lots of work.
  11. Fun friggen game. Almost to Release/open beta test. Part Dynasty Warriors, part game of thrones. Amazing fights. Unit control. Graphics are great. Crafting is streamlined, but needs lots of work.
  12. They really need to take a good hard look at Startgame, earlygame, midgame, lategame, and endgame numbers, for gathering and crafting. Startgame first month, early game 1 month + to 3 month, Midgame 3 month to 9 months Endgame 9 to 12-18 months. If people are not feeling progression and more importantly having fun, they will not last past the first month. You have to get that first months resubscribes. And it has to be a strong finish for the first months time. Look at the passive skill training at a x1 towards gathering and you see small progression and very little fun. They need to take a good hard look at the whole gathering aspect of the game and tweak it and polish it until is shines and people WANT to go out and harvest. It is the riskiest part of the game, with the most investment of time and the whole game is balanced around people out in the world harvesting. They have to nail it, and it is getting lip service. Weak points need to affect yield with both crit chance and crit amount and even bene harvest chance, power,and duration, Gathering Q's need to buff the group you are in. The trigger for the gathering stats on breaks needs multiple buckets to enhance group gathering. We need to have groups wanting to form up for gathering so that they have a defense for the wolves, and keeping people engaged and in the world. The current bug where everyone in the group gets their own loot drops needs to continue and increase and be made not a bug, but instead a feature. We want folks grouping and having fun.
  13. Here is an old picture of the Rank 9 treasure Table for ore. From Blair. If it is still current I do not know for sure but it still feels relevant. If you get a crit you get a roll on the last bottom table. Then you get more rolls per whole number critical amount you have. (I have 5 with gear and skills) so if I get a crit then I get 6 rolls on the bottom table when the node is destroyed. The nerf to the broken bene harvest gear impacts the amount of crits you are getting nowadays. Also the nerf to Beneficial Harvest Power is massive as well. My guess is you are not seeing much in the way of drops is due to not understanding the weight and importance of the bene harvest procs. It is the single most important stat and it was GUTTED recently with the fix to gear. Followed up by the crit amount stat. But having 5 in that means nothing if you don't crit. For ore run Miner and Lookout. Get bene harvest gear, use a bene harvest tool. Weigh everything towards getting and keeping the proc up.
  14. Thanks for the advice. But. please check the date on the original post. That was after I was already playing for 9ish months. I have been around while.
  15. F to interact with EK tables still busted. I was gone for a couple hours since servers came up. Dair can't interact with the tables now. F charges to the end but no crafting windows work on all the tables.
  16. Nope Trees are not functional yet. Only devs can make a tree.
  17. It might be someone without a rune accessing a table that needs a rune maybe? Still trying to pin down. You can also reset by bagging the parcel and submitting. then re-placing parcel.
  18. EK tables borking over and over. If you bag the parcel and submit, then place the parcel again it can fix. Till the next person leaves the EK. You also have to reopen the editor and cancel due to the parcel you just removed still being in the editor window. This is causing issues.
  19. <Slams head on desk> https://tenor.com/view/glue-gif-9968769
  20. We will see what happens. I just got the 5 minute warning. As Northlanders was packing up their stuff. off the lawn. You know, stuff like 2 full vendors, attached to the vendor stalls. that are attached to the Backer rewards house that is attached to the backers reward Capital parcel. /sigh I err on the side of getting custarded. Again. Thank goodness for paranoia.
  21. I am concerned because it is unclear how it is worded. No wipes. But rewards will be reset. Like a capital parcel that has vendors on it. If the capital parcel is reset. Then the vendors and all their inventory might get assploded. It might dump to Spirit bank. but I have like 40+ toons over 10 accounts that might have a lot of poorly made socks dumped to spirit bank. Ahh well It will be a nice test of "what the custard was that!"
  22. Specially since I have a ton of toons with gear and mats on the EK vessels. If that all gets wiped I am gonna be upset. Due to the fact that there is not enough custard Storage in the game
  23. It has been done once before where they just doubled the ek stuff for folks rather than wipe EK's. Lets try and get confirmation.
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