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  1. I'll play balance probably, or maybe order. Depends on which has less players.
  2. rajah


    Your concern might (If I got it right) might be valid in general, but considering the fact that Crowfall was announced to the public in 2015 and is developing at a pretty rapid pace, with milestones being publicly set and reached with no ridiculous scope creep. It is highly likely not applicable in this particular case.
  3. I will be right in either case, because I am saying that currently there is a possibility that Crowfall will eventuallu become a esport, not that there is certainty that Crowfall become a esport.
  4. Esports is not professional gaming, years ago competition and tournaments were there, yet somebody seriously playing for a living was exotic. Esports is older and is a broader category than pro gaming. Neither starcraft not lol neither quake were originally created as esports titles, those games got massive following and only then converted it into staying power via esports. Given that CF is a huge sucsess, which is possible, esports component also becomes possible.
  5. I think you are confusing professional gaming and esports. Pro gaming is always a esport and involves salaries and infrastructure, while esport is a broader category than professional gaming and may or may not involve salaries and infrastructure, the most sucesfull esports titles become a subject of professional gaming.
  6. You are talking about full time job here not sport, there are many different sports especially non-olympic where making enough for a living is probably not possible.
  7. I am pretty sure ACE is currently too busy to plan that far ahead, esports is a remote possibility if anything.
  8. When the game is successful, and it is obvious people enjoy the look and feel of Crowfall combat, ACE can easily come up with something -esportish.
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